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For the second time this institution has repeatedly made attempts to withdraw money from my bank account with authorization. I made a payment on my student loan online. ACS then repeatedly attempted to withdraw money from the account three weeks in a row, causing overdraft fees. This is the second time this institution accessed my bank account without my permission on multiple weeks in a row.

At this point I am afraid to even attempt to pay the loan by check. What a supervisor told me this morning is that they will only collect on a check once, however, they will utilize an ATM card for multiple collections. No where, and I have printed out all of the documentation from their website this morning, no where do they say they will make repeated withdraws from your bank account when you are submitting a one time monthly payment.

I am turning them into anyone I can. I do not see any difference between someone stealing my ATM card and accessing my account and ACS accessing my account on multiple occasions without authorization.

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  • Bh
      Sep 21, 2010

    ACS (College Loan Corp.) are thieves, They fall under the same catagory as Apollo Group and University of Phoenix. I was told that grants would cover my ENTIRE education. Upon receiving notification from ACS stating I had student loans, I immediately withdrew from UOP. I should have never been approved for any student loans nor did I authorize (via e-signature) for these loans.

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  • Re
      Dec 17, 2015

    I have been trying for MONTHS to get these accounts out of ACS and refinanced to fed and they are taking their sweeeeeettt time going through the paperwork on their end. meanwhile every possible fee that they can be charging me they are more than willing to charge. Don't bother calling in-forget about it! I can't believe these people are still in business!!! I'm calling a lawyer!

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