Ackermans Underbergmtn hisense u601 pro

Good day, this cell phone was purchase on the 26 June 2018.
On 16 July 2018 we submit the phone for repairs at Ackerman's Underberg store and they said it will be 21 days its been 2 month now and today they called and said we can come and get the cell phone its back. On our arrival at the store we handed in our repair request slip. They could not find the paperwork in the file and told us that the have exchange the phone but it still to same phone but they said it is a new phone with the old imei number really. They could not get the phone working and it was not charge as well. They want us to sing a paper and asks us to put today's date on.
My question is was the phone sent away, was it repaired and if so was it tested and why was it not charge .

They could not answer my question or give an explanation about the repair and if it is going to be exchange why did they not give a new phone immediately and not wasting my time.

Unwilling to help and to give proper answers

I rather have my money back to be deal with incompetensence like this

job no. Tcr001573
repair id 02129402597a3g 16/09/1019

Nov 22, 2018

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