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AES / horrible student loan servicing

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I don't even know where to start with these ### heads. Let's rewind to this time last year, seems like a fitting place to start. I was involved in a workplace injury and immediately applied to have my AES serviced loans put into forbearance for 6 months while I recovered from a severe head injury. The forbearance was due to expire in November, and knowing I had a payment coming due, I checked my AES online account the second week of October. To my surprise I saw that 5 of my student loans (of 8 total, since they won't consolidate mine since they are somehow ineligible) had exited forbearance and I was now 14 days late with my payment. The other 3 loans from Keybank were still in forbearance til the end of Nov! Immediately I called AES to point out the mistake, and was met with the rudest, dumbest group of people I have ever encountered on a phone. After receiving at least 3 different stories, all of which I have documented in e-mail, I was finally told that 5 of my loans had been sold, and the new owners did not have to acknowledge the forbearance if they chose not to. I was even told at one point that I never filled out any forbearance even though the other 3 loans were obviously still in forbearance! I asked why no bill nor notification was sent to me regarding a due payment, late payment, and was told they do not HAVE to send me a bill, it's only courtesy for them to do so. Immediately, I applied for another forbearance so both sets of my loans were due together, as they should've been in the first place. After submitting one packet of paper, and waiting 10 days for a response, I received nothing. I immediately inquired as to why nothing had been reflected on my account yet, and was told I had filled out the wrong paperwork (meaning, they mailed me the wrong paperwork). I filled out another (different) packet of papers and sent them in with the exact same results. After repeating this cycle a third and final time, I had to abandon my hopes of forbearance and try to raise the funds to cover the $400 payment due (that I did not owe). I inquired how much time I had until the loan would be reported to the credit agencies, and was told at 60 days it would be reported. I busted my ### to raise the $400 necessary to make the loan current and payed it as soon as humanly possible, only to find out 5 loans had been reported to the credit agencies two days earlier (at 29 days no less) and they were all reported INDIVIDUALLY. Do you know what happens to a recent college graduates credit score, when I don't have much credit to begin with, and 5 30 day late payments are reported against me? An immediate 100 point reduction is exactly what happens. My score dropped from 675 to 575, and any chance I had at finding a new place is gone since no one will accept me with a credit score under 600. I should also note that I have a government job, with multiple security clearances, all of which depend on my suitability as a citizen and rely on my credit score. I am now at risk of losing my job, and a great job to boot, because of AES. Please, I am begging you, do everything you can to avoid this company. I once had a conference call with one of my loan originators, AES and myself which ended with the AES rudely hanging up the phone on me and the Wells Fargo manager both (which the WF manager was none too happy about). I also spoke with a manager from Keybank, and she affirmed they are well aware of AES shortcomings, but have no other options. A student loan company who's "help" website is entitled "you can deal with it" should not be trusted. Seriously, check out their "help" site, if it's not the most ridiculous thing in the world, or you actually find something helpful on there please let me know.

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  • Ca
      10th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Someone call the AG or an attorney. These people need to be sued.

  • Cr
      19th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    These people are horrible. I have an ID theft investigation against them. In 2006, someone apparently used my name to take out a loan with a four year forbearance until I was out of school. At a trade school that doesn't have four year degrees and to make matters worse, one I did not attend. I have the transcripts to prove it. I've been told various things and finally was sent a copy of the promissory note that has wrong information, my grandparents listed by nicknames at addresses that don't exist, my disabled veteran mother as co-signor and our signatures do not match. AES "never received" my fraud packet, and I had no idea I even had this until suddenly I found it on my credit report when checking to see if other ID theft issues were resolved. And suddenly this was there. Now they call all the time, call my grandparents and mom and scare them to death, want more than my monthly rent, and refuse to work with me. Everything is conveniently not eligible. It's not even mine!

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