Agoda Company / hotel cancellation without refund.


I had previously used Agoda for my trip booking for my stay at Park International Hotel on the 28th May 2018-31st June 2018 and booked it on the 14th April 2018

On May 19th, I decided to use Agoda to book for the same hotel on 23rd May to the 28th May. As there was a last minute change of plans, I immediately decided to cancel the booking within an hour of my booking (Booking ID:[protected]).

I informed the Agoda staff over the phone that if they couldnt cancel it, I will just take it. However the staff insisted that I had to cancel the booking before they can request for the refund as mine was issued on a NON cancellation/refund basis.

At that point in time, I understand the staff was doing his job and told me he could not assure me that there will be refund but on my end I also informed him that in the end that a refund was not granted, I will still go ahead and accept the booking.

To my dismay, I was told by another staff that Agoda could not refund the amount as the hotel has already accepted the booking and agoda has already paid the funds to them. Though I was unhappy with the situation, I still would like to commend the staff in helping me get a 200+ plus USD (around 320 SGD) to offset my losses of about 1, 000 SGD. (She did help call the hotel to request a refund)

I was willing to leave it at this when I was in london and did a check with Park International Hotel. The receptionist who attended to me told me that the hotel only charged for 1 one night due to a no show, so I asked about the remaining 4 nights and they told me to check with Agoda.

Imagine the frustration I felt when it seemed like Agoda forfeited the balance.

I have been a loyal customer using Agoda for almost all my travels since day one I signed up. And even at times when your prices are higher than other online booking websites like etc as I appreciate your reward points and service.

However this experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, I would kindly appreciate if the balance of 4 nights can be refunded. I am ok to lose that one night.

Your decision and reply will allow me to decide whether I should explore other hotel booking sites or to stick with Agoda.

Thank You and Regards
Alvin Chew
[protected] sg
+65 [protected]

Jun 11, 2018

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