Agoda.comthey are refusing a refund after falsely advertising

R Nov 28, 2017

Good day,

My name is René, a while ago I made a booking on Agoda. I flew home to Cape Town where my parents stay, and as a surprise I had booked a stay through your website

Excited to spend much needed FAMILY time, we took am hour drive to The Lagoon Beach Hotel and Spa.
This was supposed to be a two bedrooms self catering apartment over looking the beach.

Upon arrival we were moved our of the hotel to a separate section that was nothing like I had booked.

The place was somewhat dilapidated and nothing like was described. It had none of the facilities advertised on the website and it was nothing like we expected.
Bearing in mind that both my parents are +60 years of age, we required the facilities as advertised.
The hotel staff were unhelpful and in an attempt to rectify the situation they offered us 2 separate hotel rooms with nothing but a bed, tv and bathroom.
The rooms were on opposite sides of the hotel and as a consequence it was not suitable as my parents need constant attention.

We arrived at the premises and the hotel being unable to assist us, we left 4 hours later.

I have tried everything to get my money back, it's enough that my getaway was ruined and my family placed in s stressful situation, but now your company is refusing to give back my hard earned money. Money I had been saving for months to afford them the opportunity to go away.

This can't be right... this can't be fair
The money I spent on this weekend away is the equivalent to my mortgage payment for a month. We did not stay, we did not use any of the facilities.

I can simply not believe that your company can do this to honest people.
No one is willing to assist me...

How can this be happening??

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