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Advanced Wellness Research / Pure Acai Berry = Pure Scam

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The pop up ads are extremely convincing, sponsered by Oprah... stories of huge weight loss results from people in your own neighborhood, teamed with Total Cleanse, most likey another "Total Scam". Advanced Wellness Research issues a "Trial Period" but they dont tell you that after your trial period they will send you another shipment, charged to your provided card number automatically. They will also tell you that it is a non-refundable product because you did not cancel before the end of the trial period. I called to cancel but did not have my order number, so i gave all of my information ranging from address, name, email address, and even phone number. The customer service representative, hardly english speaking, told me he had no records of my name or any other information i had provided. I called back that afternoon, order number in hand... The representative i spoke with this time told me the system was down, he said he would cancel my account but could not refund my credit card for the product i unwillingly received. After nearly an hour on the phone he said my account was cancelled but he could not provide me with a cancellation number guessed it "The system was down." I called back a week later requesting a cancellation number to be sure i would not recieve another shipment and charge. On this ocassion i spoke with a woman who told me i had never called before according to her records. She told me there was no cancellation request ever made to my account. After another hour on the phone she said my oredr was cancelled, but... if i wanted a total confirmation on my cancellation i would have to email the company. Very inconvenient in my opinion, im am forced to cancel my credit card in order to be sure i am not further charged by this company.
Furthermore, the personal information i had provided was passed along to another company.. Buyers Edge who enrolled me in yet another trial period in which i would be charged a fee each month to the credit card number i had provided to Advanced Wellness Research only. Obviously this company is also sharing personal information with other scandalous corporations and companies.
Please be very suspicious of this company. My recomendation...Do not buy their product.
Thanks for reading,
A concerned buyer

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  • Co
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    i would like to comment of this person statement, and as someone who know first hand that advanced wellness research dont not have a pop up's when you get to place a order, advanced wellness advanced has there own website, i can tell this client hat if you order any product thur a pop up that they are not ordering it from the company. these pops up are put there by other people, the advanced wellness research website and the product website is and that is a secure website, if you order any product thur a pop up or a blog you are not ordering the product direct from website, people places these ads and put advanced wellness research order form on there links pop up and blogs, and as a result of ordering any product this way you open your email and mailing address to all sorts of junk mail and junk email, , i also know advanced wellness research is in no way related to Total Cleanse they are there own company, also buyers edge is in no way related to advaned wellness research, , if customer who want to purchase this product should really take the time to read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT ARE POSTED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE WEBSITE, , WWW.PUREACAIBERRYPRO.COM. CAUSE THAT IS WERE MOST OF THE PROBLEMS WITH CLIENTS LIKE THIS PERSON THAT DONT DO ALL THERE RESEACH, IF THERE HAD READ THE CONDITIONS POSTED THERE THEY WOULDNT BE POSTING COMMENT LIKE THEY DID, , i also know that in order to receive total cleanse product you have to had placed a order thur them, not us, so if people are going to be posted comments on here place i wish they get there story straight and not write just want they want to say, , personal infomation with advanced wellness reseach is not shared with other companys, the reason why other company got her credit card info was cause she order product from another company, and because she ordered thur a pop up window she expose her infomation to all types of junk / i hope that when people reads this they know that a big company like advanced wellness research would not give out someone credit card infomation, that would be business sucide. thanks for reading, , i hope this answers some peoples concerns,

    very informed person

  • Tw
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Dear Informed Person,

    I guess you are a liar and a cheat as well. After getting caught by the Advanced Wellness Institute scam back in Feb and taking several phone calls to my credit card company and to the Wellness company, I finally stopped it with threatening the cancellation of my credit card. Then, a couple of months later I get two charges on my credit card from the same company who charged for the original Acai berry order UMG, United Marketing Group for two other scams I never signed up for. Now, either AWI is in cahoots with UMG or they are idiots because they didn't know UMG was taking orders for Acai berry and signing those credit cards up for another scam. Which is it? And, as far as reading your terms and conditions, I went back to the website you just posted, which is the site I ordered from originally and read again those terms and conditions. Nowhere does it say that by buying this product you are also signing up for Simply Mine and MyAd??? whatever, but that is who charged 19.99 for each to my credit card again, through UMG. I intend to file fraud charges immediately because I am sure my card was used without me signing up for anything and I have proof.

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