Aes American Education Services / theft/ harassment/ lawyer name?

United States

I need the name of an attorney to represent my case. I paid off my private student loan thru a chapter 13 in 1997. Yes 1997. I assumed all was well until in 2003 when all of a sudden I start getting letters that I am defaulted on a loan that was bought from Met then sold to Sallie Mae then sun trust. AES has taken my tax refunds, they made me pay 6 months rehab loan something to get my credit straight and then had the nerve to have my nursing license frozen so I could not work until I paid them money to get it reinstated. I sent proof over and over that it was paid but they said they needed to see where the money went when I gave it to the clerk for the chapter 13. I even talked to an ombudsman but they didn't reply when I sent them proof. The only reason I am not still being harassed is because I am disabled and the non loan was sent to Nelnet. it is still showing up on my credit report and my friend who is a city solicitor said I have paid over 15000.00 on a loan that was not owed. does anyone know of a good attorney that has dealt with them before?

May 16, 2017

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