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After opening a hsn credit account i recieved a offer for a 30 day trial from account assure i contacted the company and advised i did not with to have the service because i have the same type of service on another credit card which will cover this account as well. It was explained in detail how they can assist an help if problems arise in the future and i explained the service is not needed i already have the service and this card will be covered thank you but no thanks. I was going over the statements for hsn card and notice that even after my call i have been billed for the past 3 months, 01/07/2012, account assure [protected] $3.17, 02/05/2012 account assure [protected] $4.18, 03/07/201 account assure [protected] $5.79... I contacted the company advised the representative i cancelled the service when i got the materials in the mail. She advised she saw no activity no notes on the account but she will be cancelling as of today, i questioned why should i be liable for charges for three months when i called to cancel the service before billing began and someone neglected to note records the rep. Advised she saw no activity prior to the call being made today but will offer a 1 time cred for 1 month billing.. Why should i believe that this call won't be likethe 1st call how can i have confidence in a company that doesn't do as the customer asks 'cancel when requesting cancel'.. How can i get a full refund for these charges

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      2nd of Dec, 2013

    same thing happened to me. I cancelled it 3 months ago and am still getting charged. Not only are they going to hear about it but so it HSN

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      2nd of Jul, 2015

    I am being charged for account Assure on 2 credit cards.. One with HSN and the other card is Victoria's Secret. I've tried cancelling since it is supposed to cover ALL credit cards should you lose your job or become disabled.. They still continue to charge me on both accounts and even though I called them back being reassured by the customer rep. that they would stop the charges on the HSN card I am still being charged.. I NEVER signed up for it on the phone nor the card applications.. Can't we all just submit claims to the BBB?????

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