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poor customer service

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I wish I could give Aeromexico 0 stars! I will never fly them again, nor will I ever fly through Mexico City. We had a 2.5hr layover in Mexico City. Since we had to cross from Terminal 1 to 2, we had to go through immigration (took 45min), baggage retrieval and customs (took 1hr), security, air train, security again, and running at top speed between those, all the while getting pointed in the wrong direction by airport personnel. Needless to say, we missed our connection. Trying to get rebooked on another flight was an absolute nightmare. Because our flight was booked on LAN but we flew Aeromexico, both airlines kept telling us it was the other one's problem. It took us 5 hours before someone from LAN finally helped us get booked on another flight. The worst part about Aeromexico is their terrible customer service. We had one check-in agent telling us she could rebook us if she could confirm that our incoming flight was late (which it was), but the flight arrival times were not posted and repeated calls to the operations folks kept giving the response "call back in 10 or 20 min". So after being strung along like that for 2hrs, she said her shift was over, and to talk to her supervisor. This guy Jorge was a piece of work - he was looped into our problem the whole time, but the 3 times we approached him, he acted like he'd never seen us before! It was frankly the worst customer service I've ever seen. He kept telling us we were going to have to pay because it was not Aeromexico's fault we missed our flight. My husband was trying with some other agents and they called security on him for continuing to pester them! And to top it off, the food they served on their flight was contaminated and gave us stomach problems. So NEVER NEVER NEVER fly Aeromexico. Please!
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My husband and I had our honeymoon booked by my Father-in Law, otherwise I would have done my research and would have never boarded an Aeromexico plane EVER!!! We live in Oklahoma City and were driving to Dallas the night before to make sure we were able to be up and at the airport timely. Our flight from Dallas to Cancun was fine considering this was my first time to fly ever; however, our flight home and what we've endured since has been a nightmare! As we were beginning our decent on March 25, 2009 the pilot came on and told us that we'd be circling Dallas for a while as DFW was currently experiencing an electrical storm. After 30-40 minutes of circling Dallas, the pilot determined that he would delay us to Houston and re-fuel and see how the weather was doing then. When we arrived in Houston (which mind you is a 30 min flight but a 5-6 hr drive back to Dallas) the landing gear sounded awful as it was releasing. When the pilot landed the plane, he slammed down so hard on the landing that we almost went off the run way. Then if that wasn't enough, a fast and burning vapor started filling the cabin of the aircraft!! None of the masks came out for us to use, we had people running up and down the isles trying to open doors screaming, children were on the plane crying and screaming, we even had a pregnant woman on board. While all this was happening, the Aeromexico staff did NOTHING!! We had passengers running back and forth from the restroom literally throwing wet paper towels to parents to place over their childs mouths because the vapor was burning; it was suffocating! Finally while we were still in motion, they were able to get the doors to the plane open to let out some of the vapor out. The Airlines staff were telling people to only grab their paper work but after that experience, no one was leaving anything on that plane! We were then unloaded off the airplane and then held in the walkway from getting off the plane but just before entering the Airlines. We were held there for at least an hour before we were allowed in the Airlines. At this time, no medical had been called to check out any of the passengers on our flight. We had passengers complaining of sore throat, dizziness, heart racing etc. We were then told by Airline officials that we would only be allowed in to the Airprt after going through Customs and were to wait for further instruction and we would be notified when the same plane was ready!!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, raised heck about getting back on the same plane and we were adament in our convictions that we would never get back on that plane. When we arrived in Customs, there had to over 300 people waiting in line! Well they opened up Customs on the backside and directed only our passengers over to that area. Another 45 min to an hour later, we were then instructed to pick up our luggage at the baggage claim and meet over in an area to find out what's going on. Well they were throwing our luggage onto the conveyer and it wasn't even turned on. So we were running up and down trying to pick out who's luggage was who's and one couple reported they were missing an extra bag that they had checked and paid for which consequently had their personal jewelry on it they had brought with them and had bought. Once we all had our luggage, we had an Airline official tell us that DFW was closed and that we would be here for the evening unless we opted to rent a car for which we would be reimbursed and then they radled off a "Customer Service" number. I am not a shy person so I began to ask why no medical staff had been called to check the health of the passengers. We had everyone from men, women, children, a pregnant woman, and elderly people and I am sure 50% of the passengers aboard that plane were on medications of some kind and no one was addressing the vapor and what it was we injested and what complications might arise. Finally 2 people received wheel chairs but the answer to my question was if you need medical assistance dial 911!!! I was beyond words at that moment of the lack of consideration we were being shown. Not just