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ADT / TYCO commercial monitoring / service and signage

1 IL, United States

SO I had an existing ADT system in my new storefront here in Chicago.

I feel was mislead at the time I signed the contract and was told verbally that I would have two motion sensors installed. That is what the sales rep told me. She made everything sound really cheap. I guess I should have had my lawyer present to look over the contract.

The tech came and HE had another set of instructions all together. He told me it would be more money to put the motion sensors in and all he was told to do was activate a pin pad linked to the front door. Mind you I paid my rep up front to secure service and then paid my tech for this bogus install.

What about my back window and my plate glass in the front!?? NO PROTECTION?! I called the rep and complained. I ended up paying 200 more bucks to get the motion sensors in so I felt like I had a real security system.

NOW they tell me I can't have a yard sign. I had to email my rep twice to even get her to tell me no. I guess if you aren't paying for anything they don't respond. Is there anything to be said for keeping existing customers happy these days? I guess once a company gets you under contract they don't have to worry about customer service. If I ran my business that way, I wouldn't have a single customer left.

This all makes me furious. I have given them over $300 in installation fees and its something like $40 a month and only residential customers get the yard signs??!

Fine I'll get them on Ebay. Half of what you pay for are those signs and stickers. I am going to give these people almost 800 dollars by the time my contract is up and they can't afford to give me a few yard signs??!!

If I would have known I could have had another company activate the existing system cheaper, I would have done that instead.

I will NOT be renewing my contract after it is up nor will I choose ADT for my home security needs. I see now that people all over the UK and US are unhappy with ADT.

I should have done my homework before I called them. I just thought since they are such a big name in security they would have taken care of me. Boy was I wrong.

Michael York,

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