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ADT/Absolute Security Service Complaint and Cancellation


- Contractor shows up to install System.

- Contractor does not have proper equipment – has to leave and return
with correct panel.

- Contractor does not install motion detector where Customer requests it.

- Contractor leaves old panel box downstairs along with old backup battery for Customer to clean up along old panel and other wiring debris.

- Contractor does not completely test system and has to return again later same day to relocate bedroom sliding door sensor to ensure alarm activates upon opening.


- Contractor returns to relocate motion sensor to customer-requested location.

- Contractor does not patch holes left by drilling into wall where sensor was first installed.

- No testing further done.

12/10/ 2008

- Customer notices alarm keypad beeping spontaneously without any doors or windows opening.

- Customer calls ADT to inform them of issue.

- ADT/Absolute Security schedules appointment for Friday 12/12/2008.

- Customer requests call from technician prior to arriving to perform repair.


- Customer stays home from work and Contractor arrives at approximately 8AM unannounced – No phone call received prior to arrival as requested

- Contractor leaves work vehicle idling outside customer residence positioned illegally at curb facing oncoming traffic.

- Contractor dismisses customer concerns regarding possible defective panel and relocates 2 windows sensors. Does not cut away old sensor housing.

- Contractor calls his office using Customer phone to describe problem as sensors at windows needing relocating and leaves premises telling Customer to “Keep in Touch”.

- Customer again expresses concerns of possible defective of panel to Contractor colleague/supervisor when asked if Customer was satisfied with work performed by Contractor.


- At approximately 7:40 PM, Customer receives call from other resident of Customer home (Expectant Mother) stating that Police have arrived due to alarm sounding and her believing intruder may be present.

- Customer informs other resident that Contractor had been on premises earlier same day to attempt to correct deficient system – obvious at this point without success.

- Customer calls ADT to express distress of expectant mother and to inform ADT of unacceptable “service” of Contractor and expressly requests that different technician be dispatched ASAP to correct problem.


- Contracting Company calls Customer to inform him that technician will be at customer residence on 12/16/2008 “between 5 PM and 6 PM”.

- Customer again expressly informs Contracting Company that a different technician should be dispatched.


- 5:45 PM – Customer Receives call from Contracting Company that technician is “running a little late” and that he will be arriving sometime after the scheduled appointment time.

- Customer explains that if the technician can not arrive at agreed-upon appointment time then technician should not arrive at all.

- Customer hangs up and calls ADT to cancel “service”.

- 6:43 PM – Original technician (Not different one as requested by Customer) leaves message stating that he is on Customer premises.

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  • Li
      Feb 25, 2009

    Very typical of dealing with ADT. Lots of smoke and mirrors and NO substance.

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  • Ms
      Apr 17, 2009

    This has to do with Absolute Security Inc in Fredericksburg, VA. I had a pretty good experience with the technician. However, the sales people and customer service are not that great. The sales people don't have any literature to show or give you except for competitor's info. They don't even direct you to ADT's website. They don't bring any equipment with them to show you what the panels look like. They say "oh, it''s about the size of half of an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper but when the technician shows up, it's the size of a full sheet of paper. Then they don't tell you that wires are going to show. They make you make a decision right then and there where to install the monster of a panel. I tried calling them and asking them to move the panel as it was much larger than described by the sales person and to mention the fact that they said that no wires would be showing. They said it would cost me $75 for a service charge. I called ADT and asked what their service charges were and they said $25. So it looks like Absolute Security is making a nice profit by not informing people properly. When I called and asked to speak with a sales manager, it took two days for Phil to call me back after I called and left several messages. He said he would look into it and I haven't heard back in over a week. I would suggest going through ADT directly and not go through this shady company. I'm probably going to file a complaint with the better business bureau as well as get our HOA not to allow soliciation in our neighborhood.

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  • Sr
      Aug 12, 2009

    ASI & ADT combination is one of the worst I had ever seen. I signed a contract for 3 years and had to cancel it after 1st year I called ADT and they told as I signed up through ASI, I am supposed to cancel with them. And I called ASI and paid full penalty ($800) for the balance period. However even after a month I got two charges from ADT to my credit card to the amount of $96 total. When I called ADT they say I am supposed to cancel separately with them as well, so as I did not call them again to cancel with them (ADT) as well - they cannot refund this amount. This is just a bad business practice to rob from the customers. I hate them and would never reccommend them to any one. In fact I will try to discourage anyone who wants to go with ASI/ADT.

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  • Ji
      Jun 22, 2010

    ADT/Absolute Security is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. It took them 4 months to get my remote panel to work properly. It took six phone calls to get a live person on the phone and then they had to call me back. Each time a requested support it took me a week to get a live person and a confirmed servive date. Now that I am moving they refused to fix the phone line that was interrupted to put the alarm in. THEY HAVE THE WORST ATITUDE and CUSTOMER SERVICE...

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