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Please don't get involved!

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Thinking I could help out my parents and make some commission of my own, I fell into this trap of ACN where a "friend" recruited me. I drive to Orange county thinking it was going to be a formal interview and all for the job. Turned out to be one big meeting with a notepad and a video with Donald Trump. Being a business student I thought this would be a great opportunity, especially with Trump being a bit of inspiration. After the movie they ask you a question if you are skeptical or not, pretty much. But the friend reassures you that everything is great that they are planning on getting a beamer in the next 3 months. They pushed and pushed me. Asked for a one time fee of 499 dollars. Everything was just a blur. On top of the 500 bux, the rep signed me up with 2 accounts, one supposedly for a demo the other being for my personal use. Making that completely expensive, they said it would be 25 bucks a month. No. Turns out I was charged 43 for both accounts. ON top of my two accounts, I signed up for my landline in which they said would be 25 dollars per month as well. I filled out a form, and knew that the landline was in honor of my stepfather. I told them I had to go to work, that I filled out most of it but got freaked out by the signature. I didn't sign it, I told them I'll be back tomorrow and left. While they are sitting there questioning me why i have to go to work in which this will only take another 5 minutes on top of 3 hours I had already spent there. On my drive back to LA it dawned on me that I need to cancel.

As soon as I got home I immediately called ACN and asked to delete my representative account. I was able to get my 499 back. With my "friend" calling me every day to make a meeting to sign and all that jazz. Thinking everything was over. IT wasn't And to this day still isn't. (It's been 3 months). At the end of that month, I was charged for both of my accounts 43 each and of the VOIP boxes total of 80 for the voip boxes. In which they said would be 10 dollars each. My stepfather also received a bill himself, and I thought how was that possible I never signed the application and never went back. My mother calls the company to cancel the landline account saying that none of us ever authorized it. But they said they had a "voice recording" of me when I was cancelling my account on the phone. They threatened to take me into court for forgery. We asked for them to fax the application and it was signed. I think out of all people I would know how to forge my own parents names (especially for those old high school absent notes) but this signature was not anything close to what his signature really looks like proved that someone forged his signature and processed it. I threatened the company back that I told them not to process the app and that I never signed, but since all the print was in my writing they said I had no proof and was still forgery.

The company called my cell phone saying that I must call them so that they could further with the lawsuit. I heard the message and thought F**K them I don't have to call back or listen to them. They never called me back after the message. (thank goodness)

Thinking that my mother successfully cancelled the landline, I receive the ACN bill that my stepfather handed to me for 93 dollars for a course of 3 months, yesterday. I'm not sure if he paid the first bill. Anyways, I just now paid for the bill, and I'm really skeptical in calling the company for cancelling the account after they threatened me for a lawsuit. But my parents insist that I take care of everything. It's just so horrible. But for revenge, I suppose not really must justice was received, ACN demanded for their VOIP boxes back from me and offered a refund. I just sold them on EBAY, i got half of what i paid but ACN won't get their products back from me. ACN will fool you and take you down with them. Please don't get involved.
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N  12th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
Okay. I went to a pitch yesterday for ACN. I was not impressed. I found the video phone to be an expensive alternative to webcams.
I pay for my interntet access and that's it. I talk to my family over the webcam just fine with no extra costs..I also can talk to other people in other countries at no extra cost.

To be fair, I wouldn't call ACN a scam. It is a pyramid selling method. The truth is you could make money if you pushed the product as in any product. It depends on the amount of time and effort you put into sales. But to me, my morals are much more important.

I wasn't happy with the presentation. The rep misrepresented many facts trying to sweeten the deal. She said you get 10%, well you do after you reach a certain level. She also misrepresented a few other facts that peole who have no experince with computers or the internet.

