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Dear Friend,

Booking hotel with Agoda, I mostly use and or other due to their bad reputation on customer service and cancellation and refund policy of agoda. I have been cheat by Agoda myself.

I book hotel without double check the link from GOOGLE “Tawaraya Roykan” And I end up with wrong hotel and have to contact them during my trip in JAPAN. No one call back. I have to book new hotel in Kyoto. They are in Hotel business they know that Tawaraya is most famouse Roykan in Kyoto they should not put a link to KYOTO. None of other booking do it.

1. Agoda making money out of people by making the match link for the hotel that was not in KYOTO
2. During the time that I book every hotel for Japan trip, This is the only hotel that I was surprise that the charge minimum chancel 15 USD and no cancel refund after 7 days. It mean once you might realize sooner that you book wrong they will charge you 15 USD.
3. Tawaraya is the most well-known roykan in Kyoto Japan, Why Agoda use their name for another hotel in Nagao
4. Agoda use KYOTO as a link to make people mistaken if they reserve by google search engine
5. Instead of answer about my complain that their search engine have problem they blame me that I mistake hotel of NAGANO to NARA??? (Instead of check they blame me that I have book hotel in NARA and check out because next destination is Kyoto and the front desk from NARA hotel call to the hotel in the booking for me.)
6. They said hotel can’t refund but they lie the hotel said that it AGODA system like they said I miss understand Nara and Nagano.
7. If they said hotel is full they should refund the half board charge 7500 THB (Or it is also cook in advance for 2 day so I can’t not cancel too)

I have make full VDO demonstrate how they cheat on a person. I will share full link

May 30, 2015

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