ACME Marketsthanksgiving dinner not fresh made at all

B Nov 29, 2017

I shop at Acme 2-3 times a week. I drop about $800 plus/month in your store. However, I was very disappointed with my recent experience in purchasing a Deluxe Signature Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

Your brochure led me to believe that the dinner was being made fresh (memorable meals prepared for you). Not.

When I stopped by to pick up the dinner on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the turkey was frozen! I said how am I supposed to thaw this out before tomorrow? I thought this was being cooked and handed to me warm or cool. They told me that is how it is. I made a comment that I was not taking a frozen precooked factory turkey for tomorrow. They eventually found one that was more thawed.

Here's my beef. I have ordered dinners form Wegmans, Shop Rite and others who actually make the dinners on site and all of the sides are freshly made.

Your ad said the dinner would feed up to eight. Not. Maybe four would be more accurate. A huge box was given to me that was missing some of the sides and then they ran to the frozen food aisle and got me some sides. I don't eat that kind of food.

I could have purchased a turkey breast and made the sides myself for half the price ($69.99).

Why didn't the store/brochure indicate that the turkey/sides were not cooked fresh?

Why did they not ensure that the turkey was thawed before my pick-up time? I ordered it the week before.

I must say I am very disappointed at the false advertising and the "frozen" Thanksgiving dinner.

I'll be thinking twice before I pour anymore money into your overpriced store.

Barbara Fisher

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