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Account Now Visa / they froze my card and won't reply

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In the beginning of May, 2008 I contacted my credit card company (Account Now Visa) and advised them that someone used my credit card without my permission, they said they would investigate and I would hear from they in 30 days, in 30 days I received a letter stating that they couldn't do anything because someone also used my pin number, that was that.

This is July 11th, it is also Friday, I discovered at 2:30pm that account now froze my funds, I called a total of 8 times, Customer Service said the person that froze the accoount, did so because of my complaint in MAY, since then I have mad regular payments, so I cannot for the world understand WHY HAVE THEY FROZE MY ACCOUNT?

No one calls you back, they say they will, but they don't, they keep putting me on hold, I got this card so I don't carry cash, I have no way to get gas, to buy food, I am in real trouble and I told them, I told them I want my money, I answered all their security questions, but they just say someone will call.

  • Agnes Jones's Response, Mar 30, 2017

    then when you try there customer services ok you get machine talking

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  • Al
      11th of Dec, 2018
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    Account Now - Prepaid debit card
    2603 Camino Ramon STe 485 San Tamon, CA 94583-9131
    United States

    I have been trying to get my identity verified for over 3 months now. I had a refund get put into that card and I have not been able to use it or even get a real person on the phone. I am extremely upset and want my money from this card. I have sent them everything and then some numerous times to verify my identity and still nothing.

  • Ag
      5th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    AccountNow - well I use this card for my tax refund
    United States

    On my business tax credit's an the amount that it for is over it I tried re text them back ok from phone an it was rejected

  • Lo
      28th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    AccountNow - can't do your job
    United States

    Me and a guy I work with have had account now for a month or two now and been getting check on Tuesday well all of a sudden no check on Tuesday now how are you just gonna up and change the date that's bad business if ask me then you call customer service they are absolutely no help regardless company is shady and will be suing!!!

  • De
      21st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    AccountNow - my accounnt now prepaid card
    United States

    deidre reamsey 4226760083385541. my money is direct deposited everymonth, 812017, i tried to access my funds putting in my password and username and i couldnt access my funds $710monthly

  • Br
      14th of Oct, 2018
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    AccountNow - I need to dispute like 3 transactions I have no idea where they came from
    United States

    I just had 50.25 and have not spent a dollar. I got to the store tonight and went to ATM and I had 12 dollars and something. I have no idea how this happened but I need my money back ASAP. please help. my number is 478-542-4261

  • He
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    AccountNow VISA GOLD - My account
    San Ramon
    United States

    I have in my account $ 757.00 and cannot make a withdrawal, they will not give me a reason why i cannot make a withdrawal, can some one help ?

  • 63
      10th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    AccountNow - prepaid credit card
    United States

    Can not contact this company by phone, e-mail or fax
    Certified letter sent but not able to be delivered
    I need a phone number for the president of this company
    They owe my sisterin-law 540.00
    She has cancer and needs to pay medical bills.

  • Ma
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    AccountNow - $15 bonus
    United States

    I've reached all requirements but it keeps saying I don't qualify yet.Why Is this happening?

  • Ga
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    AccountNow - Account now prepaid visa debit card
    United States

    A cash load of $475!! done at register was over 2 hours ago and STILL NOT SHOWING ANY BALANCE!! I need the money I'm tryin to take a trip and can't pay for hotel or almost! CAN SOMEONE CALL ME I NEED MY MONEY TO BE AVAILABLE NOW!!! THIS CARD IS USELESS TWO WHOLE HOURS AND STILL SHOWING 0.00$!!! I loaded $475!! At 7:03am CST

  • Ly
      18th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Controller of currency governs all banks... file a complaint

  • Mi
      9th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    I really need some one to plz tell me how can I get my 120.00 back from account now??? They froze my account too. All if a sudden one day I went to pay a bill and it denied my pin number. So I call them. And a rude lady who was hard to under stand. Told me to log in and change my pin. Well I did that and it wouldn't let me change my pin. I call back. I get a rude person again. I tried to explain and the [censor] hung up on me. I faxed in my is and everything. And I still can't get my money. Plz will you guys plz help me. Tell me what I need to do. Thanks for letting me rant

  • Ax
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    For as many fees they charge - they should have better customer care - obviously that is not a priority for them! they charge for everything - I tried to donate to a non-profit organization via paypal - paypal did not accept this card because "accountnow" stated that the information I entered on paypal was wrong - tried 4 times same responds. NOW, Even though the transaction did not go through "accountnow" charged a fee to every attempt made to donate to this organization via paypal - IN MY OPINION THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS!!! All they do is charge, charge, run adds up the rear - and yet when we need customer service there is none!!! They also promised/advertised (same thing) $15 at the time I activate direct deposit - WELL - I NEVER SEEN THAT!!! CROOKS!!! I will now start a CAMPAIGN AGAINST THIS COMPANY - I was going to recommend them - NOT NOW!!! NOW I WILL DO THE OPPOSITE!! I will deter everyone I know and then some from doing business with this company and complain to the BBB and the Issuing Bank etc, etc, etc, ... Thank you AccounNow - in my opinion YOU SUCK!!! and a bunch of crooks. FOR THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOUR COMPANY CHARGE EVERY CARD HOLDER YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE 24/7 but no!!! your office hours are mon-fri till 4pm EST. YOU SUCK!!!

