Advance Auto Parts / starter for 1999 chevrolet silverado z71 5.3 liter

Yes I went to the chapman hwy. Knoxville, tn37920 advance auto parts store and bought this starter with a life time warranty brought the starter home on 11/17/2017 installed starter on my truck and when connected the battery
My truck started right up, now mind you no key, nobody in truck! Called back to advance auto store and told the little girl what was happening she claimed the ignition switch was gone bad that's another $226.00 dollars I would have spent because she did not want to exchange the starter this is on friday. Well pulled starter down out of truck and made sure no wire were touching like she claimed or switch bad. Well rained saturday so monday 11/20/17 checked again still starting on own. Called back tyler helped me and said pull starter relay and connect battery still started. He said bad starter take back then they didn't have one so had to drive to seymour. Now with life time warranty should of had this much bullcrap. Put new starter in truck like other and problem solved no ignition switch
Just a exchange of a bad starter, this is pretty bad of a business when could of had it fixed on friday but the little girl wanted to argue when having a life time warranty on top of selling a bad starter. You rating for this store should a 2 star rating.

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  • Updated by Marshall Blalock, Nov 20, 2017

    Advance Auto Parts needs to listen to the Customers more especially when spending as much money as I did .

Nov 20, 2017

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