A&E Factory Servicebroke my fridge & damaged my floor

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I know this is a long story but please read it if you don't wanna get burnt!

1 month ago I received a letter in the mail from maytag stating there was a recall for the relay switch for the compressor on my side by side refrigerator/freezer. They said there was a possibility that the relay switch could overheat and cause a fire so I immediately called the maytag recall line and they scheduled an appointment for the following week for a&e factory service to come out and replace the compressor’s relay switch. The repairman came saturday afternoon may 30th and replaced the recalled relay switch. He then plugged the fridge back into the wall outlet and he pushed the fridge back into it’s enclosure. The next morning [sunday-05/31] there was a puddle of water in the front of the fridge. So, the first thing I thought was maybe when he pushed the fridge back against the wall the water line that connects to the ice maker may have come loose and was leaking? I pulled the fridge out from it’s enclosure but I didn't see any water leaking from the water line. So, being I had to work that morning and was in a rush to get to work I really didn't have time to do any further investigating so I just mopped up the water and as a precaution. I then went in the basement and turned off the valve to the fridge's water line as a precautionary measure. When I got home from work that afternoon there was another small puddle of water in front of my fridge and this time I could see it was coming from the opening on the front of the freezer door where the ice gets dispersed and also from the bottom of the freezer door. When I opened the freezer door almost everything in the freezer was completely defrosted and more water came out. Most of the water that I was seeing on my floor was from all the ice that had melted in the ice bin and from the frozen food that thawed out. Then I opened the fridge door and right away it smelled and it was warm inside. Then I noticed the compressor was constantly clicking off and on. This is when I knew something went wrong with the recall replacement so I unplugged the fridge from the wall outlet and called the maytag recall hotline but was told there was nothing they could do for me at that time being it was sunday and their service department didn’t open until monday morning. So that sunday evening I went to wal-mart to purchase a small chest freezer being I still had a lot of meat [thick roasts etc] that didn't fully defrost and were still salvageable. In the meantime I grabbed 2 beach coolers from the garage and filled them with ice to keep my other food [milk, eggs etc] cool. Anyway, monday morning [06/01] came around and I called maytag and they said they would send a&e back out to my house on thursday 06/04. The a&e tech arrived on 06/04 and he removed the new relay switch and advised that the tech who came out before him to replace the recalled relay switch hooked up the wires backwards. He then reversed the wires on the relay switch and plugged the fridge into the wall outlet but the compressor was still clicking off and on. Then he hooked up an amp meter and the compressor was drawing 10.8 amps. He said a normal working compressor draws between 1.9 & 2.0 amps. However, he said the compressor may be in shock due to the amount of times it was going off and on so he let the fridge run for a about 30 minutes to see if the compressor would stabilize but it didn’t. Then he put his fingers on the compressor and it was so hot that he jumped 3 feet in the air and wound up burning his index and middle fingers so he immediately unplugged the fridge. Once again he admitted that the prior a&e tech that replaced the recalled relay switch on 05/30 had put the wires on backwards and that in turn fried the compressor. Then he tells me that he hopes that it didn’t leak oil into the system and clog the entire system because if that happened I might as well throw away the fridge and buy a new one because it’s a totally sealed system and there’s no way for them to repair that. I told him I hope that’s not the case. He said he hoped not either. Anyway, he then told me that most likely that’s not the case and that the compressor is probably bad but they don't stock my compressor so it would have to be special ordered and it was going to be a few days before I received it. In the meantime now I went out and purchased a small hotel type fridge because the 2 beach coolers with ice wasn’t working very well because it just wasn’t keeping the food cool enough plus it was costing me $6 a day for ice and it was becoming a real pain to have to remove the food, drain the coolers, replace the ice & food on a nightly basis. Anyway, the newly ordered compressor arrived on monday 06/08 so a&e scheduled an appointment for friday 06/12 to install the new compressor. On 06/12 a different a&e tech arrived that friday morning. He uninstalled the old compressor and installed the new one. Just as he was getting ready to solder the copper lines to the new compressor he realized that it wasn't the right compressor and he said he will have to order the correct compressor. Now i’m starting to get annoyed because it’s been roughly 2 weeks and they still haven’t fixed my fridge so that friday evening I called a&e and escalated the issue to their 3rd party solutions team. I spoke with someone named eloy and he tells me that a supervisor will call me back either monday or tuesday. Well, monday & tuesday came and went with no calls from a&e so I called them back that wednesday and spoke with valerie and was basically told there was nothing she could do for me and that all she could do was email her supervisor telling them to call me. I told her I already did that 5 days ago and I never received any call. She said this was the best she could do for me at this time. Now i’m starting to get frustrated and feel like i’m being stalled so I called up maytag and spoke with someone named jason and once again I had to explain the entire story to him. He tells me that he’s fully documented what i’ve told him and he has opened up a service request ticket and that he is going to escalate the issue and he would like me to call maytag back after a&e installs the new compressor. Anyway, the new compressor arrived on monday 06/15 however one of the legs on it was bent indicating that it may have been possibly dropped so I called a&e and they said they would order me another one just in case it was in fact damaged. The other new compressor arrived on wednesday 06/17 and it was visibly in good shape. Now I had 2 new compressors sitting in my kitchen. I called a&e to and they setup another appointment for friday 06/19. The same a&e tech that was at my house on 06/12 was back again. He installed the new compressor and filled it with refrigerant/freon but this one was also clicking off and on. He also had pressure gauges hooked up and he said that the pressure in the compressor wasn’t stabilizing. He told me that he thinks they sent a bad compressor so he vacuumed out all the refrigerant/freon and then uninstalled the compressor. Then he took the other new compressor that had the bent leg and he straightens out the leg and he installed it but this time before he soldered all the copper connectors/tubing and filled it with freon he hooked up the relay switch to the compressor and pluggd the fridge into the wall outlet and this time it sounded like it was gonna work so he proceeded to solder all the copper connections and fill it with refrigerant/freon but the same thing was happening. The compressor was clicking off and on and the pressure in the compressor wasn’t stabilizing. He said that there’s no way all these new compressors are bad and now he’s 99.9% sure that oil has gotten into the system and clogged it up. He said the oil probably leaked into the system the day the recalled relay switch was replaced incorrectly on 05/30 and the fridge was left to run overnight with the fried compressor in it. So, basically what he was telling me was that my fridge was ruined. Up until this point I was extremely nice and courteous but now i’m really pissed off because this was something that was caused by their negligence. Anyway, the a&e tech packs up all his stuff, apologizes to me and then leaves. But to make this nightmare even worse after I pushed the fridge back into it’s enclosure I noticed that there were burn marks all over my linoleum floor where the a&e tech was soldering the copper tubing to the compressor. The hot solder had dripped and put burn marks in my linoleum floor. So, not only did they damage and ruin my refrigerator but they also damaged my floor. So now I call up a&e’s 3rd party solution team again and once again I get the lovely and supportive valerie and once again I have to explain the entire situation to her. She turns around and tells me that they’re not at fault because this was maytag’s recall not theirs so I will have to call maytag on this issue. I told her how could she say this wasn’t their fault when one of her tech’s was negligent. She turns around and tells me that it sounds like i’m looking for some monetary compensation and if that’s the case then i’m not gonna get anything from them because they aren’t responsible. By now smoke is starting to rise from the top of my head. I asked her what about the damage that was done to my floor? She tells me she will have someone come out to my house next friday 06/27 to take pictures of the damage so they can file a claim. Now I call maytag and they’re basically telling me the same thing a&e was telling me. I spoke with someone named david and he was of no help so I asked him if I could speak to his manager and at first he refused telling me that there was nothing a manager can tell me that he hasn’t already told me. He said they are not responsible for the fridge being it was a&e who broke it and that I should be contacting them. Can you believe this? Neither company wants to take any responsibility. This is insane. So now i’m starting to lose it so he puts me on hold for like 15 minutes and finally his manager evelyn comes on the phone and once again I have to explain the entire situation to her and she said there’s only 2 things she can do. Either send a&e back out to reevaluate the situation or give me a pro-rated discount towards another model that’s equal to my model. She said the model that was equal to mine costs $1400 but they would give it to me for $1, 000. I told her why should I have to spend a thousand dollars of my money when this was caused by a combination of their recall and a&e’s negligence. I told her that a&e has already been to my house 3-4 times and now they are telling me that they are 99.9% sure the fridge is ruined so why bother sending them out again? She said these were my only 2 options take it or leave it! Can you believe this crap? Here it is they put the recall out and they contracted a&e for the recall and a&e winds up ruining my refrigerator and now after all this aggravation maytag wants me to spend a thousand dollars of my hard earned money on another maytag refrigerator? Are they insane? I told her that if these are my only options then send a&e back out to reevaluate the situation because I am not going to ever buy another maytag, whirlpool or any other appliances that they’re affiliated with. I told her i’d rather spend more money and buy a different brand rather than give them $1, 000. I’ll have to see what happens by next friday but if a&e can’t fix it then i’m going to have to buy a new fridge. To be honest, what they did almost sounds like it’s illegal?

