Adrian Sectional(Red)american Signature Furniture / cheap cushions

Calumet City, IL, United States
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I purchased the ADRIAN SECTIONAL(RED)American Signature furniture from Value City Furniture in May 2011. By June/July 2011 the cushions looked like I had the sofa for years!!! I called Value City w/my problem and they replaced the cushions with "better quality" cushions in Nov 2011, and guess what? When they look worn again and in the middle section you can actually feel the base of the couch when you sit there!.
I cant return the sofa because I took out a small loan to pay for it UGH!
So this morning I called an Upholstery company and will be replacing the cushions. I think this really sucks as I am still paying on the sofa in the first place!
My Mom bought a LazyBoy sofa around the same time and her couch still feels nice and firm and not sinking in when you sit.
Needless to say I will not be purchasing any more American Signature Furniture. I will just pay extra for good quality furniture.

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