The products and the company are overrated and overpriced. But they did give me an idea to volunteer my time to help people set up there pcs and webcams to help keep in touch with family members.
A  27th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
We agree with all those complaints. I want to let you know that we got suckered into it with being pushed. We should have waited because we went to a meeting a day after a tragedy occurred. But, when we decided to get out of it within time frame, we had nothing but TROUBLE. In the beginning, the VOIP didn't work where people couldn't hear us. My husband called ACN and they said they settled it and the problem is STILL there after calls and calls to ACN. Recently, we filed a complaint through BBB (which is great for those of you who have difficulty with ACN, should do), our phone was shut off!! My husband and I were ANNOYED with all these ridiculous problems. They said, to get a faster internet (which is faster than the people who sponsored us) and that MAY work. Why put out MORE money to get it to work, IF it works!! We are still having difficulty with this ACN and the phone and we can't hear people on the VOIP nor our land line. It took forever to get the phone service. We are sick and tired of not and having the phone working here and there. People are not calling us and we have another business is a GREAT business where people are making money, the fee is so low and sometimes free that you can't lose and the products are excellent and coming from someone who is always skeptical (that is me) then it's got to be a great company! ACN SUCKS!! Please do NOT get into it...ESPECIALLY if you decide to get out of it or your life will be a living HELL. My husband says that there is not enough people in the world to work under you. You HAVETO get 2 people under you to make money. Then those two people haveto get two people under each one of them for them to make money and goes down and down. He says that it's impossible to get people in the world under you. You won't be able to make money unless you have people under you and you get people to be coustomers under you then you may make money. I can't wait until we are officially done with ACN for good!!
N  7th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
ACN is a Great company. Ask yourself complainers. Did I follow the ACN system? Do I know anyone who did? I Just came from a ACN International event with almost 30, 000 people from 20 diffrent countries. You CAN"T SCAM leading wireless companies and satellite companies and securities companies that ACN is part of. REALLY GET A CLUE and stop being so hateful.
A  8th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Looks like we have a lot of ACN reps with a lot of free time on their hands to allow them to write these rebuttals. If not for the tragic fact that they are ripping off their friends, one would laugh at these comments. I attended one of these sale pitch but left in the middle. Right away, I recognized their technology was not useful at all and that they had no product or service to sell. The numbers they quoted were just unrealistic. They are just a pyramid scam. You can achieve same with Yahoo/Skype and a web cam without the monthly service charges. Imagine trying to push streaming video through the Internet, it will be choppy. Most people are going mobile and losing their land lines. How about trying video conferencing with your mobile card, it is not going to work. Stay clear of this company.
A  20th of Jul, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Albert the system... your a jack ###. ACN sucks man. I am a leading network market manager with a very large company and I never saw customer service as bad as with this company.
A  10th of Aug, 2009 by    +3 Votes
A  10th of Aug, 2009 by    +3 Votes
acn has been a nightmare for me. my husband has been brain washed with this company. First he has been going to the meetings every saturday, now started going during the week on top of going to meet with suckers to sign them up. I refuse to believe in a company that charges their new representative $499 is worth while considering if the business was worth while the business would speak for themselves. But as they know that probably about out of 100 people that sign up only 1 or 2 will continue. But by then, they would have earned $50, 000 in entry commission and then all those representatives would have signed up at least 10 people each approx giving ACN 1000 new customers(suckers). Then they have these wonderful meetings interstate which my husband has also been suckered into, spending another $400 or so, who pays for that, we do from our money. On top of that he has been stupid calling everyone on his phone list to try and get them to sign up too, which has now gone over $600 in less than 2 months. On top of that he has signed up for a video phone $299 + postage and handling and turns out we will be in a contract. Seriously, and for what, i havent seen a dime back from all the money he keeps spending. We have never had serious problems like ACN have caused me. I wish my husband had seen the light like Renata and just cut his losses but maybe he is in too deep and when he realised that he is doomed to fail it will be too late and ACN a lot more better off for his stupidity.
N  26th of Aug, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I went to a meeting last night 8-25-2009 and it sounded very good and who doesn't have a cell phone and why mot make money just doing what we all do. We all have cell phones and i am told they are cheaper and all customer service is with the service provider like Verizon so how can we lose on this great deal. I had a problem with the $500.00 cost and after reading different sites they also charge 30.00 a month web site fee and $150.00 a year and you get charged if people stop paying there bill. I liked Amway it was a low cost and you buy things you use without this high cost. If you stop doing ACN looks like you can lose money. If the money earned is because of the sign up bonus and not the products being sold every month you can have a hard time keeping friends and having family being happy with you. I will past at this time with ACN. Show me how to make money from selling a product and not from sign people up at $500.00 a pop. Thanks Bill T in San Diego
A  28th of Aug, 2009 by    +3 Votes
I recently received an email from an old classmate of mine through Facebook. She asked me about this "new business opportunity" that she would like me to look at. When I asked her, "What is the opportunity and what is it doing", she side-stepped the question, "oh you will love it, but don't have time to tell you anything about it, I will send you out the information." No company name, no information as to what products/services is being sold.

