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Gotta love sales people... Once they make the sale, then you are dust in the wind to them! We had our system installed a couple months ago... Had a heck of a time getting it to work, supposedly because it was the latest and greatest base unit?!? The technician was out here while we had a sitter over and could not get the pulse system to work... He went through different units, reset them multiple times and then said we needed to open ports in the comcast router... Ok, why? That opens security holes in our internet?!? So we need to make our internet vulnerable to hacking in order to make our home safe with the security system?!? Effing ridiculous... He got it all to work and we could access the phone app as well as see all the triggers on line at Then... Our router was acting up, so we had to reset it. Now the pulse has not worked since 12/4 and we cannot see anything on line nor use the phone apps?!?! What the hell are we paying for??? Now we have to have a technician come out, were told there may be a charge and that he should not have to open ports... We shall see?!? The representative on the phone was rude and ignorant and did not want to hear what I was telling her had to happen when the technician was here... Because she knew best because the notes on the account told her so?!? The tech never even wrote notes about returning and getting the system to work?!? Dum-basses...

Dec 18, 2015

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