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lies and cheats

I bought dentures 2 times from this place after 14-16 mo. They broke now they want me to pay for the repair of my most recent set I have had them repaired 2 times in 3 weeks this is so unfair to me and alot of other people do not buy any dentures from this place they are a rip off, but you do pay for what you get a set of really cheap made dentures!!! I am like alot of the people that go here I dont have the money for a real set of dentures, buyers beware.

  • Db
    dbrok Apr 02, 2015

    I took my wife in for an estimate. They told me that my insurnace would only pay for the top of the line stuff and that my out-of-pockrt would be $1400.00. So we got started that day. They took and retook several molds and chareged me $399.00 for that day. The next day we were called and told that my wife had to come back and have all of the molds redone. Ok, more time off of work but she did it. Today was the big day. She took the meds to get her redy to have her teeth pulled and we arrived at our appointment only to learn that they were only off of the pout-of-pocket estimate by $2300.00! WOW THEY A

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rude abusive service

This dentist was incompetent and abusive. After being insulted, I got my money back and left. I have since...

refuse to followup

I had to suffer thru ill/non-fitting temp dentures for one yr. no amount of adjustment/glue would make the temps fit. Purchased the premium package plus post implants. Doctor involved with my case sold company to another Doctor right after installing implants, I was told the new doctor would take care of any problems/adjustments...I could flip dentures right off the post with my tongue(not supposed to be possible) Had to Wait 90 days before a doctor that deals in implants showed up at office. New owner doctor refused to touch my case ..said he doesn't do follow-up or adjustments for implants done by another Doctor. I was ripped off after paying a around $2700. I can't count the old people that went out the door crying have never come to affordable dentures.have to fight affordable denture staff & doctors all the way and hope you'll receive a good functional product in the end, the Corporate office is in Kinston, NC.

almost criminal

Quick details - expanded below... Charged for upper/lower, plates and extractions, girlfriend came home with...

bad teeth

I had my dentures made by Affordable Dentures. they have never fit right. I cannot eat with them in and have been living on ensure for the past year. I went from 145 lbs down to 120lbs over the time i have had theses teeth. they hurt my mouth to the point where i get blisters from them rubbing. I understood that they were cheap when i purchased them, but i can see i am going to have to spend thousands over the next year to have a new pair made by someone qualified to make dentures.

  • Ka
    Karen Marie King Jan 24, 2010

    I planned this out very carefully, asked all the questions, one of them, " will the new dentures look good? " I was told the Dr. carefully looks at your smile to choose just the right teeth. I had my teeth extrated, right away I had a bad infection, I cried day and night, I did everything I was asked to do, went back many times, each time waiting for hours to be seen. I could not wear them at all for a week, 1, they were too big, would not fit, 2, my mouth hurt so bad, I could not take the pain, after a week and few days, I had to put them in, had them adjusted to hold in my mouth, I look like a fresk! The new dentures are much too big for my mouth! I was told that everyone feels they are too big, that must be a trait of ffordable Dentures. Now I must return to work, in pain, big teeth, I will call again, I am sure to be told, " just give it more time" ! I am embarrased to go out anywhere. Affordable Dentures made me broke, and ugly, like a fresk!

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do what I ask

I just left this "dentist" office for a simple extraction of a cracked tooth. And when i called i was told on the phone that they would pull it if that is what i wanted so i like an idiot went in waited for 3 hours for nothing they would not pull it he only wanted to send me to a dentist to fix it even when i am in the chair crying and begging that it be pulled and have had the same tooth on the other side pulled nothing!!!

Whatever happened to customer always right i pay you you do what i ask!!!

  • Ko
    kokoyumyum Nov 04, 2009

    Do you want to have your appendix or liver out also? Right on girlfireind, tell those ignorant doctors what what!!

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  • Re
    RedJ76 Dec 25, 2009

    On 12/9/2017 I went to Affordable Dentures to get an immediate partial denture. Even though they made three impressions, the dentures didn't t fit. They kept going back and forth cutting off pieces of the denture to try to keep it place, telling me to use denture adhesive cream to hold in place. It was in place when I left the office but not for long. About an hour later it was out again. So I called them the next day. I went in and the Dr. again tried to make them fit. They still don t fit.

