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I am the owner of villa zembra, bed & breakfast in tunisia.
I make a complaint against agoda... One of your partner (Partner of priceline)
I inform you than agoda, use my site, pumping pictures, and promote my b&b without my agreement, many b&b in tunisia are really furious concerning wrong information diffused on this site and prohibitives prices.
Find here under the link:
So, I inform you than you will cancel my b&b and ask to agoda to cancel very fastly.. If at the date of september 15th 2011 villa zembra is always on agoda, I will make a justice action and a large press communication concerning this practise
Thank you for your understanding, and your ethic

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  • Mr
      Feb 07, 2012

    From personal experience, as a lodging owner, and looking from a customer point of view I would strongly recommend not using Agoda, but using the likes of Hostelworld and Hostelbookers instead.

    To start with the commission Agoda seeks is double that of the other mentioned booking engines, meaning lodgings need to increase their price to compensate. Agoda also collect 100% at the time of the booking, not the 10% or less that the other mentioned booking engines take.

    Agoda do not provide either the lodging or guest to make direct contact, either before or after the booking is made, where as with the other mentioned booking engines both the lodging and the booker are then able to contact each other, to help with additional information and or changes in the booking.

    With the other mentioned booking engines the collection of the balance is up to the lodging to collect on arrival. With Agoda, getting the 80%, especially if the lodging does not accept Mastercard, takes for ever, if it happens at all. Meaning the lodging needs to further increase their charges/rates to compensate for the additional banking fees and/or delay in payment.

    Do yourself and the World a favor, don't use Agoda.

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  • Ed
      Jan 30, 2014

    I booked a room at a hotel in Olongapo city through Agoda. I was given a conformation number. Upon arrival on designated date and place, the management had no knowledge of my reservation. They were fully booked and could not accommodate me.
    They let me use their internet and.we saw where Agoda charged my credit card for the
    days had reserved.. The management was very apologetic but the situation was beyond their control. They promised that they would cancel any future bookings in my name.
    I lost out .. I will continue to recover my loss through my bank/credit card account...

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  • Tr
      Oct 27, 2015

    Agoda's alleged discounts seem apparently false and seem apparently to result in customers paying more than the hotel's own published rates. Specifically, I recently booked a hotel in Olongapo, Philippines, through Agoda. Its website listed the hotel's normal room rate of USA$73, 56 for deluxe and $110.35 for Suite; its rates (supposedly guaranteed to be the lowest!) were $27.55 and $44.33. However, the hotel's rates--listed right at the front desk--for those rooms were only 1, 200 pesos and 1, 800 pesos (which at the exchange rate of 46.0 were $26.98 and 39.13 !!). This seems to be blatant false advertising. I caution all persons who seek to use Agoda to check first with the hotel itself for its own rates and then compare with the figures on the Agoda website Does Agoda simply make up the rates which a hotel supposedly charges? How can it get the rates so far wrong?! . If this is a widespread practice, then some governmental regulatory enforcement agencies should take corrective and punitive action against Agoda.

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