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A&e Factory Service / Fisher & Paykel / horrendous service!

1 740 Old Willets PathHauppauge, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-905-9505

A&e factory service repair is horrendous! They should be put out of business! Had I known just how horrible they were I would never, and I repeat never, have contacted them. They are liars and they are completely incompetent!!! They came to fix my fisher & paykel dishwasher nearly 3 months ago. My appt time was scheduled for between 1 and 5 yet no one showed until 7pm. The guy who came diagnosed the problem and said that a part would need to be ordered and that he could do so and re-schedule to install it in two weeks (They don't carry parts). I said fine. The part arrived the day before the scheduled appt time and I received a recorded phone message from a&e the day before confirming the appt. The next day I waited between 1-5 and again, no one showed. I called the 1-800 number and was told that the guy would be coming but probably wouldn't be at my home until closer to 7pm. I was not happy since I have small children that I need to get ready for bed at that time but I waited for him anyway. He showed up around 7pm and he was clearly not happy to be working so late and complained the entire time that he was tired, that he couldn't reach his hand in to where he needed to get to properly, that he needed a second guy there with him and couldn't do it himself, etc. He proceeded to attempt to get the new part in and in the process, I believe he damaged something else because the drawer was falling on the floor, parts were dangling from their wires and the guy was clearly stressed and sweating. He stayed for nearly 2 hours and then advised me that the new part must be broken too as the machine is not working still (My guess is that he broke something else!!!) he was so incredibly incompetent and whiny it was pathetic. He said that he would re-schedule me for 2 weeks later and get a new part delivered and took the current "new part", which he claimed was broken, with him (I'm sure it worked just fine). I called a&e the next day to complain and advised them that the next time they send someone, not to send this technician because he was horrible and they agreed. Two weeks later the new parts arrive and they call me again with a prerecorded message confirming that they will be coming the next day between 1-5. I wait home all afternoon and by 5 when no one has showed I call them to ask when they will be coming and they advise me that the technician was out sick and couldn't come. I asked them why they hadn't called me to let me know and why I had to sit home all afternoon then and all they could say is "i'm sorry", "I can re-schedule you in 2 weeks." I was furious but since I had no choice I agreed to this. This time they promised me that the technician would arrive by 3:30. At 2:00 I called them to see if they were still on schedule. They told me that the technician had 2 stops before me but would be there as close to 3:30 as possible. I knew it wouldn't be possible but at that point was just happy that they would be coming. At 3:30 I called them again to see when they would be coming and got the shock of my life. They advised me that the technician had just been to my house a few minutes ago and rang the bell (Not true), no one was home (Not true) and left a call tag on my door (Also not true). They also told me that their routing dept. Called my home phone number (Not true) left a message on my machine (Not true) and did the same on my cell phone (Also not true) and that they would need to re-schedule yet again. I went ballistic. I asked to speak with a manager but they claimed that there was no one I could speak with and I even asked to speak with the liar who claimed that she called me but they said that that would be impossible as well. I am beyond angry and frustrated and am at this point considering taking them to small claims court for taking my money (First appt), stress and aggravation, missed work, breaking my dishwasher further, etc. I am also going to report them to the better business bureau. Beware!!! Do not use this company!!! They are the worst!!!

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