  • Ch
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Account Now Visa - doesnt work
    account now visa
    San Ramon
    United States

    i received a visa in mail and put money thru western union into prepaid credit card. I tried using it and it wont work anywhere. I have activated it twice already and still nothing. I'm having so much problems with the customer service. now they want me to send them all kinds of vital information. I don't trust this company so why should I send ghem my sensative information. I talked to a supervisor to get my money baxk and they said unless I send my information ghey can't help me. what can I do to get mh money back please help me with these scamming conpany to give my money back. I have a reciept frim western union for the money I deposited. ghank you

  • Up
      11th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Account now is restricting people who are using their prepaid service for tax refund purposes from withdrawling, transfering, or simply using their cards to purchase or pay bills online. My incident was very unprofessional and fraudralent when dealing with account now customer service. First off I couldnt understand what the rep was saying then when ask to provide proof of identity and address I had faxed them paper work more than 6 times and each time they kept giving me the run around saying I needed to provide better documents and the same lady was the customer rep, supervisor and etc... I was dealing with the same person each time she changed names as if to be higher up. What I dont get is why put my card on hold when I was using it already for two days then they all of a..sudden block my card and gave me the run around for 400.00 dollars now they claim to have sent it back to irs wow so what now I dont know they scammed me big time

  • Ac
      8th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Dear Consumer,

    I am sorry to hear that you had some issues with your account. I’d like to help resolve your account issue and address any additional concerns that you may have. Unfortunately we cannot discuss your personal information in a public forum. Can you please send us an email at [protected] referencing your name (as it appears on your card), last four digits of your card number, and best number to reach you at? Thanks and have a great day.


  • Ay
      3rd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I want to sue a account now but I don't know how we are encountering same problem they won't release our money. We have 3 kids and just move to a house now that they have our money we cant afford to pay our bills.

  • Ty
      4th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    My card was canceled on February 26 and my money was taken off of it I don't understand why. I got paid February 29 and I still haven't received my replacement card I really need my card and money I have two ill girls I have too care for please refund my money please.

  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    an online account will not release money [New Question]
    does anybody know about Account Now online baking. How do I get my money from them they will not talk to me it was locked because someone tried to access my account now they wiil not release my money to me...

    Account Now Visa - will not release money from account [New Complaint]
    I was in jail and someone tried to access my account so account now put a lock on my account. When i got out of jail Account Now wanted proff that I was Renee Plazola. I gave them everthing they wanted. They will not release my money. It came to a point that theywould not answeer my calls and when they did they would put me on hold for hours. I finially gave up. I did not know what to do . Now tha...

  • Ta
      26th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have had money from booking a hotel room on hold for over a week. I went to the hotel and they were really nice and spent over 45min on the phone with visa gold green dot and sent a letter to them and giving authorization to free the money which was also done a week prior. The hotel told me that gold visa green dot said the money will be back on the card the next day. Three days later... still no release from the hold and no money on the card. This is ridiculous!!! What are families to do that require their money back in hand within a couple days?? I can understand a day or two but not over a week and especially when they say it will be available the next day and three days pass with no changes that were promised. What should I do now that I was relying on their word to be true and going to use that money (my money that I should be able to use at any time) to put a roof over my families head for two nights. Am I supposed to just accept the fact that we now have to sleep in my truck for the two nights??? Why does it take one second to take the money from the card but weeks to get it back when it is mine to begin with???? My money should be just that... my money. I already pay $10 a month for nothing and not to mention $3.95 every single time I want to add money to my card, but this one is the one that really gets me... charge me 50 cents when I call an automated machine that gives me my balance. What is this world coming to???? Why should I have to pay so many fees... on top of fees... The only thing that is being done is my money is being put on a card (by myself by going and purchasing a card and then calling with the info. to have the money then placed on the card) so suppliers are able to verify that the money is truly my money by having a piece of plastic with my name on it. How does that make it right to take advantage of the consumer and put a hold for a ridiculous amount of time while the consumer ends up sleeping in their vehicle with their three children. Why???

  • Ch
      20th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    My account with this company was closed because I didn't use it!!! Had to make several calls to figure out how to get my money. Each call cost $1.00. So the $1000.00 dwindled considerably really fast. The grief these people gave me to get my money was unbelievable. Never any notice that that had closed my account at all. I think they need a class action filed against them. Does anyone know how to do that.

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