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Angelo Brannon
store 5363

Dear Advance auto Manager
I'd like to start by saying that I appreciate the opportunity of working at Advance. I love that I have the opportunity to help people solve there problem with there car needs and plus I get to learn a lot, it's exciting to learn different things about cars. I love my job.

Having said that, I'd like to address some issues that have occurred to me personally and some of those around me. The reason I'm writing this instead of calling you, I can explain it better in writing. I know that every new job has challenges and situation and employers must get used to, and you to them. That is to be expected.

The environment at Advance has become extremely toxic due to some managers. Specifically, I am referring to my supervisor Tony. I have personally witnessed him, every time I work with him (not sometimes every time), berating the manager Ashley, especially to new people, gathering everyone around him in front of the customers, loudly as to make sure everybody can hear. He said: She can't do this she can't do that, and if, he was manager it would be done right. He would tell them he is going to quit this a bad place work. Tony says that Ashley is running the store in the hole and she is incompatible of running the store the way it should be run. Tony has stated repeatedly that he wants to be manager, so that you know from the start where he stands and he encourages you to join him in the quest to form an allures with his in reaction to this most of the new employee join in feeling that needs to because he is one of the bosses or they may become his target like me. I told Tony that I did think it was right because he is Ashley, assistant and they are suppose to have each other back (I have never seen an assistant manager bash their manager so openly.
so know I'm on his target list.I didn't know why almost all the new employees were so hostile to me and they did even know me so I would ask them why are so mad at me. One day I was carrying a battier to ring up one the employee(Yell) he had just started his shift, he steps in front of me as I was trying to ring the custom up I all most drop the battier we where almost nose to nose the customer got up and I was like what is wrong, I am using the register.I have this happen to much to me daily. Someday I'm on the register I have a sale goal. Angelo ask one of the new guys why are you blocking me from the register and said, Tony
had instructed other employees block me from performing my duties at the register. Tony would tell me to do tasks that no other employees want to do instead of having all employees perform their share, such as doing the carts or cleaning even though we have costume to the door he will tell me the register not open and when the or guys go to the register it is open or he will tell me the money came up short on my register, I said ok, lets pull the camera because 3 people been on that register since I been here and I always lay the money out so the cameras can see it, his response to that he, is a was not talking about me But he did say my drew was short I don't have a register to y self
Tony has been sending me on runs as I'm ringing up costume even throw I was not the driver that day and before the people walk out, Tony would
interrupts the transaction and tell the customer that they do have the wrong part, cancels out that transaction and replaces the part with an identical parts and rings up the sale under his name. This has been done many time

If a person does not participate in the beating of Ashley then he attacks that person in various ways

I over her (Ashley) tell Machelle that she didn't know why they would send somebody who didn't know anything and she would have to train like me so that pretty much sat the tone for the rest to follow, so the next week they gave me hell, yelling at me talking down to me in front of customer's some customer's spoke up one was Mr. Brown from my Church he was very upset they were acting in front of his, I felt like I could when her over by working hard and showing her, I could be valued part of the team. I love my job.BUT don't know how to deal with Tony he makes the workplace Toxic.I feel I need to go to a different store.If you see fit.

thank you for your time.

Nov 24, 2018

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