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  • Aa
      Jun 24, 2009

    I think I may have jumped the gun on this because the day after I wrote this complaint I received a call from the A&E senior tech manager stating they were going to take full responsibility for my fridge and damaged floor. They sent a senior repairman out to my house that same day and he was able to fix my fridge and he also took pictures of my damaged floor and the A&E Senior Tech Manager assured me that my floor was going to be taken care of as well. They also advised they would reimburse me for the freezer I had to purchase in order to save most of my meat and frozen food. I'm still waiting to be compensated for the freezer and my floor but I have to say that this is a very pleasant response from A&E. For them to take full responsibility tells me that they're on the up and up. More updates will follow after I get compensated for my freezer and damaged floor. Stay Tuned!

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  • Lo
      Aug 23, 2009

    You say the Sr. Repairman fixed your fridge. How? I thought the 2nd guy who came out and tested the 2 new compressors was telling you that oil got in your system and it was unrepairable because that part of the unit is sealed off and cannot be serviced.
    How's your fridge running now? Do you think this may have been a temp fix or just a bandaid to tide you over a couple of months and then when your fridge goes out again, it won't be their fault?
    Just curious. You went thru so much and so many inexperienced servicemen. How is it that you finally got someone who knew what he was doing and what did he have to do to get your fridge back in working order? By the way, any idea how much a new compressor costs? Ballpark is fine...

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