I so wish I read this before I made a booking on Agoda. I booked a hotel in Patong, Phuket and get an error msg: Thank you for your interest in making a hotel reservation with Agoda.
Unfortunately, due to a malfunction in our system, your booking could not be confirmed immediately and you did not receive a hotel voucher. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Currently, we have no reservation for you and we are not holding any room allotments. If you would still like to use our services, we kindly request you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to proceed with your hotel reservation.
Please note that for the booking that was previously created, we did NOT charge your credit card. We will NOT do so, UNLESS you inform us you would still like us to process your booking.
If you would prefer to contact one of our Customer Service agents at our 24-hour call center now, to take your booking directly, please click on the following link:

Then I checked my bank and the money had been charged!!! Customer service is awfull and not give a damn. They speak very little english if not at all. I try by using their webchat and someone came on for 2 sec, when they new it was a complaint the person left me hanging there online for 30mins. A generic msg such as "thanks for waiting, I'll be with you in a moment" kept coming up every 2 mins or so thats when I knew they weren't attending. The emailme and say they are releasing the funds but they don't and the funds go from Authorization to debit then I rang then and they said I made a booking? then I forwarded them their email and their response was "sorry it's too late the reservation has been made so I rang the hotel and they said no reservation and never dealt with agoda before and no voucher came. I called agoda back and they said the money was being refunded but nothing happened for 5 days thats when I lodged a dispute through my bank!!! THEY CAN BURN IN HELL AND WHEN I'M THERE IN BANGKOK LOOK OUT BECAUSE IT'LL BE UGLY!!! THERE UPPER MANAGEMENT WILL HERE FROM ME PERSONALLY (A RED BLOODED AUSSIE ON ROIDS!!!)


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