Well, I talked with my wife about this when she got home from work. By the way, my wife was a Mary K. Consultant. She is now a Party Lite Consultant. I got involved with the dangerous aspect of Amyway (some of the products are good but did not like the pyrmiad module of the MLM).

Anyway, as we began to talk about this, I jokingly said "If it is Amway, I am gonna be miffed".

Well today, after a couple weeks, I got the information in the mail. I am looking at this. I am looking at the website. I am looking at the independents rep website. no real information about the cost of investment.

Why wouldn't the company put out the cost of investment for the business?

Now, I mention this in the context of how other home based businesses are accomplished. Take for instance Party lite (yes, going to plug my wife's party lite website in here) www.partylite.biz/daringtodream

Now, what is the investment in becoming a Partylite consultant? Well you host a party lite show and get $350.00 in sales that is your investment. Essentially, my wife will go in and do a show to "sell the product" which is candles, home decor, and other such necessities and if the Host/Hostess wants to become a consultant him and herself, they will be able to by the sales that the show makes. This is stated in their presentation. On top of this, a host/hostess actually earns "Specials" for that month. Either a discount on a popular product(s). What if you don't get $350.00 and you still want to become a consultant? There is the offset factor to my understanding or the ability to host other shows until you reach that.

Another aspect of this, there was a huge Party Lite conference, My wife could not go but had already paid for it. Someone else went into her place. She still received $500.00 of product for free, well if you want to count the fact that she paid for that for the conference, she paid for the new fall products that have come out.

All of this is upfront in home based business like Party lite.

Myself, I love to cook. I have been looking to become a Pampered Chef Consultant. Guess what, the cost of investment is stated right on the back of the pampered chef catalog and that investment is only $155.00 and you get all that you need to do a show... I have hosted a pampered chef show, my wife has hosted and done Mary K (and still does), she has friends who do Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef. There are much better home based business that are not like these MLM...

Granted, yes, my wife signs people up under her, but these business are more about selling product than getting people signed up. Yes, the goal is to get someone to become a consultant, but it is a by product of being able to sell candles, kitchenware, spices, storage containers, and other such things.

So, after reviewing the material that was sent to me? Knowing what we use already for wireless, broadband internet, cable, and VOIP through our wireless carrier (which is the cheapest on the market because we have the TMobile At Home Service. Granted it has been a pain when we initially set it up, but we have had those issues resolved and it works just fine now).

And, on a final note, when I discussed this with my old classmate, I asked a very simple question (which was the very first red flag for me). If I take a look at what you have to offer, will you be willing to host a show for my wife? Her response? "I am too busy to do anything else but this business opportunity and you will understand why when you receive the paperwork).

Honestly, if an individual is trained not to be upfront and honest with you about everything, including the investment or even what it is about, then why invest your money?

