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Affordable Dentures / horrible quality dentures and unacceptable service

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My 70-year old father went to the Affordable Dentures office in Zanesville, Ohio, to replace his existing dentures. My father had been reluctant to get his existing dentures replaced because he feared that he would have problems with the new dentures. Our family encouraged him to go ahead and get new dentures and assured him everything would be fine.

Unfortunately, we were so wrong. My father has spent the past several weeks trying to learn to adjust to the dentures made by Affordable Dentures, but never could wear the dentures they made for him. He went back to the Affordable Dentures office to advise him of his problems with the dentures, and the dentist said that he needed surgery to remove tissue from his mouth to make the dentures fit his mouth properly. Fortunately, my father refused such surgery and advised the doctor that the dentures were to be made to fit him - not do surgery on his mouth to make his mouth fit their dentures. The dental office filed the teeth down on the dentures they made for my father and sent him home telling him they should be fine now. My Dad spent the next several weeks trying to adjust to the new dentures to no avail. He then went back to wearing his old dentures again.

Our family encouraged our father to go back to Affordable Dentures and discuss the difficulties he has been experiencing with the dentures and ask for his money back due to the fact that they clearly did not have the ability to ever make dentures that would fit him. The Zanesville, Ohio Affordable Dentures Office made my father wait from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. before anyone would meet with him to discuss his issues. My father said that he kept asking the receptionist if they were going to make him wait all day to be seen, and they kept telling him to keep waiting. He said he left and came back two times to take a break from sitting in the reception area.

Interestingly enough, while my Dad waited in the waiting room for the majority of the day, he had the opportunity to talk to other patients visiting the office, and the other patients were experiencing the same sort of problems. He also discovered that several of the other patients were told they needed surgery on their mouth for the dentures to fit properly. One lady in particular had the surgery and she was having more problems than she had before the surgery had been performed.

I am absolutely shocked at the treatment my Dad received at the Zanesville Office of Affordable Dentures. I am further disappointed at the poor quality of the dentures made by Affordable Dentures.

Businesses such as this should be immediately closed by the State of Ohio and prohibited from operating in the state. It appears that a full investigation is long overdue of this office and the qualifications and corporate practices of the Affordable Dentures franchises.

Do yourself a favor, make sure you run the opposite direction of any Affordable Denture office before you have the unfortunate experience of dealing with them and their inexperienced staff and unqualified dentists.

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  • Ge
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I recently had all my teeth extracted @ the Winchester, Virginia branch and what a horrible experience! Not only were the staff there waiting on everyone like they were meat on a hook, but there "I Don't give a crap" attitude towards you should be reported to FOX 5 NEWS!. Everyone i have ever talked too has the same complient. WHY these people stay in business is totally unexceptable. Do NOT have your teeth made here! There are Denture sites online that are premium teeth for $499 for a full set-all done by mail.

  • Bo
      19th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Guys - the moral of the story - do your due diligence on any company, BEFORE you spend money with them. If you'd look at Affordable Dentures' parent company, Affordable Care (, and click on the "careers" link, you'll see the following: "It's the perfect opportunity for new dentists. After all, they don't teach you how to run a business in dental school."

    Not only does this sound like many of the dentists with Affordable Dentures are fresh out of dental school, but also have no experience running a business, which would include customer service - the main issue with a number of complaints here.

    I was considering Affordable Dentures, but no more - largely due to the comments I've read here and elsewhere.

    Caveat Emptor!

  • An
      22nd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I went to Affodable Dentures also, not only did I sit there for 10+ hours; once I finally received my dentures they fit horribly. I really couldn't tell how bad it was at first because I also had an extraction. But once the swelling went down I discovered just how bad the work was. I went back the next day and they filed them down and they fit even worse and the only thing the dentist could suggest was some type of adhesive. Fortunately for them I had to leave the country within a couple of days. When I return to the United States in a couple of weeks they are going to fix this mess.

  • Ti
      14th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just today, 2-13-09, I guess it really is bad luck Friday...I went for my final visit to have the MDI implants put in. Once I got there Dr. Baker of Albertville, AL Affordable Dentures, told me I was not a candidate for the mini implants. Now, this is a little hind site here since I was told that I would not have a problem getting the mini implants. This was a lie from the start and I feel I was never to have gotten the implants from the beginning. I have yet to find anyone who has recieved them from this office. I am now stuck with loose fitting, shrinking dentures. I gave up all my remaining teeth only to have this news given to me on the final day. I even had a $6, 000 implant removed from my mouth for this. Every dental option was taken from me by this shame company. I was told by Dr. Baker, "you could always have regular dental implants if you aren't happy". Now, if I don't have the bone to get the mini implants, how am I a candidate for regular and larger implants? Just a brush off technique to get me out of the office and not to raise Hell and scare off other patients. But, trust me Affordable Dentures and Dr. Baker, there are laws made to protect us, the consumers from people like you!

