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Good morning,
I have a serious complaint about the flight from Amsterdam to Madrid to Mexico City October 31, 2017 by my mother Willemijntje Josephina Anders van Uffelen, Conf.# RFBPRD, Premier # [protected].
My mother is 86 year old, so due to the long distances on airports, she had wheelchair service. She can walk a bit but is not that stable on slippery floors.

Flight from Amsterdam to Madrid left on time, but in Madrid the wheelchair service came 45 minutes after arriving at the gate. Thus she missed her connection to Mexico City.
From 14.30 until 17.30, the wheel chair service representatives have taken her in a bus to 3 different corners of the airport, because the Aeromexico people didn't know what to do, then she was taken to another service desk, where finally she received a ticket for Iberia flight 6409 with departure of 23.00.
At 17.30 she was brought to an empty hangar-looking area without any other people around, without a wheel chair, without food or something to drink. She was scared sitting there alone, she was hungry, had to take some water out of the sink of the baƱo area to take her medication, and after almost 11 hours at the Madrid airport, exhausted, just numb of what happened that horrible day.
The flight to Mexico City with Iberia was ok, beside the fact the arrival time was 4.40 AM.
My mother has traveled all her life, went to Mexico already 5 times, this was the first time she took AeroMexico.
I would appreciate if you could take this incident as serious as it is, and use it for training purposes.

I saw that she had tried to call me - while I thought she was already half way between Europe and Mexico. I called AeroMexico, who could confirm she didn't make the flight from Madrid, but were not able to give me any phone number to contact AeroMexico in Madrid, and when I called my mother on her cellphone she told me there was nobody around to talk to... because there was nobody there. She was all alone in this empty hall. Just a disgrace I think.
Yvonne J. van Uffelen Stephens
Tequisquiapan, Qro.
Cel Mex: [protected]
Vonage USA: [protected]

Nov 02, 2017

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