And if anyone disagrees with me on this, it shows that they lack the necessary Critical Thinking Skills to make an informed decision that will affect their pocket book and life. Yeah, I want to work from home. Yes, I know what it takes. And, yes, I understand.

But go into any McDonalds Restaruant and ask how you can find out about starting up your own franchise. The investment is right up front.

Why can't ACN say this? Why do they have to be deceptive about it? Because if they were open and honest, they would not be able to accomplish that which they have brainwashed many people into thinking. And, furthermore, to supress any critical analyst of their company is further evidence that they are not a reputable company to begin with.
N  5th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
YES YOU ARE RIGHT! More people should think like YOU!
A  24th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was asked to look over the company's brochure and leaflet by an acquaintance. From the moment he started speaking about the company I knew it was a pyramid scheme of sorts.

I have spent one half hour researching this endeavor and have already read 100 or more negative comments about this company, and 3 positive (all by present employees and not customers). From product through to service. If nothing else matters about a business, it's their ability to provide a quality product and back it up with at least average support and service.

From what I have read, this company is seriously lacking in all the necessary components of successful business. If they can scam people in to thinking they will make a killing by providing a company with tons of sales, then all the power to them. But. That would only prove that they are capable of scheming and swindling people out of their money. In return trading shady product and shifty customer service practices.

Representatives that are aware of shifty business practices and remain an employee proudly, should consider themselves just as shady. Best of luck, because what comes around, goes around.
A  2nd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am a skeptic of ACN and the pyramid and think you should be too.

If this product, the video phone was so great, then it should sell it self, and telco's would be lining up to sell it, similar to the blackberry or the I phone. But it's not, and I suspect that while a video phone and digital phone services are good for some, most people would prefer not to be seen on a phone call for many reasons. I therefor think the video phone is a decoy or patsy.

I live, and was pitched acn in Ontario Canada. In the past Bell Canada had a monopoly, recently there was a deregulation that permits other companies to sell landline services. Same goes for cable, where Rogers or Shaw cable previously controlled all. Now there is a cross pollination of telephone companies selling internet and cable, and cable companies selling home phone and long distance. Furthermore to end monopoly status a company such as bell with a vast ground infrastructure is require to allow other companies, (such as ACN) to use there existing ground lines. Instead of being forced to share what was already Ma Bells holdings, The Reps for ACN claim that they have instead partnered with Bell, and Telus for cellular service use and so on. And the big catch is that it will be cheaper. I say great where can I start to save... This is where skepticism arrives. (you have already read above about how terrible the ACN service is, and the newly deregulated competition created between telcos and cablecos is already saving me money comparable to ACN's claims.

Because of the way the pyramid reward for employees of ACN is structured, making a sale to you is not worth while, it is only worth 1/4 of a percent per service. And taking there number of an estimated $38 canadian dollars per month for a service (say cellular) this adds up to .09 cents a month. peanuts. However as you move down the line the percentiles increase, and by the time a salesperson at the seventh step below you makes the identical sale and earning the same 1/4 percent, your commission on the very same sale will be as high as 10 percent or $3.80. It is easy then to see why an emphasis is placed on recruiting other salesmen instead of actually making a sale. I kept asking myself, why did the salesman not ask me to bring in my telco bills to share, and then show me how much I could save in real dollars and cents, that is what I would want to do. I would say to potential customer A, your bill per month is x and I can sell you service for x minus 2, look how great that is.

During the ACN pitch the salesperson mentions that typical telco's and cableco's spend an estimated 1-2 million dollars a day on advertising, and also estimate it cost up to $400 to attract any single new customer. They then claim that they can instead save on advertising and pass on the savings to you. Does this sound familiar? Then why is the 499 entrance fee charged, that also costs, I am told 150 each additional year. Perhaps this is the motivation for people to keep trying to sell, as they are in the hole right off the start and feel self obligated to earn back their 499 loss to save face?