  • Mi
      14th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have had the same problem in georgia. I went to the Covington office at the start and the dentures they made were so horrible. The fit would have been better if i had made them from wood. I went back several times but no better. I transfered my file to the Commerce office and they did them over again. These arent any better than the first. I slur all my words and can nearly not eat with them.. I talked to dentist friend of mine he took a look at them said they didnt fit my mouth correctly. I went back to commerce and they said i just didnt know how to use them..

  • Wa
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    My best girlfriend of 40+ years had her dentures done in Winchester 10+years ago and she looks great still. That is way I was going to go there. But now I don't know. HELP

  • Ga
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had my first set of dentures made and fitted at the Moyock, NC location of Affordable Dentures in 1976, more than 30 years ago. It could have been a traumatic experience for me as I was just 26 years old and had recently had to have most of my teeth extracted due to a gum disease. The staff at Affordable Dentures were wonderful. They treated me with concern and respect, answered all my questions and I left with a beautiful new smile. The dentures feld "weird" because I wasn't used to them of course, but they locked into place and within a few days I forgot that I was wearing dentures they fit so well.

    In the 32 years since then, I have had all my adjustments and relines done, and my replacement dentures made at Affordable Dentures and have never once had a problem. My dentures have lasted approximately 10 years each, and have fit well each time. I'm a lifelong satisfied customer.

    It's too bad that your father had a less than satisfactory experienc. But as someone who is a manager in a customer service business, I have a feeling that there's a whole other side the story than is not being told.

    Good luck.

  • Ba
      11th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had a partial made for me here at the Affordable Denture Office in Richmond, Va. Before the partial was made, I had to have an extraction first. This procedure was horrible. I made the Dentist.. I think the name was Dr Sorrenson that the medicine given was either not enough as I could feel not only pressure, it was sheer pain. He completely ignored me and continued to pull the tooth. I couldn't get up and he either didn't believe me or didn't care that I was in pain. When he finished, I was in tears. An assistant was present in the room and just looked. Paymentis required in advance and I had for the extration and the partial. I requestd a refund but was it was not given as a matter of policy. I did not want to return at all. When I did for the Partial, the same Dentist didnot perform the fitting and kept out of my way. The partial did not fit properly as the teeth were too short and the roof of the partial was too thick and food was always getting beneath it. I went back and the Partial was filed down in the front, but they never fit or felt natural.

  • Ju
      19th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Never go to this place to get dentures had two sets made and they dont fit. now i have to go around with no dentures because they cant get it right, made over 15 trips there. and its been a year J of Indianapolis Indiana
    affordable dentures in franklin indiana

  • Jb
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    my name is john d. bowers II, i would like to take the time to say a few good words about my experience at affordable dentures in st. clairesville ohio. upon entering the business i was greeted by a smiling front desk person, next i meet with another staff member who tended to my every need and explained what was going to take place during my visit. after a few minutes wait the dentist came into the room and ask what i wanted to have done. i told him my situation and my money concerns and he showed me a few options that i could chose from 1 package being a first time denture wearer package. after explaining what came in the package and how much i could save i chose the package. on the day that i went to have the procedure done the staff again was wonderful, they helped me get comfortable to have all my teeth pulled because i was alittle afraid that i would panic. after having all my teeth pulled and healing i went to have the temp denture put in, at first it didn't fit so the dentist took the time and effort to work with me until it fit just right. he never got upset or mad when i said it didn't fit he just kept on working with the dentures until they were right. i returned a year later to have the permanent dentures put in and again the staff was just great. they took the time to listen to me when they didn't fit and they were very heplful in making sure they were done just right. i'm very happy with my new dentures and i very happy to have had the honor to have had such a wonderful staff and dentist. i would like to take the time to say thanks guys and gals from the bottom of my heart. keep up the good work you do. sincerely john d. bowers II

  • Pe
      28th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too took my mother to Affordable Dentures and was very sorry that I did. After many trips back to the Philadelphia office and sitting for endless hours and dealing with the out right rudeness from the staff, the end result was my mother who is a senior citizen on a fixed income having to go to another dentist and paying for another set of dentures.
    After reading the endless comments about Affordable Dentures I now see that this is there policy, and that the treatment and that the dentures my mother recieved are just what affordable dentures is all about.
    They take advandage of people, mostly senior citizens in the same position as my mother and than disregard them with their rude, very unprofessional behavior. Sadly the 'patients' that they are treating so badly go there with the faith and belief that their limited money won't be wasted, as my mother's and so many others were.
    If they only had their own mothers and fathers treated so badly maybe they would think twice about how they are treating the people who keep their very business in exsistance.
    I would suggest that no one bring their mothers or fathers there, and maybe they will go out of business rather than keep on taking advandage of people time and time again. It is down right cruel to be able to continue to treat people so badly!!!

