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ACS phone representatives misadvised in ways that significantly inconvenienced and stressed me, and it's possible that their incompetence will result in an unfavorable mark on my credit history.

A representative advised me to fill out a Hardship Deferment application and to attach proof that I had been granted an Unemployment Deferment by Direct Loans (a government lender). I did so, and my application was rejected.

I was told that no supporting documentation had accompanied my application. So I resubmitted (thinking the attached doc had gotten misplace the first time), and again I was told the same thing.

When I called and spoke with a different representative, she informed me that no supporting documentation had been included with my application. When I protested that that was not so, and explained that I had enclosed a copy of the Direct Loans deferment, she said that that was not valid. Ugh! (So to ACS, insufficient=none.)

This second representative then misadvised me. She told me to submit a different application--the ACS Unemployment form and attach a copy of the Direct Loans deferment and the deferment will be granted. However, the form she directed me to does not indicate that a Direct Loans deferment is acceptable documentation.

In fairness to these two representatives, it is not entirely a poor customer support issue. ACS's forms appear poorly designed. The Hardship Deferment does indicate that proof from Direct Loans is adequate support (but apparently it cannot be based on "unemployment") and the Unemployment Deferment does *not* allow for such documentation.

I'm FAXing the ACS Unemployment deferment today, and including the documentation that Direct Loans granted an unemployment deferment just for good measure. I sure hope ACS doesn't reject my application this time, as that would mean my account could be reported as delinquent (or whatever the language they use is).

Yours truly,

Very frustrated (unnecessarily)

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  • Sm
      15th of Oct, 2011
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    I've been dealing off and on with ACS for 4 years. Here are some survivor tips. 1) When they ask you to fax something. Fax it everyday for like 10 days straight. It works and I do have an at home fax machine. 2) When you want to pay more than the balance due. Have it ach through your bank. Don't have your bank send a check. I learned the hard way. A check ACS can claim they hadn't received it, when they have it, they can gain more interest before cashing it. I played around with my banking system and once I kept the payment under $850, they sent it electronically (anything more than that prompted a paper check). Now I wanted to send in $8000, so I had to setup 10 payments of different amounts (different by a penny - i.e 800.00, 800.01, 800.02 etc, . to total $8000) to get my bank to not send a check. I guess if you set up a large amount to pay through online bill pay - ACS can request that it get sent in the check form. Also, they changed my account number, when I used the new number a paper check gets sent by my bank I canceled the request and put in my old account number - it was sent ach. Since I wasn't formally notified that the account number has changed, I'm ignoring it for now. I just assume when they send a new payment booklet for next year it will be updated with the new account number. I hope to have the entire loan paid off by 12/31. I hope this helps someone out there, because ACS is sneaky and pesty. But we should just up our game too. Also, ach they can't deny they received, with a check- they can deny they received. I would never use their system to pay a bill. They will only pull on your due date - more interest for them.

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