Ask yourself, is the only money to be made actually the 499 entrance fee earned by elders in the pyramid. Also if the product and service is so good why does it not sell it self via traditional sales methods that seem to have made telco and cablecos so rich.
N  9th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
When I am reading all this BS I feel sorry for you, people. You are bunch of complainers who sits on their ### and think only bad things about anything you come across in your life. Before you put ### over this company do more research. If everyone who got screwed by Bell, Rogers and all other similar companies (I am talking about Canada) decided to put complains on this site, the server would crush in a second. As example, it took me 8 months to get my money back from Bell, because they signed me up for a contract without my consent. I don't know anyone who didn't have a horror story about Bell or Rogers. Check Better Business Bureau. They have a lowest rate possible. And they are leading companies in Canada. The whole Europe, Asia, Astrualia are booming with this business. And all you do is complain becuase you were screwed by your friends, or pushed by some aggressive salesrep. I signed up, I am using 4 services, I have a best customer service ever since I dumped Bell and Yak.
ACN has a great technology, they use direct marketing model to sale their products and services, one of the oldest business models in a world. The question for you is can you make money using this model or not?
When my 79 y.o. old mom, who lives thousand of miles away in Siberia can call me anytime and see me anytime she wants using video phone, I say : Thank you ACN! Thank you for your vision!
And you stay home, be miserable, hate your friends, hate your job. Have a nice life!
Larissa from Russia with love!
N  9th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Oh, ya. One more thing. While you are counting how many cents you saved this months, someone is counting their millions, billions Doesn't matter if it's telcos, cablecos, bell...cos or acn...cos or whatever...cos.
At least ACN gives you opportunity to make money too. Not everybody will, for sure. But not everybody is the owner of a billion dollar corporation either.
Nobody's fool, ACN has own agenda: build strong clientel base and make money. Wow how cruel! Bad bad ACN.
N  9th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I can tell all of you from a great deal of experience that ACN is a good compnay and like many other companies there are people who dont get it and will raise hell just to hear themselves speak.
Before ACN I was in FHTM, was qualified as an Exective according to home office but never got paid my $40, 000 in pay and then they retracted it and will not meet with my attorney and witnesses) it truly is a company that needs to be looked at as far as bad business practices. They resell for companies and over charge hugh amounts to the comsumer as a way of saying they are legal. I dont know how they get away with selling people a Travelosity website for $49.95 a month when Travelosity will give it to you for FREE! This goes on and on.
If any of you need to know more about the differences between ACN and FHTM I will be more than happy to answer any questions. Just be ready for the truth about why you should be turning FHTM over to the authorities.
A  9th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just want to thank everyone who posted. I was iffy about ACN, still kinda am, but at least know much more about it. I have a friend who signed up over 2 months ago, and she's having a difficult time finding reps. I am uspet with how they all just want to sign people up, if the deals are so good, why don't we hear more about them? Again, I don't know much about it, but this site helped me see a bit further!
N  17th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am a very pissed off, soon to be wife (depending how far ACN drives us apart)of an ACN rep:

For the longest time my fiances father has been driving us up the wall about joining ACN with him, My fiance believes that because his dad is doing it it must be a smart move and a great opportunity(which also happens to be all they tell you) We went to the "PBR"s with him and he brought along some of the higher level reps to explain (like an annoying infomericial) Why we should join over and over and over.. still no real mension of the products they are "selling". My future to be father in law has been working his ### off for 7 months only to receive 40 points (which hasn't made him a dime and is very hard to do) You have to make so many points to make any money, in different levels before you see any residuals they tell you about and etc..

