AeroMexicosold me a flight that did not exist and had to purchase new flight for different day

To [protected]
CC [protected] 10/29/16 at 8:26 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am hereby submitting this complaint regarding Reservation Code GUDAYN Flight AM663 SFO to GDL Departing 19 Oct - 12:01 AM arriving 19 Oct - 5:52 AM. We booked and paid for the flight online and confirmed it by phone with one of your agents by the name of Carlos. THE AFOREMENTIONED FLIGHT DOES/DID NOT EXIST!

Our flight was to Guadalajara where we had a reservation to rent a car at Mexrentacar, visit my elderly parents (who are in their 90's and whose health has been deteriorating), and then drive to Puerto Vallarta where my niece was getting married on Saturday (my daughter was maid of honor). As you can see, our trip to Guadalajara was a necessity and had been planned well in advance.

We parked our car at long-term parking, arrived to SFO three hours early and proceeded to find the Aeroméxico counter. It was closed and there were no attendants in sight. We inquired with many different SFO workers and everyone we asked was baffled as they tried to help us figure out why the counter was closed. One employee thought the flight had been filled and was on the runway.

We were then instructed to use the airport phone to call Aeroméxico. After a long wait on the phone line, an agent (located in México City) stated that we could NOT use the tickets we had already purchased and advised us to purchase new tickets for the following day. (In the meantime, while my wife was on the phone with your agent, the three of us were on different phones trying to find flights with different airlines that might be able to accommodate us... none could.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Napa, CA) We had NO OTHER CHOICE but to purchase new Aeroméxico tickets at a much higher rate for the following night.

We drove home in frustrated silence as our emotions had taken a toll on us.

The next day, we started all over again. We arrived at SFO over FOUR hours in advance because we did not want to go through the same scenario again. We waited in line until the Aeroméxico counter opened. We were first in line and two different agents had to assist us because they could not find us in their system. Then, the entire system went down and we had to wait over an hour for it to be repaired/reopened.

Aeromexico employee Saul Cárdenas was extremely helpful. We explained our situation/experience from the day before and he asked his supervisor Yadira Martinez ([protected] to come and assist us. She reviewed the copy I presented to her of our "Confirmation Page Aeromexico Booking" and she was appalled at the fact that we had been booked for a flight that did not exist.

We incurred much emotional distress as well as unnecessary expenditures due to your company's error:

- gas and time (90 minute drive) for two trips to airport
- parking fees and tips to shuttle driver
- loss of car rental reservation in GDL (we had to rent from another car rental company at a much higher rate)
- loss of time spent with my elderly parents (one full day), (our children had not seen their grandparents in approx. 4 years!)
- one day of work
- college mid-terms
- house/dog sitter

In lieu of all of the above, we hereby request restitution. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Tomás Cortés-Cárdenas
M. Araceli Moreno-Cortés
Elizabeth Amadís Cortés
Tomás Miguel Cortés III

Jan 12, 2017

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