Acaiberrybreeze Co. / Unauthorized Charges

1 United States

I received a collection notice from Tiburon Financial LLC, PO Box 770 Boystown, NE [protected], on April 23, 2010; advising me that I owed $83.95 to Acaiberrybreeze (Acct. 2037672) for merchandise purchased.

On 09/2009 I agreed to try their product on a 30-day trail basis and paid the shipping amount of $5.00 as per the promotion. However, after two weeks of using the product and not obtaining any weight reduction results, I contacted Acaiberry customer service, via email, and requested that they cancel my account and stop shipping any further products without my consent. Furthermore, I advised them that I had instructed my credit card bank to deny any payment to Acaiberry Breeze. I received an email from Acaiberry acknowledging my request (NOT to ship any products nor charge my account), and have NOT received any products since then. However, eight months later (4/2010), a collection agency is requesting a payment of a past due balance of $83.95.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with Acaiberry Breeze Company and their product and promotion scam.

Chapis Garcia

Note: I hope to receive acknowledgment of my complaint in a timely manner.


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