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Aes maybe a "servicer" but they are fraudulent. I have been paying double on my student loans and the principle has not gone down. I called several times to ask why... And they stated that I had to pay off all the interest first. I asked for a print out to see where my money has gone they said they would send me one... (I have called 6 times over the past year and have yet to receive it!) I finally had enough..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Harrisburg, PA I called of the payoff and asked what it would be if I over nighted a check. I got that $ and sent a check in, over night. It is 10 days later and my account now says it's over due. I called and they said the pay off amount was wrong because by the time they processed it, a day later, the amounts didn't match and they sent the check back, a few days later. Please remember that I am accruing interest for their mistake and they will not do anything about it. I am so frustrated.

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      Nov 09, 2012

    Hey stop being frustrated. Every time you call record the call and tell them you are doing so for legal and documentation purposes. Then always follow your call with a CMRRR letter.

    You should have requested the account print out and the payoff amount by CMRRR. Then mail in your check CMRRR. Make sure you obtain a letter certifying "Settled in Full" and keep it for life including all & every document.

    You say you have been paying double. I suggest you first get the printout so you can determine the current status of your account. Then request the payoff balance and reconcile that with the print out. If anything is a miss you should write a letter tabulating everything and what you think is correct balance owed. CMRRR it and cc it by regular mail to your state AG, FTC, CFPB, you attorney, etc. You will get their right attention.

    Also you need to learn about your rights as a consumer per federal/state laws. So google these:-
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

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      Jun 25, 2014

    For two months in a row, I went on line to make my payment. However, AES took TWO payments out of my checking account both times! They refused to reimburse me for the extra payment THEY took out or any banking fees I had. THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I do not trust them at all!

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