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I had called on my victoria secret card to request no late charge be charged, the person on the phone requested i purchase this protective service from account assure, i stated what would happen if i lose my job the next day, he said oh you would be protected- it goes into effect the very day you sign up. This is such a scam, i called account assure because i actually was let go on 11-24-2013 i signed up on 11-08-2013, she said oh i am sorry you have to be in the program for 30 days! How are these companies getting away with scamming!


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May 20, 2020 3:53 pm EDT

I was laid off on furloughed because of covid-19 pandemic since March 23, 2020. I have account assure and have had it for my Victoria secrete card for about 2 years. Does any one know if they pay off the balance? I hope so! Because paying ever month for this service is not cheap! Thanks

Nov 08, 2018 9:00 am EST

This is really a robbery and fraud, never really explained how this system worked ... For 3 years I was paying for this that is useless.

Mar 21, 2017 3:03 pm EDT

I called today to challenge the charges on my credit card and the agent on the other end of the phone was so rude and condescending that he pissed me off and as I started to ask him again to repeat why my charges so high he hung up on me. At that point I was really upset and cancelled via the automated link, This is a big fat scam and I looked back and have been swindled with recurrent charges for almost 3 years at a cost between $500 - $650 per year. This company is bad news

Feb 24, 2016 4:14 pm EST

I've had account assure for eight years or more on my Stage card. When I signed up I was told that in the event I was laid off of my job the company would either pay off the account in full or until I returned to work. Well the client I was caring for died in December, 2015. When I filed my claim, at first I was told I had to be registered with a job agency to prove that I was looking for work. I did this. I called to see what was the hold up and was told the same thing. When I said I faxed the information, I was told let me check what you sent in. Evidently no one even looked at the papers. After finally doing so, I was told that I didn't qualify for benefits because my employer didn't have unemployment insurance and I was considered self-employed. I wasn't asking them to pay the whopping $430.00, I just needed a little help as was stated when I signed up. If I had known this I would never have gotten the insurance. I am very disappointed and feel like I was just ripped off for 8 years.

Jul 06, 2015 9:30 pm EDT
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I have had Account Assure for my HSN card for a while. When I was fired from Wal-Mart in Jan. I called to have my insurance activated, and they sent me the required form. I filled it out and sent it back, in the mean time I made a payment on the HSN card, no problem right, wrong. I was told by their rep. that it nullified my insurance and I had to refill so I did. Now I have been told by another person that works their that continuing payments would not stop my clam. So I was sent another clam form, filled it out and now the clam has not been approved because Account Assure states that " the form is incomplete" . Now I have to continue to pay on my card, my unemployment has run out and I think they are dragging their feet so they do not have to pay. I am very unhappy with this serves. They are very glad to take my money but when they are suppose to pay on a clam they do their best not to. The thing of it is that if my clam is not approved HSN will not get paid at all. KLRivers Benefit request number [protected]

Sep 04, 2014 6:15 pm EDT

The paperwork associated with Account Assure states very clearly that you need to be enrolled for at least 30 days before your benefit becomes effective. It's not a scam. You are just an idiot.
Do you really think that if you lose your job 16 days after you enroll in such a program, the company will pay? That's less than 2 weeks (if you count business days) from your date of enrollment.
The company is (rightfully) trying to prevent people from scamming THEM. Read the 'fine print' before flying off the handle.

Jul 02, 2014 6:52 pm EDT

I really don't have a complaint. I was laid off in December of 2013, Account Assure really stepped up to plate for me. I appreciate everything they have done for me. Although I'm still unemployed, I have one less credit card to worry about. God bless you guys!

Feb 08, 2014 6:39 pm EST
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Just found out TODAY that there is Account Assure was added to a credit card account I have through Comenity Bank. How do I get this off of the account. Credit Card company tells me I added it in November 2013, but I know that I DID NOT.

Dec 04, 2013 7:07 am EST

I had account assure for several years with victorias secret angel card. I must agree they are definitely unhelpful with approving the claim that I filed. I became unemployed and they keep telling me someones going to call but they never do. Its awful! I wouldn't recommend this company to anybody


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