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  • Lo
    lorelei739 Feb 23, 2010

    Don't go to Affordable Dentures with Ryan Fleming!!! They are scam artists - I purchased the 'package' which was to include the dental implants for the lower denture. I have been horribly self conscious ever since I got these in January, 2017 - my upper lip sticks out like I have buck teeth and they hurt so much. I have gone back to have them refitted and they treat me as if I'm crazy and nothing gets fixed...and of course, you have to abide by their schedule which is horrible for a working person. Needless to say, I can't eat anything solid anymore because no matter how much adhesive I use, you can't chew. The office staff is EXTREMELY RUDE. They told me that I LIED about my health. And that's the reason for my problems - They are the liars! When I went in for what I thought to have the mini-implants put in - they told me that it would be another $2017.00 plus and that I didn't paid for the package that included it - I am so angry! Please don't go to this guy or his staff. I saw one comment on here about them opening at 7:45 - B.S. They make you wait in the COLD and when you do finally get in a chair - all the 'artwork' is of a NARCISSTIC RYAN FLEMING! All the pictures in the office are of him - DON'T GO TO RYAN FLEMING OF AFFORDABLE DENTURES!!!

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  • Ya
    yankeegal1 Oct 04, 2010

    My upper partial kept cracking in half, went back to Affordable Dentures in West Springfield, MA to get it repaired. They told me it couldn't be repaired and would keep on coming apart, and I'd need to buy a new partial for $590. I'm laid off, but figured I'd better get the new one. I had to pay upfront, and it took almost a week to get the new partial. In the meantime, they actually fixed the old partial GOOD AS NEW. I picked up the new one, and they imformed me the office was closing within the next few days, and I'd have to drive to Providence, RI or Albany, NY for any further fittings. The new partial doean't fit right, some of the teeth are elongated and uneven, and they're sitting in a container in my closet while I wear the perfectly repaired partial that "couldn't be fixed". I'm so distraught over this, just had to get it off my chest. These people should be taken to every state's AG!!!

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  • Ca
    Carmina Zeliadt Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to affordable dentures in Panama city florida. the personal are rude .I'm very disappointed I have to way old day for one impresion tha'ts not fear.I'm 80 year old I want my job right but they treat me like cow .they shoul have theirs licencences revoked.I want my money back!

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the worst experience ever - beware!

Took my daughter to have an Extraction she has never had this done before so I went with her. When I called...


I had dentures made at affordable dentures in Wilkes Barre, PA about 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 weeks I've had my old dentures in my mouth.
The dentures tasted like acrylic, I tried soaking them in mouth wash, lemon juice, and baking soda but could not get the taste out. I kept getting sicker and sicker from the taste and the sandy feeling in my mouth.
I am very petite. I weighed 110lbs when I got them made. I lost 5lbs in one week. I could not hold anything down from the taste and the feeling in my mouth.
I am not new to dentures. I've had them for about 40 years and never experienced anything like this.
I told them I did not want them remade, I want a refund.
They told me I have to return the dentures and wait for corporate to give me a refund.
I paid $660.00 when I got them made, which came out of my bank debit card immediately. They did not have to wait for the money, why should I have to.
These people should be put out of business, they are would be dentists. Have no idea what it takes to make a good denture.
If you are smart, you will stay away from them.

  • Ka
    Katyo65 Aug 19, 2009

    I agree with all complaints

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  • Sa
    sara45 Aug 26, 2009

    looking at their site it seems you chose the custom dentures at 660.00 ..thinking maybe you should have chosen the premium dentures at 895.00 ..use a credit card for all purchases this way you can cancel the charges if you dont get what you deserve

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  • Sh
    Sharyn LH Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The "so called" dentist there never once checked by mouth before or after the dentures. They are extremely inferior. I am reporting them to the BBB and stopping payment on my credit card bill. This place should not be in business.

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treated like a cattle of herd no customer service

Won't recommend this place - staff treat you like cattle. The staff treats you like a child and will not listen to you and state "I told you" etc. They treat the customers like children and even made my friend cry.

Long wait when they ask to come in for adjustements before 10 :00 a. M. And won't take you in order. Waited over 2 hours for a liner.

The dentist if great, but his staff do not provide customer service and since the older people tend to go to this dentures, they treat them horrible and abbusive and blunt.

Also, when you paid up front for the dentures and go back for adjustment, liners they have you money and don't care how long you wait or tell you you have to wait or come back another day. ' dont not are about customer"

  • Ph
    Phobia Aug 11, 2009

    I agree...You are treated with no respect. I read the horror stories for dentures, didn't think I would have one for having to have a wisdom tooth pulled and had a feeling the tooth next to it had to go, yes I was right at least I don't feel they ripped me off for a second tooth. I was told on the phone that even the wisdom would cost $65. So they shot me up with novacaine, then told me to pay and come back, so I did. The cost $260 for x-ray and two teeth pulled, I questioned the amount. The wisdom was $130, what was I to do but pay it since jaw was going numb and I knew I had to get this taken care of or I would be in great pain. I am a big baby when it comes to my teeth, it's my phobia and I always let the dentist know this. Well I could barely open my mouth for the needle and they Doctor said "Mame I need you to open wider, I tried and he said it again. Then there was a point while ripping my tooth out that it really hurt, he said "Mame I have to ask you to calm down, we have other patients here and they don't need to here me". Maybe they should put doors on each room. Then my arms were on the chair but my hands were upwards and he the Dentist put them down for me. I felt like it was a meat factory, pay your money, sit down and let's get on with it. Then when it was finally over I asked if I could see me teeth, I was told "NO". Did not really get an answer why not, and got to see them as they were being taken away. What is the big deal with me wanting to see my own teeth. I will never go back there again, I think I would rather shoot myself in the head once the pain would not go away!

