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I booked and paid for 2 rooms at Jaidee Bamboo Huts, Chiang Mail and Agoda confirmed my booking (ID [protected]).

On arrival (20 September 2018), I found the hotel closed for renovation and no one was around, thus my friend and me were left stranded. Agoda was informed on the same day via email after failing to contact Agoda Thailand (I was cut off after entering booking ID). As usual Agoda staff put me through a series of reminder on their policies, etc and demanded for documentary proof and even a snapshot of the hotel site even though they had already confirmed that calls to the hotel left unanswered. After a series of exchanges, Agoda went silent under the excuse they needed time to investigate.

I sent a reminder on 2 October 2018, Agoda finally agreed to a full refund on 4 October 2018.

In their 4 October 2018 reply, Ago set out 3 methods of refund namely, (1) refund by way of Agoda Gift Card which must be used within 3 months, (2) refund by credit card method of which I did not use and (3) refund by bank transfer which involves a plethora of conditions.

On 16 October 2018, I replied to Agoda rejecting all their options and telling them that they should refund the way I paid, which is online bank transfer, directly into my bank account.

Agoda went silent again. On 30 October 2018, I sent another remind to Agoda and have not heard from them since.

For the benefit of readers, I will summarise as follows. Agoda accepted my booking and payment via online bank transfer. The hotel was closed (not operating) on the booked date which is 20 September 2018. (I reserve proof that I was in Chiang Mai here.) Agoda had made unnecessary demands and consistently insisted that it was a cancellation (on my part but these words were not said). When they finally agreed to a refund, Agoda set up barriers which includes time limited non-negotiable instrument which is Agoda Gift Card. From where I stand, Agoda has failed to provide services, refused to accept responsibility, refused to refund and refused to respond to reminder.

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    Dear Fasri Syafi,

    Greetings from Agoda!

    With reference to your booking ID [protected] as detailed below:

    Hotel: Jaidee Bamboo Huts

    Room Type: Bungalow

    City/Country: Chiang Mai/Thailand

    Arrival: September 20, 2018

    Departure: September 21, 2018

    Cancellation and Change Policy: This booking is Non-Refundable and cannot be amended or modified. Failure to arrive at your hotel or property will be treated as a No-Show and no refund will be given (Property policy).

    We appreciate for your constructive feedback.

    With regards to this booking, please accept our sincere apologies that hotel couldn't honor your reservation and they have failed to notify us as well on this matter till we were alerted by you. We tried to call you but we couldn't reach out unfortunately.

    As we advised you on the previous email, we couldn't proceed the refund due to system limitation.

    We have other options for processing the refund to you:

    Option 1: Agoda Cash - The Agoda Cash is the quickest solution we can offer in regards to refunds. It is immediately available for your use as a means of full or partial payment on an Agoda booking and is valid for 3 months, allowing you the flexibility to book during that time (your actual stay period may be any time within the next 12 months).

    Option 2: Refund via credit card/debit card – The fastest cash refund is by credit or debit card. To take this option, contact us using the number in your hotel confirmation email or by visiting

    Option 3: Bank Transfer Refund – This option requires processing time. You would need to submit 3 documents as instructed below. Contact us once you have uploaded the required documents so that we can assist further. Please note that 3 documents are required for this refund option as you advised the email which we have sent on 04-Oct-2018.

    Please respond to this email with your preferred choice so that we can assist you right away.

    We regret the inconvenience caused and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Our Customer Care is available around the clock so please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further inquiries.

    Agoda Customer Experience Group

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    That is the reply (received on 12 December 2018) from Agoda, rather their app support ([protected], in response to my review on Google Play Store. Its content is similar if not identical to a previous email from Agoda Customer Support.

    In a nutshell Agoda said they could not refund because of [their] system limitation. Ironically it was the same system which I made booking and payment. I want to emphasize that online banking was listed as a method of payment then. In my case there are actually only two options since Option 2 does not apply.

    The message I gathered from that email is, Agoda will not make a refund for payments made through online banking no matter what happened and their system is like a one-way valve, only in and no out. If I want my money back, I have to convert it to Agoda Gift Card which expires in 3 months (and they have the chic to say that) or do the paper work they want.

Dec 07, 2018

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