for myself but for the elderly who were still shaken up to the screaming and now fearful children. We were then told the gas we ingested was hydraulic gas but when asked no one would put that in writing. We were told they could not charter a bus to get us back to Dallas because it was short notice nor could we get on another flight with any other airline because they were full. After contemplating hanging at the airport for who knows how long and not even being able to get a guarantee from anyone that we'd have a flight out the next day, my husband and I decided to rent a car and drive. We had left our car at our hotel so that when we were to arrive (at our scheduled time) we would call our hotel and they would send the shuttle for us. Once I knew we weren't going to make it on time, I called our hotel to see what would happen if we got in later than expected. Turns out our hotels shuttle stops running at 11pm that night. Well by then it was already after 6pm and there was no way we'd make it back in time. We got the "customer service" info and headed off to find a rental car company praying that they weren't out of cars! We ended up running into 2 female passengers from our flight who were so upset that I thought we were going to hear from them that we were out of luck on a rental car. Turns out, there are only 2 rental car companies that will rent 1 way and they wanted almost $200! Both ladies are single parents who needed to get home as much as we did. Well we took them with us because they live in Dallas and could get us from Houston to Dallas and we could pay for the rental car. So after we rented a car from Alamo (who was very nice considering), we loaded up and set out to Dallas. We drove through blinding rain so bad I almost had to pull over multiple times to see if we could wait it out but we pushed on. We arrived in Dallas around midnight and waited for the girls to get picked up by their ride who had already been at the airport previously awaiting them earlier. My husband and I then had to travel back to our hotel, pick up our car and then drive back to DFW to return the rental car. Well we ended up getting stuck upstairs after dropping off the rental car as the spikes were out so we then waited another 20 minutes to be let out and finally hit the highway home. I know this is lengthy already but while all of this was going on, we had calls from our family saying that we may have to postpone our wedding reception that Saturday (yes this was our honeymoon trip!!) due to 10 inches of snow we were to receive! I was beyond exhausted in everyway I could possibly be so that would have to be handled when we got home. Well once we hit Oklahoma, here came the thick fog and dark night. Again I was driving and could barely see and all we wanted to do was get home! At this point I was awaiting the locusts or something else to try and stop us from reaching our destination; home! At 4:05am Thursday morning, we arrived in our drive way. We did end up deciding to post pone our reception based on the forecast and didn't even get near what was projected for our city. That same day, myself and other passengers had already been in contact with Worry Free and they hadn't decided what they were going to do so we were to call back Monday. So on Monday I called and we were informed what Worry Free was going to do for their customers but the car rental & lost wages would have to go through Aeromexico. Let me tell you that as I sit here and write this, it has been almost a month and I have yet to receive my reimbursement from Aeromexico for our car rental charge and lost wages after we sent them everything they asked for. I have sent several emails to an Angeles Bayarena who is supposed to be in Consumer Relations with Aeromexico and have been ignored more than responded to. I googled Aeromexico complaints and was overwhelmed with the amount of dissatisfied consumers who will never set foot on an Aeromexico flight. Some are experiencing the same run around the rest of us are with customer service. I even called Angeles direct line and it rings 3-4 times and then beeps. In this day and age and the way the economy is, every penny we spend we work hard for and we should never feel like that money has been wasted. Aeromexico sent out a generalized wanna be email that severely downplayed the events that transpired that day which only fueled the already flaming fire! How dare they tell us what they think we went through and act as though none of us were valid in our reactions to what occured. They then issued a $250 voucher for every passenger on board our flight to use within 1yr from the date issued to basically re-experience their "Excellent" customer service. I will not be the only one to tell you that neither myself nor my husband will EVER set foot on an Aeromexcio flight again and will never forget or keep from spreading the word about our pis poor customer service we received through them and their representatives. They were asked by us and numerous passengers to refund a portion of our flight charges versus the vouchers but they'd rather keep the money for themselves. So please read this and spend your hard earned money on another airline because if you do the research and see how many people have had problems with Aeromexico, you will save yourself a world of trouble. This just wasn't a "bad" experience when I can now look online and see how many other people have spent their time and money and have nothing but frustrations with the Aeromexico and their unpleasant, unprofessional, unreachable personnel and I feel sorry for any company that affiliates with them because they are having to "make good" for something that another company isn't doing and that will ultimately come back on them. If they even think I am giving up, I am not. The internet is a powerful tool as is word of mouth. When you give up is when they win and I don't care if I have to go public with this, if it saves 1 person the amount of time and frustration we've spent then it's worth it.

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