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  • Ju
    JudFac Oct 20, 2009

    Treated terrible...went there 2 weeks ago to have a bracket adjusted ...told I had to be there by 10 schedule doesn't make that very easy...finally was able to make the requested time slot ..sat for an hour and never saw any personal. Sat in the and called a friend in the business...he told me to come right down to his office ...please don't use Affordable will not be treated well...Pay More Get More...

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fraud and cheating

I ordered the custom dentures from the company. The day they gave them to me I informed them the dentures did not fit. They told me it was fine and come back in 2 weeks and they would do a remake if needed, and adjust it otherwise. I used my old dentures for the 2 weeks and when I returned they told me they would only fix any sore spots I may have and replied 'I dunno what to tell you' when I said they didn't fit.

Then a man came in and said the new teeth were same as the old and I said 'no look there man, its the gum thats too high'. The man then turned and bent over about 12 inches from my face and shouted 'DON'T CALL ME MAN! YOU CAN CALL ME SIR WITH RESPECT'. I could smell alcohol on his breath and was very nervous about his aggression because he was a very tall large man. I said 'man is just an expression, I didn't mean it with disrespect, just trying to show you the problem area on the denture'.

The man then continued shouting and said 'Get up and get out of here! GET OUT! HIT THE BRICKS BUDDY!' I was afraid to say anything else because he was red in the face and obviously drinking so I got up and left. As I left I noticed there were at least 2 other customers in the cubicles beside mine who heard the exchange. Also my fiance was there with me. At the front we asked them to put in writing that they were refusing to make the adjustment and the receptionist stated 'I ain't giving you nothing in writing, bye'. There were about 12 customers in the lobby who heard this exchange as well.

I have never been treated this way in my life and I cannot remember being that afraid for my safety. He frightened me so much that after I left when I realized he still had the teeth the company made that did not fit, I was afraid to go back so I just called and asked. I was placed on hold then the line went dead.

I will tell you that after having thought about this overnight I am getting very upset. I paid for custom dentures that would fit, and I was given something that I cannot wear at all. I want custom dentures that fit... I paid for it. I do not want any drama about it, I did not pay for drama and intimidation. The part that unsettles me most about all of this is that I am 26 yrs old but I noticed many of your customers are senior citizens and I should really hope and pray that this office is not treating them the same way they treated (attacked) me if they try to get them to stand behind their quality promises. I have looked online and found quite a few testimonials from consumers that are almost the same as mine. Very unsettling. I am hereby demanding in writing that Affordable Dentures refund my money because they not only didn't provide dentures that fit, but they kept them when I tried to get them to make them fit. I will cc my attorney on this email in case Affordable Dentures decides to outright scam me.

I will take legal action but my point of this post was to warn anyone going to this company from wasting your money, especially seniors cause with a drunk raging lunatic dentist they could suffer serious mental or even physical anguish. This company is bad news, i don't know how they have been around even 1 year other than maybe the people they try to scam and bully around can't afford a lawyer. Thanks for your time, and please take my warning or you will regret it.

  • Ra
    ramsxx Aug 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...glad i read this comment and others as was going to take my girlfreind to this place"affordable", here in myrtle beach, but not now, well go to sextons dental clinic..

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  • 12
    12345678zzz Sep 03, 2009

    you have to realize that the people on these boards are onyl the ones with negative experiences, or they are dentists whose practices are struggling because they lose the $6k from each denture patient. As with every company, there may be a bad doctor in the corporation. Otherwise, the dentures are made to the same quality of most dental labs, and they are forced to "herd" many people in so that they can manage to make them so affordable.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Lynne Sep 22, 2009

    I am sure there are just as many, if not more positive testimonies for Affordable Dentures as there are negative. The Lady that called the dentist "man" had the nerve to complain about the disrespect she received, but she also disrespected the dentist by calling him " man" instead of by his name.
    I don't know if any of you reading this has ever been to Las Vegas and stayed at the Circus Circus hotel and casino. All these negative stories remind me of the negative stories I had read about Circus Circus. I had booked my stay in Las Vegas for this hotel and casino, after reading all the negative reviews I was begining to wonder if I had made a mistake by booking my stay there. Well I went and I had a great time, the reviews were far more worse than the hotel and casino. I learned not to judge a business by what someone writes in a review. Not everyone is going to be totally 100% satisfied with the service they are given everywhere, so of course they are going to air their complaint and add more to it than actually happened. I have not been to Affordable Dentures yet, but I am going to go and I will not let some sour pus with a negative lifestyle ruin my day. I will judge the place myself.

