Aeroplan.comcustomer service uninformed and unprepared to provide support

Date of call: Wednesday February 1, 2017
Aeroplan number: [removed]

My partner and I were planning a trip to travel from Toronto to Atlanta. I had enough aeroplan points to book one flight, but not both. Given that my partner and I wanted to travel together, I had made a phone call to customer service last night to inquire about booking both flights together (paying for one with points and the other with money). At this time the customer service agent informed me that there was no way to do this (which on its own, I find absolutely ridiculous and a major flaw in the rewards program that you can not interface between aeoplan and Air Canada, the airline for which the program is intended). The agent advised me that I would have to book my flight through the aeroplan website and my partner's flight through the air canada website still using my aeroplan number, and that air canada would be able to ensure that our booking was linked and we would be able to sit together. At the time, although I was annoyed with the hassle of booking this way, I thought the issue was handled as well as the agent could.

I was then very dismayed when I called Air Canada to complete the booking for my partners flight to very rudely find out (a) even though my partner and I are travelling together and I am the one making the booking I can not use my aeroplan account for this booking, and (b) they are unable to link our bookings so that we can sit together. It is clear that I was completely mislead by the customer service agent. When I tried to call back to aeroplan customer service to resolve this issues I was stuck on a very lengthy hold which I was not able to stay on because I had to leave for an engagement. As a result, because I did not want to wait to book my partner's flight for fear of the flight filling up by a later date, I was forced to book my flight so now I have not earned points for that flight and our bookings are entirely separate.

I was keen to become a member of the aeroplan rewards program as I frequently take flights with Air Canada. Furthermore, what I originally perceived as a great rewards program had motivated me to take more flights with Air Canada. In fact, the only reason I was booking these flights through air canada was because of the rewards program, given that other airlines offer cheaper flights that would have otherwise been a better option. Unfortunately, this very negative experience has discouraged me from further commitment to both aeroplan and air canada. To me, it is unacceptable that there is such a disconnect between the companies and that the customer service agents are so grossly unprepared to support customers with requests that would require interfacing between the two companies.

I hope that bringing this to your awareness will motivate aeroplan to take action to resolve this systemic issue so that future customers are not also affected in such a negative way. On a more personal level, it is my hope that we would be able to reach a resolution where I am awarded the points I should have received for the booking my partner's and where my partner and I are guaranteed seats together for our trip.


Feb 02, 2017

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