ADTplaced into a contract without consent.

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12/11/08 we find that we have been overpaying for our residential home security service at $40.99 per month. I called ADT to console service and was told that it will cost me around $280.00 to resolve our contract obligations. This was news to me where I had a 2-year contract with Firstline Security that had expired prior to the sale of my security services being sold by Firstline to ADT without my consent. The only reason I was aware of the change of service providers was a letter from ADT welcoming me to ADT and promising a welcome package that never came. I called First line to see if this was a scam and they confirmed the sale of service. On 12/11/08 while talking to the ADT Service Consolation dept. Rep. I requested a copy of the alleged contract and was told it will be sent right out to me. Well it never came but ADT has been able to send a new Invoice to be paid! The only thing that was good about this call I made was that I was able to procure a new service rate of $24.00 per month. This can only highlight the fact that ADT has collected two years of funds in one year. Buyer Beware!!!

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  • Fo
      Mar 18, 2009

    This is because you took a refurbished system from a local alarm company which in turn sold your contract to ADT. I'm guessing you responded to an add that said you could get a system in your home for 99 bucks or so. You get what you pay for sir.

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  • Jv
      May 11, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with ADT and was scammed into a 3 year contract by the ADT Salesperson. There is no mention of the contract on the page I was asked to sign. I realized this when I called to cancel and then found that there is a light print about the contract on back of the page. Buyer BEWARE!!

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  • Ia
      Feb 08, 2011

    Mine is worse. To cancel I was told that I had to pay 75% of the 3 year contract. Why not just tell customers they can't cancel. instead of saying for 1000 you can. Can't wait for competitors to take them out. Until then my sign in the yard has been replaced with another companies. I'm advertising for them anymore.

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