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My cr card has been debited three times for services i did not have. they are three hotel bills marked on my bank statement as agoda international pt rozelle transaction dates are as follows
1. date of transaction 17/06/12 processed 19/06/12 $255.94
2. " 17/06/12 " 19/06/12 $171.01
3. " 18/06/12 " 20/06/12 $142.19

I have lodged a dispute with my bank which is nab a/c no. visa [protected] i have since cancelled my card.
I was never in rozelle, sydney, and live permanently in darwin


  • Ri
    Richyrich84 Jul 10, 2012

    Hey I have exactly the same thing.

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  • Mb
    MBar Aug 18, 2012

    I have been viewing web sites for Overseas travel, accomodation, etc. One of the web sites was Agoda. I have NOT BOOKED anything with Agoda. Today on checking my credit card statements I noticed the following transaction for 13 Aug 12 - CREDIT CARD PURCHASE "AGODA INTERNATIONAL PT ROZELLE" for $233.66. However I also received a credit card refund for that amount on the same day. I will be contacting my bank and informing them of these unauthorized transactions. Be wary and make sure you check your statements.

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  • Su
    susan73 Sep 10, 2012

    On the 24 the August I booked a hotel in Kolkata for January next year, I was shocked to find a charge for the entire stay has already debited my account which over exceeded my credit card limit as I travelled overseas to Malaysia for 2 weeks not realising AGODA had charged all thee accommodation which is not going to be used for 5 monthes. AGODA do not pass this money onto the hotel but keep it and apparently only pay thee hotel after you stay there deducting their commission - The result is they have all your money interest free for months and months.
    CRAZY DO NOT BOOK WITH AGODA . I am going to try and cancel my booking as I have just found out what they have done other booking places only book the first night and put the rest therough on your card after you arrive or when you stay then check out. REPEAT DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY BETTER TO RING HOTEL DIRECT AND GET A BETTER RATE AS WELL!!! [email protected]

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  • Ro
    rosee35 Apr 18, 2013

    I too have had the same thing. Has anybody had any luck at receiving their money back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    [email protected] ...Cheers. Lianna.

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  • Ka
    katie848 Apr 19, 2013

    I too have had the same thing. Seems to me this is happening to way too many people to be a coincidence, must be scam, what bothers me is how these people get you card number. I have just lodged a complaint with ANZ Bank and they have raised a Dispute Action against this debit against my Mastercard. Has anybody had any luck at receiving their money back? Tel all your friends to be very aware and vigilant when they receive their statements from their bank/institution, don't get caught a second time and take action on the first time.
    [email protected] cheers Kathleen

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  • Ge
    Gerard Audineau Aug 24, 2017

    Dear Sir,

    My credit card has been debited on July 20 of an amount of P 15, 000 for hotel reservation in Budapest, and I never booked for hotel for Budapest Hungary. I never been in Budapest since more than 30 years.

    Please could you check if it is a mistake of orientation of this debit.

    To help you I can attach a photo of the BDO VISA card of July 2017.


    Eng. Gerard Audineau

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  • Tr
    travelagencyofdeceit Oct 21, 2017

    Agoda lets you select room based on their availability so I choose the one with 3 beds in picture as my needs were for a family of 4. Of course the price was more but that was ok so long as we were getting a larger room with 3 beds. When I contacted the hotel I learned this "superior family room" only has 2 beds. The same as a standard room with 2 beds. Agoda's pictures reflect 3. In addition to this price has gone down 3 times now since my booking. When I request price match they tell me the difference is that I paid service fees in my price. I look at my receipt and it is not true. They charged me separately for service charges. But the other room has service charges too. I got frustrated. I got tired of wrestling with them on email so I disputed with VISA and now I am free to find other lodging that is appropriate for my family's needs. I got my money back and I think VISA just took my money back from them. All's well that ends well, I suppose, but what a waste of time and valuable life.

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  • Fl
    Flik1206 Oct 09, 2019

    I was charged P30, 146 for a booking I did not do. It was dated October 9, 2019 at 5:10pm.

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