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Aeroplan Travel Services / flight availability and flight changes

1 Canada

This message was originally sent on Sept 7, 2018. It just came to my attention that the message was returned as undeliverable to [email protected]

The complaint I have was that on my booked flight through Aeroplan on Sept 7, 2018 (REF # KLBDRM). I booked a flight from Kingston Ontario to Toronto Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba.
The booking of Aeroplan flights out of Kingston are usually difficult based on the number of seats available and the fact Air Canada regularly cancels or delays flights.
Anyway, on this particular day my flight was booked out of Kingston at 16:45 hrs. and to arrive in Toronto at 17:44 hrs. with a connection 4 hours and 1 minute later.
( I will address this note of the 1 minute after ). As expected my flight was delayed, but not cancelled. I arrived in Toronto at approx. 18:30 hrs.

Now my complaint is that I tried to get on the next earlier flight to Winnipeg at 20:15 hrs. I spoke to the customer service person and she indicated there were available seats
but if I wanted to change flights there would be a $75, same day change fee. I understand what this fee is for and why all airlines have this in place. However, I would think as
a loyal Air Canada customer and booking a ticket through the Air Canada loyalty partner, Aeroplan, that this fee should not be there. I mean what is a loyalty program for if there
is loyalty on both sides. It seems to me that the customers who are members of Aeroplan have some loyalty to Air Canada but this is not viewed the same by Air Canada.
I have a ticket, I am going to Winnipeg eventually and there are empty seats. I have been treated with good customer service on other flights whereby I was allowed to fly
on an earlier flight going to the same destination during other travels dates without being charged this additional fee.

Please explain why I could not get on this flight??

Also, the note above about the 4 hr and 1 minute "layover" between Toronto and Winnipeg.
I had booked the same flight for my spouse about 1 month prior. The taxes and fees paid on that flight amounted to approx. $65, my flight amounted to $92.
When booking the flight I spoke to an Aeroplan rep. She indicated that as the flight was over 4 hours it changed from a connecting flight to a non-connecting flight.
This seems wrong to me!!


Sep 19, 2018

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