Ackermans Collections Department / extremely poor customer service/ customer assistance

I have made a payment on the 5th of July 2018 with amount R300 which ackermans are failing to update after 1000 or multiple emails with the p.o.p ive send through. I spoke to a very unhelpful and rude agent named Shandrè and to her Manager named Tasneem who had been extremely rude to me on the call, not giving me a chance to tell her my concerns and do not have any customer service knowledge of listening to a customer's query. Instead she jumped down my throat, screaming and shouting at me telling me how this is my fault. I have been trying over and over again asking her to keep quiet to give me a chance to explain to her how iv been making payments each month using eft without a reference number and iv never experienced this problem, however she just refused to listen to me which i honestly DO NOT find this as good customer service.
Please do deal with your incompetent staff because you will loose valuable customers because of incompetent customer service agents and disrespectful unhelpful Managers. I strongly recommend that this Manager goes back to training or be coached properly and be given the correct knowledge and development that Managers need. She is definitely not advisable to be a Manager at all.

Aug 07, 2018

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