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ACN / Please don't get involved!

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Thinking I could help out my parents and make some commission of my own, I fell into this trap of ACN where a "friend" recruited me. I drive to Orange county thinking it was going to be a formal interview and all for the job. Turned out to be one big meeting with a notepad and a video with Donald Trump. Being a business student I thought this would be a great opportunity, especially with Trump being a bit of inspiration. After the movie they ask you a question if you are skeptical or not, pretty much. But the friend reassures you that everything is great that they are planning on getting a beamer in the next 3 months. They pushed and pushed me. Asked for a one time fee of 499 dollars. Everything was just a blur. On top of the 500 bux, the rep signed me up with 2 accounts, one supposedly for a demo the other being for my personal use. Making that completely expensive, they said it would be 25 bucks a month. No. Turns out I was charged 43 for both accounts. ON top of my two accounts, I signed up for my landline in which they said would be 25 dollars per month as well. I filled out a form, and knew that the landline was in honor of my stepfather. I told them I had to go to work, that I filled out most of it but got freaked out by the signature. I didn't sign it, I told them I'll be back tomorrow and left. While they are sitting there questioning me why i have to go to work in which this will only take another 5 minutes on top of 3 hours I had already spent there. On my drive back to LA it dawned on me that I need to cancel.

As soon as I got home I immediately called ACN and asked to delete my representative account. I was able to get my 499 back. With my "friend" calling me every day to make a meeting to sign and all that jazz. Thinking everything was over. IT wasn't And to this day still isn't. (It's been 3 months). At the end of that month, I was charged for both of my accounts 43 each and of the VOIP boxes total of 80 for the voip boxes. In which they said would be 10 dollars each. My stepfather also received a bill himself, and I thought how was that possible I never signed the application and never went back. My mother calls the company to cancel the landline account saying that none of us ever authorized it. But they said they had a "voice recording" of me when I was cancelling my account on the phone. They threatened to take me into court for forgery. We asked for them to fax the application and it was signed. I think out of all people I would know how to forge my own parents names (especially for those old high school absent notes) but this signature was not anything close to what his signature really looks like proved that someone forged his signature and processed it. I threatened the company back that I told them not to process the app and that I never signed, but since all the print was in my writing they said I had no proof and was still forgery.

The company called my cell phone saying that I must call them so that they could further with the lawsuit. I heard the message and thought [censored] them I don't have to call back or listen to them. They never called me back after the message. (thank goodness)

Thinking that my mother successfully cancelled the landline, I receive the ACN bill that my stepfather handed to me for 93 dollars for a course of 3 months, yesterday. I'm not sure if he paid the first bill. Anyways, I just now paid for the bill, and I'm really skeptical in calling the company for cancelling the account after they threatened me for a lawsuit. But my parents insist that I take care of everything. It's just so horrible. But for revenge, I suppose not really must justice was received, ACN demanded for their VOIP boxes back from me and offered a refund. I just sold them on EBAY, i got half of what i paid but ACN won't get their products back from me. ACN will fool you and take you down with them. Please don't get involved.

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  • Pe
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    I have been trying to get a contract through ACN for several months. ACN out-sources their business to India. I have had big-time problems communicating with them to the point of them being very rude! I was given wrong information and it has cost me over $400. I still want to help my kids with this business, but it has cost me dearly, money-wise, time and mentally. Why would a company that states they are the new up-coming business out-source their very important part of getting this started. My kids want to know this answer also!!!

  • Jo
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    WOW, it's the first time I ear complaints about them, I did apply, I had no problem what so ever, the billing was spotless... I'm with them since Feb, and really I think you got involved with bad intention people... I will report those statement myself to my rep. Honestly disapointed with some individual that are doing things in wrong way to get what they want. I hope everything goes well for you from now on... take care

  • An
      17th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    That's a horrid account, but typical of what I've read online of customers being overbilled and discovering fees they were not warned about. They use such intimidating tactics to ensure that you pay for peace and never wish to go after them, so it's great that you decided to spread the word.