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  • Ho
    hot head Mar 16, 2016

    Let's just say Affordable Dentures are not at all what they appear to be. I had a tooth fall out, front tooth at that and they want to charge me to fix it and charge me for an office visit. Furthermore, the nurse told me I wasn't suppose to eat Fritos or any hard foods with my front teeth. No one ever mentioned this to me and she was extremely rude and told me to go some where else if I was not happy with the service I was receiving. This happened today. Before using this service, read all the reviews, you will want to find a better, more qualified dentist who care about their patients.

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  • Ed
    Edna Mayes Sep 15, 2019

    I went to Affordable Dentures in Fayetteville NC 15 years ago. I got the cheaps set that they had because of it being my first set and at the time is all I could afford. I have never had a problem with them. I think its time for a new pair. I will be going back to Affordable Dentures.

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bad service

I went to get a tooth extracted as I was in some pain.When i finally got to see the dentist, who still looked...

bad dentures broke rt. away

Please, please anyone who thinks they want dentures. . . Don't go to affordabe dentures. . . Run, run...

dental implant fell out in 6 months

I had mini dental implants put in on October 17, 2008. I started having trouble with one of the implants on...


Dr. Martins office basically just ripped me off for a new denture wearer package. I paid for the package back...

was talked into having a tooth pulled unnecessarily.

I went to Affordable Dentures in Jackson, Tennessee to get a new upper partial made. I had one broken tooth in the front which I had planned to have a full gold crown put on. The dental assistant told me I had just as well have it pulled because there was so little of it left. I didnt go there to lose more teeth I was going to get missing teeth replaced. I REALLY didnt want to or need to lose my front tooth. I changed my mind after the x-ray about having my front tooth pulled. The dentist who was about to pull it told me there was enough to have crowned. I had already paid for the x-ray and extraction. All they were going to have to refund me was $65 for the extraction. As I was about to get my refund the assistant told me I wouldn't be able to get my upper partial until after I had the crown put on. At this time I had paid them $410.00. I told her the tooth that was being crowned didnt have anything to do with the partial because it was not connecting to the crowned tooth. She said yes it will. If you have the tooth crowned the impression we've made today wont fit. I really wanted my upper partial that day so I went ahead and let them pull my tooth then add the missing tooth to the partial. I told the assistant my reason for not wanting the front tooth pulled was because if I didnt have my partial in the gap in the front would show if I had it pulled but if I had it crowned, I would always have that tooth even without my partial in. The partial looked nice but I knew my front was gone forever. I feel VERY insecure about that. When I got home and cleaned the partial the front tooth broke off. I've had to super glue it until I can get back to Jackson to have the partial repaired. I feel angry at myself for the decision I let her force me into. It is causing me a lot of anguish. The partials are cheap, but thick and VERY uncomfortable. I feel the dental assistants are hustling salespeople as well as dental assistants. Just be careful when dealing with them!!! Tracy Willis

horrible dentures

My husband went to Affordable Dentures to have a pair of the " TOP OF THE LINE TEETH" made, they are horrible...


Service at the Affordable Dentures office in Pooler Georgia is needless to say very bad. Your treated as if...

respect and honest (not)!!!

I drove my father almost 24 miles to be told that there would be more charges added to what I was already...

awful company

I went to Affordable dentures in St. Clairsville, Ohio to have a tooth pulled and left without a tooth, maxillary bone, part of my jaw and a very large hole in my sinus. That was 7 months ago. I have had 1 surgery to repair my sinus and still have more to come. I have to have surgery to replace loss of bone in my face. Also now my left eye is lower than my right.

The loss bone in my jaw causes my partial not to fit correctly and in turn has caused TMJ.

Stay clear of Affordable dentures, they will destroy you and your mouth.

  • Na
    nancy Apr 13, 2009

    I have went to Affordable Dentures in St. Clairsville and had a full upper denture done with the extractions and I have to say that I have nothing but praise for them.I was treated very nice from the front desk to the doctor they are all GREAT!!! I actually look forward to my trips to the office.

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horrible quality dentures and unacceptable service

My 70-year old father went to the Affordable Dentures office in Zanesville, Ohio, to replace his existing...