AeroMexico / baggage check theft

Guadalajara, MX
Contact information:

Flight AM 662

My checked bag from Guadalajara to San Francisco was surveyed, and what a mess was left of my packed belongings! My bag is always checked, so this was no surprise. The issue was the condition in which it was left, as well as missing property. Specifically, I had a compartment bag where I store my jewelry and many necklaces so they do not tangle. Upon arrival to San Francisco, I opened my bag to check if there had been any issues. The bag was hastily shoved in my suitcase, and there were tangles of my necklaces and jewelry strewn all over the contents of my baggage. Also, I had $40 cash in the compartment which is nowhere to be found, and was clearly stolen when my bag was searched. This is outrageously unacceptable behavior for government employees.

Mar 26, 2017

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