    March 23rd of this 2005 the Australian Federal Court, found ACN to be in violation of the trade practices act of 1974

    ACN Canada Charged with Deceptive Marketing, Operating Illegal Pyramid Scheme
    November 25, 2002

  • En
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    You are so right to help people not get involved with this nightmare. They lie and tell you they don't outsource to India. I too three months ago signed up and have had nothing but trouble. Somebody I helped get cell phones experienced a hellooooo my nhame iz baaob and could barely understand him, ACN denied it was an outsourcer. The whole things is about taking you to the cleaners and your friends are so taken in by it they take you down too. I have a friend who's on the brink of loosing their house and she flew to Detroit ! it's stupid and you pay 500 which yu are told is a one time fee. After you sign you are then told you must get qualified thats means more money out of your pocket every month. The residuals are nothing more than a smoke screen. I wasn't told all I needed was the downline manager for 6.99 I was encouraged to get the useless website at 20.00 monthly charge all toatl I was into to this for the fricken obsolete hardly worked video 2000 phone and I got that less than a week to the time they announced the new free phone. It was offered to new reps for an upgrade charge of 145.00 and the longer you were with ACN the cheaper the upgrade. When the phone doesn't work ACN always blames it on you and your server. You cannot win ! don't do it tell anybody who tries to, and I hate this word pique you to go to HELL and stay there. When they edify Donald Duck I mean Trump think about who they are honoring ! He didn't get rich by being a man who cares about the little guy. Remember that your friends are taught o place you in an A-B position of importance. which list are you on ? IT's just a numbers game and these roque sharks want nothing more than your 500.00

  • Ad
      5th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We signed up with ACN as reps, and—on top of that—signed up our close friends, family and business associates. None of them have working service. We’ve contact ACN, their tech support, their representatives, our upline, and other representatives within ACN over 40 times in the last six months and have, from each of them: (A) been promised the ability to return equipment and receive money back, (B) never received any money or RMA # for equipment returns, (C) been blamed for “not being more on top of things” (how are you supposed to be more “on top” of someone who won’t return phone calls, acknowledge that you called, nor reply to e-mail, or who puts you through a one-hour phone menu every time you call?), (D) received instructions to call a tech support line (an ACN official 800 number) that goes directly to somebody’s personal cell phone voicemail line with no name, extension # or department name.

    If ACN’s service worked as promised, it would be a wonderful deal. But it doesn’t and it isn’t, and it is a total waste of money and time.

  • Se
      12th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Have read all the complaints above and they're just absolutely nonsense. ACN will only work for you if you actually put some effort into it just like any other network marketing. I have joined up for a while now and have no problems whatsoever. I truly recommend ACN to anyone who's willing to try because there are thousands of people making a living from ACN and if they can do it, I don't see why we can't. The only reason we won't get anywhere if we just sit at home and expect money to start rolling in without any effort. I would state to anyone reading this and are thinking about making some money, give ACN a go and find out for yourself. You don't have to listen or read negative feedbacks cause it'll only be from people who are quitters and will always be complainers for the rest of their lives. Life is too short for complaining. "Just do it". GOD BLESS...

  • Se
      12th of Oct, 2008
    -4 Votes

    Renatta (the very first complaint), what you went through was an absolute nightmare but I don't think it was a fault by ACN, I would blame your friend that signed you up as they forged your parent's signature which is totally against the law. There are business reps out there trying to make it in whatever ways possible even doing it the wrong way through fraud & slamming... "ACN HAS ADOPTED A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY TOWARD SLAMMING". "Slamming" is defined as any practice that causes a customer's telecommunications service provider to be changed without their knowledge or consent.

    I have faith in this ACN business and am willing to give it a go. Have tried other network marketings in the past and have had no luck only because of the effort I put into it. I hope anyone who reads this would look at the positive side of ACN and not the negatives...

  • Je
      25th of Oct, 2008
    -3 Votes

    Was no one around 25 years ago when the pyramid scheme took place and they wanted 500.00 from you and then you would recruit other people and start making money, however 99 percent of the $$ went to the top people only. This is a pyramid scheme with a product to "cover up" because we all know that the pyramid scheme is illegle unless you sell a product of some sort, I have seen pyramids like this where the product is the cover up, and they all tell you the same thing that ACN did...that it is the product of the future.

    Thankfully, I never got involved with they pyramid scheme way back when, I did the numbers and realized that it just doesn't work!!

  • Ra
      8th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have been with ACN 7 months and working now on the 3rd earned position and making money. 1st Mo made $2500 and have been profitable ever since. These acusations are bogus and ACN is a great company with a huge amount of people having great success. Why else would we be featured next spring to be on a reality TV show on NBC that will showcase our technology, leadership, and opportunity. We ahve former attorney generals on staff, Donald Trumps endoresments and several other great points that make ACN a great company that works. We are in business going into 16 years now and making the right moves across the board to ensure into future success. The bottom line network marketing isnt for everyone and the people complaining here woulndnt make it in any of the other opportunities out there. All companies have some issues including the monopolies. I have heard several complaints on all of them and no company is perfect. Get in where you fit in and if ACN isnt for you don't hate on the people having succcess. It was never for you and not your wont make it in any other opportunity either. ACN for life!!!

