ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bankvery bad customer service agent (sudkha)

H Oct 20, 2017

I had a very bad experience with one of your agents his name is sudkha his phone number is [protected], this agent litterally fooled me and make me regret to have an account with adcb. He s such a dishonest and liar person. He promised me of a certain amount for a loan and then after he had my signature and wasting my time and money he change his mind telling me a different story. And just lately I applied for credit card with him and I told him I need 20k no less or more and he confirmed and then again after he took my signature he applied for 16k limit wich I dont even need and I dont want! If you really care about your bank s reputation you need to do something about this. Im about to change the bank because of him now and im so disapointed. And now his not even answer my call phones...

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