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Being a loyal and strong advocate of Aeroplan, especially Air Canada, it was very shocking the experience I had on today's (November 30th, 2016) flight number AC 088, from Shanghai to Toronto.

I was extremely disappointed and appalled with the overall customer service/experience, specifically a particular flight attendant who spoke and directed myself and fellow passengers in a loud and demeaning manner throughout the entire 14 hour flight.

Myself and my partner were sitting in seats 31H and 31J. There was a mechanical issue with the seat (31J) where it would not remain reclined. My partner would press the button and recline the chair but eventually the chair would return to its upright position on its own. It was already uncomfortable sitting in seats that Air Canada has reduced to a more narrow size and then in addition to continuously recline the seat manually over and over again throughout the entire journey.

Myself and partner are vegetarian and we requested our dietary restriction at the time of booking the flight back in 2015 and again confirmed the option when checking in online within the 24 hours of departure date/time. Our first hot meal served was fine which consisted of vegetables and pasta. Our second meal served was chicken noodle soup. We asked for a vegetarian option but there was no alternative that they could offer. One flight attendant gave us a very small crustless sandwich with barely anything in between the bread but it was so tasteless and unsatisfying, we couldn't eat it. When the flight attendants came to collect the garbage, she noticed that we didn't eat any of the food, so she offered to come back with cookies. She never returned with the cookies and given the poor attitude that she showcased at boarding, we were reluctant to remind her. The third meal was breakfast with eggs and vegetables. Good thing I inspected the dish even despite my hunger because the egg contained bacon/sausage bits. We inspected my partner's dish and her egg had nothing added; it was just the egg. Therefore, I couldn't eat yet again. The flight attendant offered a plain pasta dish that was so bland and awful, I again could not eat it. This was a 14 hour flight and had only one meal to eat. I am extremely shocked given that I requested these restrictions beforehand and this is Air Canada for goodness sakes; not a small budget airline company. I find it unacceptable that there weren't any vegetarian options for passengers. And if it is the case that Air Canada would notify me of the limited menu in advance so that we could better prepare and pack enough food for us to eat on such a long stretch of a flight.

As mentioned, one of the flight attendants from the very beginning of the flight was very rude and loud to all passengers, speaking to them in a demeaning manner by demanding them sit down, no phone usage, move out the way, taking their luggage and storming away with them not really informing the passenger what/where she plans to put them, taking a baby out of the mother's hands to re-seat her elsewhere, and the list goes on. There was an incident during the night/sleep period where she accidentally stepped on a gentleman's foot while he was asleep and that woke him up. She just continued down the aisle and didn't say anything and the passenger was upset and started to complain but his english wasn't very good so it was hard to make out what he was saying. She walked up to him to ask why is he all upset and he explained that she stepped on his foot and didn't even apologize. She retorted that she didn't know that she stepped on his foot and that he should lower his voice but yet she was speaking loudly herself matching his tone. This was very disruptive of other passengers who were trying to get some rest.

As I was writing in my notepad on my iPhone about these very incidents, she came right up to me and yelled, "Stop texting! You better not be texting!". I was so startled I could barely explain to her that it was merely note taking that I was doing. I just responded that I was not texting and that my phone was set to airplane mode.

As outlined above, I am sure you have an idea of the type of experience I had on this flight. I really hope that you take effective measures in remedying such issues to prevent a repeat occurrence for future passengers.

My desired resolution will be a full refund and additional Aeroplan miles attributed to my account. It was a very unpleasant, troublesome and distasteful 14 hour flight I hope to never encounter again.

Nov 30, 2016

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