Acer Extensa 5620-4025not accepting my complaint and claim

I bought an Acer laptop (Extensa [protected]) from Acer in August 2008. This is my only laptop which I work on. After some months it stops working on battery. Although battery shows as charged, laptop does not work on it. The laptop works only on current. I once changed the battery. The new battery from Acer worked hardly one-two days and it also stopped working.
After informing Acer for the problem and asking them to replace this defective laptop they simply refused to accept my Complaint.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jersey City, NJThey said to sent the laptop for repair to Temple, Texas which was not possible for me as this is my sole laptop, bread and butter.
Recently I borrowed one laptop from my friend and then again called Acer customer care so that I can send the defective one for repair. Again same story they are not accepting problem. When I pressed the customer care guy asked me to bear the shipping charges to send the laptop.
It is real pain buying a laptop from Acer and bear all problem and also the shipping. So sad.
I simply want this defective laptop replaced. It is in warranty. It is defective it does not work with battery.

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