We went to see the "queen" of ACN, Mrs Debbi Davis in Canada (one of the people who apparently got the business started) which I find very hard to believe, I also swear I have seen her somewhere around town before.. "She came from far away just to tell us her secrets, she is the best of the best..etc" then when she came out she gave us the exact same presentation that everyone else has been giving us from the start.. I am going insane and feel like I am in hell with no way back.. My fiance decided he wants to do it just because his dad offered to pay the $500 for him, even tho his dad doesn't have any money either.. They pray on the desperate and needy, they tell you the biggest way you will get recruits is if you keep "your WHY" in mind.. (Your "WHY" is the reason you need the money.. for example, our wedding. coming up.. )

I keep hearing all these complaints about not getting the service they paid for, contracts with small print and red tape all over them, someone also said they use to do gas but then got a bunch of people to switch to their gas service and then canceled it.. and now they are saying "we are starting with gas and hydro in January"again tho they still are more about the recruiting then any of the services..

..and what about the videophones, they keep saying it is the way of the future but really, how many people are there with these phones since they have been selling them? I have not seen anyone make any money off this, even with them working their ### off, they go to the conferences, never miss a training day..etc, and even tho they are really great at pitching, they receive no clients because the clients all think its a scam too..

oh and another thing Debbie Davis said to us in regard to the pyramid..she said this company is not a pyramid, regular jobs are the pyramid.. anyone you work for hires you so they can make more money and be successful in this company you will always be on top no matter how many others are above you.. (Only with a regular job at least you know what you are selling and do not have to pay to work there) Then she just went on about making sure we recruit more people and to do that we should take their situation and personalize the sale with the client, ex, if they want a boat say " Hey, I think I may have found a way to make enough money to buy that boat you always wanted" etc.. Again, just to recruit that person not to sell the product.. you end up driving your friends and family away (your warm market) by being an ACN rep!! so BEWARE of all the people who do not believe in ACN if you join..

It is a load of crap.. Also I suggest to talk to your girlffriends, boyfriends, husband or wife about it first before you decide to take this plunge and join ACN.. because they will be in their own private hell if they do not agree with you and you go through with it..
I have stood by my man and been trying to help him get customers etc, I have been recruiting for him and helping him along even tho I don't believe because there is nothing I can do to about his decision and because I love him, but it is really killing me..

Also they may say that it only takes 30-45 min.. but it never does!! it never ends!! there are meetings every night you end up being dragged to that are a total waist of time cause they say the same thing over and over.. and another catch is you can
't market what you are selling, you can't tell anyone anything about the services in which no one in the whole business seems to know anything about the services anyway..
For all you pro ACN reps.. How are you suppose to sell something without having knowledge of or be aloud to talk about what you are selling??
N  27th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
My husband and I signed up to ACN last feb and my sister and her husband and other family members signed up as well. I feel bad for them because I feel like I sucked them into the same scam I was sucked into. In 5 months ACN cost us 19 000.00!!! My upline insisted I fly to Vancouver and Toronto for trade shows but there was no mention about them paying for my stay! This company cost me time from my family, loss of friends and I even lost myself. Yes if you put a lot of effort and money into your investment there is a very small possibility you may become RVP but in order to do that, you have to become the most crooked person you could think of. Just don't make the same mistake we did. I gave them 13 reps and many customers in 3 months and I finally got a cheque in the mail 9 months later for 11$. So it cost us 19000 of our own money, 13 other reps at how ever much they each invested and 20 some customers and what ever else they signed up to and WE GOT AN 11$ CHEQUE BACK. LMAO.
N  27th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
ACN sucks all round, dropped calls echo sound through your calls. Update that knock your service out leaving you stranded.
If the Donald is part of this you think it was legit. Shame on you Mr. Trump for endorsing ### like this! YOUR FIRED!
N  3rd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I don't think you know what your talking about??? I just think you never took your job serious & focused more on the negatives..
these is suppose to be hard times & that real money don't come so easy as you think it would, you just are not patient enough and think that it's suppose to be piece of cake.. well that's your 1st mistake but i bet if you didn't cry like a baby & not give up you'd become a success person! seem your a person that's like to complain a lot.

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