  • My
      11th of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Ramon Fazah I feel the same way Ramon!!! Every job is a "Pyramid scheme" when only the owners and the ones on the top make the big bucks. The difference with ACN is that if you work hard, you are going to get to the top. They don't care if you are a male or female, young, older, healthy etc. Everyone has the same opportunity. I right with you!!! ACN for life!!!

  • Cm
      20th of Nov, 2008
    -5 Votes

    Aloha everyone! How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is doing well. Anyways, I've been with ACN for little over four months and have been doing fairly well. All the complaints that I've read is understandable in the sense that people should not be ignorant but rather cautious. Having said that, everyone should see both sides of the table. What I mean is, you will almost always find negative things on the internet or even from people you know, but there are alot of positive to it too. Before you do or try anything, do your homework. Don't just find the first negative thing about a company and already tell yourself that this is a bad company or my friend told me about this company and he/she said don't join or have anything to do with this company which those people who are filling your head with negative thoughts, which in most cases are "broke people". Alot of people always listen to broke friends and family and don't realize themselves that hey, these guys are broke and I'm listening to them. Enough of that! It's all about your "WHY"? If you have kids or parents you want a better life for and want to find something that will give you financial freedom, doesn't matter what oppurtunity, when are you going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Here's my bio: I'm 32 yrs old - 4 kids (2 girls and 2 boys) - I moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas 7 yrs ago for a better oppurtunity. I've sacrificed the first 5 yrs. working graveyard shift (7pm-5:30am) away from my childrens. No having a normal life like eating dinner with my family or sleeping with my wife while my wife would work a fulltime day job which if you figure it out, she would be with the kids when she gets home from work and I would be with kids when I get home from work because we could not afford childcare. We did what we had to for 5 years. And now finally found a solid company ACN that I am putting a 5 year commitment to reach financial freedom. which means not rich but rather worrying no more about being in debt and spending money without stressing about it. One of the major things about this company is they will give you SO much personal growth at the same time you are building your wealth. Well I guess that's it for now but I want to leave with one advice: " You can't change what's around you but you CAN change yourself". I would like to meet or talk to anyone here because I have changed so much in this last 4months than the last 17 yrs with my wife and I just wanted to share my experience with eveyone I can. Here's my contact info: or or 702-219-1313

  • En
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Everything the Gal said about ACN is true in regards to funny business. I got suckered into signing and joined in June of 08 and in a short time I discovered just how bad it is. I showed the business as taught to family and friends and none were really interested or willing to spend $ 499.00 + the other costs your upline won't tell you about until they got your 499.00 You have to be qualified with points. Either customers of by you yourself becoming a customer and that boils down to more money. For me, it was a video phone at $ 149.00 + shipping and handling along with first month and activation fees. I also got the website which was 22.00 monthly and Satellite T. V. to be qualified.

    As I tried to get people interested and my sponsor showed the business with me it was clear she killed it right away as she has a very vial and has a caustic personality, She is PUSHY and over bearing. She was so dominating my family and friends and they couldn't wait to leave.

    After 2 mos. I finally had my first customer ! I thought wow. He orders his phones on the ACN site and we did it together. He ordered T-Moble and was really jazzed. His phones come and 2 won't take a charge and one of the three has a different area code and number for that area. He called ACN and they said they would change it and then he goes to TMoble store to find out what to do about the charge problem. The worker informs him they are last years model and they don't make the battery for it anymore. When he gets home somebody calls him telling him they want all his info or he won't get his phone. He tells them I have my phones and they hang up.

    He calls ACN to tell them what happened at TMoble and they tell him they are lying and that ACN only sells top of the line right from the factory and that they will send him out more phone and for him to return those. So, he did. He got the phones in the mail about 10 days later and guess what ? they were the same damn phones. He was furious and not at me thank God ! and I was humiliated. My upline could care less and didn't help in anyway. Finally my customer told ACN he was going to 20/20 with this and they offered him a refund right then and there. TMOBLE immediately cancelled everything through ACN and told my customer this has happened many times before and this may just be the severing of their ties. TMOBLE then gave my customer a much better deal by going directly through them.

    I finally had had it with that fiasco. I emailed my sponsor and celled her to tell her I was done especially when she couldn't be bothered to help me resolve this problem. She didn't call me for 2.5 months so I figured she was bent. She called me the other day and calims she never got any of my messages and was wondering why I hadn't been to meetings. I again told her how I felt and that this is all a rip off beyond belief.

