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Re - My aeroplan # [protected] .

Your website indicates my 44, 287 points will be wiped out this year if not used. I tried to navigate the website to see if I can use up the points, which apparently cannot be utilized for a flight booking. Your website does not permit me to even see any gift cards I can apply it to - or any reward.
I do not want to lose these points, and hoped to be able to use them at some point towards a flight credit. Now it appears impossible. As a senior, with caregiver responsibilities, my free time isvery limited.

I have phoned 7 times today (800-361-5373) to try to reach a live voice to explain the issue of non access to your system and website. Each time the system demands I enter all my info, which is correct on your website. However, the telephone system claims my data does not match what is on the system. My data on your site is correct!

I cannot get a live operator, and cannot go any further on the telephone system.

This is crazy, and a total waste of my time. TIME is money for all of us, and to not be able to get through to customer service, and to continue to find it impossible to use your website is extremely frustrating. Is this all a scam by Aeroplan to get rid of customers points?

Can you please help? Thank you.
Yvonne DeSouza [protected])


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      Feb 01, 2018

    Dear Sir, in regard to your last question stating " Is this all a scam by Aeroplan to get rid of customers points?", I've had the exact same suspicion.
    Thanks for asking the same question. I've posted the similar question a few days ago (see my posting under "booking ticket to Kona-Hawaii through"), and I'll repeat the same type of question again: Does Aeroplan purposely trying to discourage people to utilize their Aeroplan points by giving them relay disgustingly poor choices for their traveling options end making them to rather pay in cash for otherwise plenty available flights and seats (eight months in advance!!!), instead of claiming their Aeroplan points, hence the not claiming them so.
    Thanks, Njoks

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