  • Tr
      6th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would just like to say a few words in defense of all Affordable Denture Offices, it is very easy to bash the office that you go to when you never have gone to school nor not know anything about dentistry and the art of dentures. Dentures take time to get used too. Along with this there are many Affordable Denture Offices and you should not speak to people to not go to ANY offices. The Office in Cedar Rapids has a very caring doctor that has been a dentist for 14 years and will remake and make sure you are happy with your dentures at whatever cost to them. They have a WONDERFUL staff and all are very caring. Thank You.

  • Ka
      20th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am a new denture wearer having gone to the Lakeland, FL, Affordable Denture office in December 2008. All my questions were answered. The day of the procedure extra care seemed to be taken to make me comfortable and safe. When I had problems, I was asked to come in at a certain time and was seen promptly, professionally and with courtesy.

    While have dentures is not something anyone wants to do, the people at the Lakeland office seemed to be extremely competent and caring.

    I should be about ready to have my permanent dentures made soon.

    I would recommend this office for those in need of this type of care at any time.

  • Tj
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    T. Mooney... Evansville IN. has top notch people at Affordable. 2 weeks after removal of all teeth (VA) dentist, had temps made and fit. Couple simple adjustments & weeks, all is great. The service is superior. I am again enjoying the pleasure of eating. Feel better with more confidence. Look forward to final set. If your in need & driving range its worth trip.

  • Ev
      16th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    HOLY MOLY!!!Run peeps! On 7/15 @ 9:10, Zanesville Ohio office, Dr Kilgore, LIZ hollered at me through the receptionist window, in front of a room full of waiting patients..."SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN"! because I asked for a copy of my files. I guess I'm going to get them in a couple days AFTER the doc looks over my files. Oh don't worry! LIZ, nor the so-called Dr. Kilgore ain't heard the end of me! I suspect by the time I'm done, one or two things are gonna dentist or the office will be shut down!!! But most surely I'll have LIZ's behind hung. I've been through a lot of crap since May 20 2008. But there is one thing I will NOT take, and that is for someone to tell me to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

    Sorry LIZ but your a$$ is grass!

    Newark Ohio

  • Jo
      30th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think people really need to be alert when reading these negative and positive posts. First of all all the affordable dentures places are independently owned and operated, thus one may be bad, the other may be great. Also for the people complaining about the quality, what do you expect? You are cheaping out for something you are planning on using for 20-30 years and you want it to be perfect? Sorry people you cant pay for a KIA and expect a Mercedes. Also it says on the website, there are no appointment, thats the way they see so many people and can offer dentures at half the cost a normal dentist offers them for. Yoi want better service and quality, then stop being cheap and go o a general dentist! Its amazing because most of you probably spend more on cable tv in a year! Finally I do think most people just dont get it, you will not get used to a denture right away if you just had teeth pulled and they wont fit that great. Gums shrink, and so does bone!

  • Ch
      30th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The partial I brought in Springdale, AR was a little cheaper, but the low quality materials and poor workmanship is shameful. They know they are producing a very poor product and still do it.
    When you return the second, third and fourth times, look in their eyes, you can see their shame.

  • Yy
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yes I agree with all of you. It is the same here in Nashville TN also.

  • Yy
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I will never spend another dime with them, nor will I ever recommend them. Too bad the states can't put a stop to their advertising and quality of work. I do not think they are very clean either...just because the lady puts a glove on, doesn't mean anything else in the office changed or wiped off.

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had a canine tooth pulled in July that had a cavity in it that I had been treating with antibiotics for about 9 mo because I did not have the money to replace the tooth. When I went in finally to do something, the tooth was infected again and rather than go through another round of antibiotics the dentist pulled the tooth while infected. I was fitted for a one tooth plate...which I did not want, I wanted a snap on, but they insisted. I had a terrible time with pain and when I got the plate it was terrible. The tooth was too short and stuck out too much catching my upper lip when I would talk pulling it embarassing. I went back because of that telling them what the problem was and that my gum was still hurting...they tried to reline it which made it worse and they had to take the stuff off in the office. I had to go back a few weeks later...exactly 7 weeks after the tooth pulled in a lot of pain in my right cheek area down to my jaw. It was horrible. I told the dentist again the tooth was not the right size and he insisted that it had nothing to do with my pain. When he was jerking the plate around up against my very painful gums I yelled out and put my hand up to my face in defense...he told me to never point at him again. I was not pointing, but I was trying to get him to stop hurting me...he finally jerked it out of my mouth and said to give me a refund because it was not worth it...he was downright hateful. As I as leaving I heard another man telling one of the dentists the same thing I did..that their appliance did not fit and he wanted it fixed to fit him. I got the refund, but had to leave without a front tooth. I hate to be vain about it, but it is not something I can just go out and replace even with the refund. I am not going to get another plate. I ended up in the ER just 2 days later with pain so bad in on the right side of my jaw and head it was turned out to be the trangiminal nerve that was was just took a shot of toradal to ease the pain and then a pain and inti-inflammatory meds to ease it for the next week. What an experience...there should be something we can do about this place...just because we have to seek out affordable does not mean they have the right to be condisending to us and give us sub standard care and products.

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