    She then just recently noting who of my friends were local and where they had mentioned they worked, started contacting them at their places of work. I guess that's the C list. She told them she thought I had just abandoned them and how terrible that was. One friend blew a gasket and told her to shove it. he told her how dare she call him uninvited soliciting and throwing his friend under the bus. He told her that was lower than low and really solidifies what is wrong with ACN. It's about desperate people willing to take down anybody for their own selfish greed. This woman even signed up her own daughter. This is what ACN wants to take your money don't be taken in. All I lost was about 1100 dollars.

  • Ma
      27th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Really sorry that you got involved with the wrong people. some people are making a bad name for the company the way they are promoting it. and its selfish of them. this company is really helping people out

  • Et
      30th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I know someone who was trying to get my signed up with ACN. I went over to his house for a meeting with some of the representatives and I became skeptical right away. I was watching the news last night and they were reporting on ACN. They said ACN had alot of complaints from people regarding billing, customer service, internet problems and several other issues with the company. Listen people I know for sure that before I invest in anything I am going to read the fine print. If I don't understand the fine print I am going to take it to a low cost paralegal before I sign on the dotted line and definitely before I give up my hard earned $500.00. If something sounds to good to be true IT IS!!! Hard honest work from an honest company will pay off, not some pyramid scam. That is what is is a SCAM!!!

  • Wh
      8th of Dec, 2008
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    The company reps are not the Problem, really the company itself is clearly the problem, all the managers are hiding out behind reps who aren't allowed to even give out a contact name for the Public Service Commision, nor even a contact phone# for the PSC, when they've received my returned video phone, UN-opened, I just stuck a new label on it, with the return authorization, cancelled officially on the phone within their 3 day limit and got that auth# (cancelled after I got an email with them charging more $ un-authorized before I even received the phone, thank god my credit card exp & security code changed so the charges they've been trying haven't gone through!). So it was received back to them on Nov 3rd, over 5 weeks ago, federal law is clear they only HAVE 30 days to issue the credit, I stayed polite and called to follow up a couple of days ago. I just tonight received an email stating the phone had been returned "in poor condition" (exactly how THEY shipped it!) and I didn't cancel in the 3 day window (their reps say I DID, and it's on file) so they tried charging me another $216! instead of issuing my $105 credit like they owe me! I called up and stayed polite but when the reps tried to get loud & condescending when it came out that they cannot actually DO anything, they're not empowered by their company at ALL, then I matched their level of BS. I had a rep named Michelle in their NC office over a month ago who was really HONEST with me when I was asking how long had she been there & was their ANY focus on service at ALL? She said really, no, there really isn't, and that I'd probably have to call repeatedly to get the credit issued back to my card, and for my friend the rep to ask a lot of questions cuz the other reps lie to the newer ones sometimes, she was right about having to call to get my money back. She's also going to do well somewhere else some day, cuz she cared about customers. Her company clearly does NOT. The concern I have is for my friend who is a rep with them and she just bought a new condo based on nothing else but her ACN income I think... oy. Hope it works out for her.

    The company's management is CLEARLY setting things up to get sales and not give service, they will be reported to the PSC tomorrow afternoon unless my friend can do anything for me (and if she can, then I'll still be reporting them some other time). The company itself will not last because it has no service focus, and in real life, a web cam will do the same thing without drama of dealing with them, in this market, people aren't going to take ### when other companies who Do have customer service exist. Maybe most of the reps are the nicest people in the world, but the reality is that the company does NOT have their backs... and they need to "be careful out there..." We can always get phone service, but I sure hope my best friend's life isn't drastically affected, she can't get another one as easily as another phone...! And when employees are being told they can't actually help anyone or give anyone information, hopefully they see they need to job hunt, and probably soon.

  • De
      16th of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I went to one of the pitches after three different people asked me to attend over the couse of a month. I went to it thinking I may change my cell phone or home phone service if its the same price and if it helps a friend get residuals. I sat through the slide show about the "pyramid" and how people get compensated. I waited for the part where they talk about the services but that never happened. They went right to the applications to become a rep. They didnt care about selling anything. It was all about recruiting Reps at $499 each ( aone-time fee accroding to the info i heard. Someone asked about the phone and asked about the services they sell and how they are sold. You sell it on the website, the rep said. Website? what website? There was no mention of the website or coincidently, the monthly fee to maintain the website. The focus was on recruiting and helping those that you recruit get their own recruits. I took the application home because i had to leave (i really did, thank goodness). I read everything on there and I noticed right before the area for my signature it said that "i agree to terms 1-13 (or something like that). The page only had terms 1-7 before the signature. I never saw the other terms. I worried about my friend losing his money for signing up with this. I wish him the best but this is a total pyramid.

