Aeroplan.comunethical behaviour of customer service representative

Call date: May 14, 2017. 11am
Aeroplan# [protected]
I called to notify Aeroplan that my miles from Home Hardware did not show up on my account. Because of this error, my points expired on March 2017. The purchase was made prior to this.
My desired resolution was getting my account re-instated so that I did not lose my miles, the loss of a few miles from Home Hardware was not a concern. The service representative told me to go to the Home Hardware store and ask them to backdate the miles. I was hesitant to do that, because it feels like Home Hardware would say it's an Aeroplan glitch and to contact Aeroplan for a resolution. I suggested that this was just a tactic to waste my time and give up on the matter. He then suggested that I just repurchase the miles for $0.01 / mile. Although it may be in Aeroplans interest to upsell the client by repurchasing the miles, I feel that the tactics used were unethical. Asking me to deal with Home Hardware to backdate the points (which is against their policy, and could be considered fraudulent is also unethical).
At this point, I feel that Aeroplan is being dishonest and purposefully unhelpful. This may explain why Air Canada is departing from the program. I hope that Aeroplan can better train their customer service representatives on the legal implications of providing false information and engaging in unethical behaviours.
Desired Resolution:
Re-instate Aeroplan #[protected]
Ensure Customer Service Reps received proper training

May 14, 2017

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