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Afni Collections / Bogus bill!

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I thought I was the victim of some sort of identity theft. That is until I ran across this site. Apparently Afni goes after anybody they choose to. I was billed for a phone bill in Erie Pa. I have never been to Erie. Verizon bills seem to be a common thread here. I have sent proof that I was over 400 miles away when this phone service was initiated. They still, calm as day, asked for money. That was the point where I blew up. I do intend to contact Verizon and the Better Business Burea about Afni's tactics.

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  • An
      18th of Aug, 2007
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    Ok let me tell you something... i use to work for a collection agency and they only go by the information that verizon sent them... i mean there are fraud cases out there but usually its not that common on a home phone plan. I can tell you right now contacting verizon will do nothing for you because chances are afni purchased your account therefore any information is unavailable to verizon. Now if this is still listable to your credit and to prevent it from going on there you re best bet is to just send your dispute letter and request bill copies because the better business bureau will not back you considering afni is an extremely large company and they are apart of the better business bureau... and as far as this sight... of course there are going to be negative comments on here everyone including myself hates having things in collections noone is going to write something positive about a collection agency... i mean come on now...

  • Ri
      27th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Angela, you fail to address the fact that AFNI ignores legal dispute and verification, thereby breaking the law; illegally dings credit reports; and follows no dispute resolution process. The original poster provided them with proof that the debt is invalid, they have not provided verification of the debt and continue to attempt to collect. They are breaking the law, repeatedly, regardless of the quality of the information they purchased. It is their duty to vet that information.

    I received a fraudulent debt collection attempt letter from AFNI, but I am very aware of my legal rights. My first action will be to send a certified-return-receipt verification and dispute letter demanding verification of the (non-existent) debt. Afterwards I will notify them that they are not to attempt to contact me or pursue this matter further.

    I presume then, judging by the hundreds of complaints about identical fraudulent collection matters, that I will be contacted further and will be forced to report the illegal collection attempts to the FTC, 2 state Attorneys General, and then consult an attorney to begin legal proceedings against AFNI.

    There is *no* excuse for their behavior. Making excuses for immoral and blatantly illegal practices as "business-as-usual" is simply shilling for the crooked. Enjoy the kharmic blowback.


  • Ho
      27th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is outrageous and maddening!!! afni is telling me I owe for AT&T Mobility hundreds of dollars and are black marking my credit report monthly. I've never even used AT&T Mobility. They refuse to cease!! Now my wife, in her maiden name, is also getting this bogus bill of almost a $1, 000.00 also saying AT&T Mobility, also never used them. Again, they refuse to say anything except offer to accept half! Half of a fraud debt!! WTF! How can they have such control over this? Why are they left un-checked? Where is the consumer protection?

    This needs to stop!!!

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