    As far as Donald Trump endorsing the company...he is a paid actor.

  • En
      29th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well, well, well ACN is now telling it's reps not to talk to the media. hmmmmmm interesting. Oh you can bet I would talk to the media and bend their ear. Handling Media Inquiries

    With more and more people discovering the life-changing potential of the ACN Opportunity and with an upcoming appearance on a prime-time television show – The Celebrity Apprentice – media interest in our company and the products and opportunity we offer, is at an all-time high. We know that many representatives have been approached recently from members of the media.

    Members of the media include journalists, camera crews, television reporters, and newspaper or magazine reporters. Under no circumstances are ACN representatives permitted to represent or discuss ACN as a company to any members of the media.

    If a representative is approached by a member of the media, their response should not deviate from one of the following:

    “I am an Independent Representative of ACN, not an employee, therefore I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Please contact ACN directly at (704) 260-3000, or email to get your inquiry addressed by an authorized member of the company. If you need immediate media information regarding ACN, please visit”


    "I am an Independent Representative and not an employee and therefore I am not authorized to speak on the company’s behalf. Please contact ACN directly – their website is, where you will find their press kit and media contact information. They will be happy to address your questions."

    You may download
    and print this script here

    You may:

    Talk about your personal experience with ACN
    Share your story as an individual
    You may not:

    Comment or discuss anything to do with ACN the company, its products, its services, or the ACN Opportunity
    Make any claims regarding income or earnings that the ACN Opportunity can provide
    Make any false, exaggerated or misleading claims about the ACN Opportunity or the products and services offered by ACN
    Make any comments that will lead them to believe that you are an authorized contact to represent the company
    Be aggressive or violent with any members of the media, as this will reflect badly on the company as a whole

    This company is a joke and of course they are going on t.v. on the show that is Donald Trump who endorses this company so it's no suprise.

  • Jp
      28th of Jan, 2009
    -2 Votes

    ACN seems to be a scam. Its sadly about recruiting other people (kinda like mormonism) and drawing your poor family and relatives into the viscious circle. Some people seem really brainwashed by this but i'm externally unbiased. i think the regular guy is getting hosed starting with a 500 entrance fee, the people making tons of money here are the top players, people who would be succesful anyway, they never needed to go through ACN. Beware, stay away from this pyramid scam! Too bad the phone is pretty and famous Trump endorses this...

  • Ke
      29th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wah Wah Wah! if you had any guts what so ever to start your own company, and you knew what it took to do so, and the cost associated with it? My god, you all sound like a bunch of pansies.

    The independent representatives of ACN are hard working and highly motivated sales people that use Direct Marketing instead of traditional marketing to build sales teams. Those who fail, either have had bad guidance or are lazy and ineffective sales people. Remind me to round up all the negative comments on this blog, and make sure to share it with all of the employers out there loooking for good quality people to hire. Trust me you better go ahead and except that job at Wendy's becasue you could never cut it in the real world.

    If anyone out there would like to see how a real sales organization is run, please contact your local ACN Independent Representative, we know what we are looking for.

    Ken Powell
    ACN Independent Representative

  • Ac
      2nd of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    lol acn is amazing people that are having problums are people who have no sales experience. These are the ones who are always writeing blogs about something saying (its bad )(dont do it) (it will never work). In all reality ive been with the company for just over a month ive herd all the people crying and wasting away there useless lives putting blogs online and its so sad. the real sales people like my self are the ones you watch the video to see and let me tell you its real my first mont check was 14.688. I work with my group all the time and weve had no problums what so ever you people keep crying about this company all you want just wate until you friends rant and rave about there success. Just do everyone a favor and stop wasting your time writeing this ### and make someone else there money! use your cell phone and internet just keep useing it thats how i make my money because iam successful and some what smart i cant spell worth a ### but i sure can explain this company and how its changeing my life and how i will never ever have to work a 9 to 5 dead end job crying about it online with this blog crap lol well to top it all off have a great day smoke ur week wite trash people who cant better there lives and keep useing ur cell phone/internet thank you and good luck to THOS WHO TRY!

  • Ac
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am an honest trusting acn rep (besides being an honest trusting person) I dont believe in ripping people off from their hard earned money. If anyone wants to work with me by becoming an acn rep/be on my team or be a customer please email me at or please check out my website Thank you.

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