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Acai burn / No place to order in Canada

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Contact information:
Phone: 289-337-3315
I am extremly upset that I have to pay for my order in U>S> funds and the product comes from Canada. It is produced in Alberta but in order to get another order you have to order from the U.S. This is a rip off and it should be stopped. I don't have a company or a web site and this will not be answered.


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N  31st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Mark Adamson - Just think media - scammers

Principal: Jesse Willms, Owner
Customer Contact: Jesse Willms, Owner (FAR RIGHT IN PICTURE)
File Open Date: July 2009
TOB Classification: Internet Shopping Services, Business Opportunity Cos., Dental Equipment & Supplies
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: JDW Media LLC

BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, BBB may not have current information about the company.

The BBB fully encourages consumers with difficulties to use the BBB complaint recociliation process.

But in addition to filing a complaint with the BBB, the BBB STRONGLY suggests that consumers with concerns about this business contact the following organizations:

Service Alberta
3rd Fl-10155 102 St North Field Services, Licensing
Edmonton, AB T5J 4L4

Phone: (780) 427-4088
Toll Free (In Alberta): 1-877-427-4088
Website: www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca

Complaints can be filed online. Competition Bureau
50 Victoria St
Hull, QC K1A 0C9

Phone: 1-800 348-5358
Fax: 819 997-0324
Website: www.competitionbureau.gc.ca

Complaints can be filed on-line under the "Contact Us" section of the website and they can also be faxed or mailed in.

The Internet Crime Department of the FBI.
Website: www.ic3.gov
Complaints can be filed online

Info on company location:
2184 Channing Way #322
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

This location was found to be a PO Box at a UPS store.

Advertising Review
It should also be noted that the company's website has the following improperly linked seal images at the bottom of their website:

Security Certified
Fraud Protection Guaranteed
Trust-e (www.truste.org)
McAfee Secure (www.mcafeesecure.com)
VeriSign Secure (www.verisign.com)
Additional Information
This company is also linked to other companies:
AcaiBurn, Credit Report America, DownloadMusicInc.com, Earn Cash Fast with Google, eDirect Software, Just THINK Media, Government Funded Grants, Pure Cleanse Pro & Wu Yi Tea.

There are separate reports on these companies available through www.bbb.org
This company offers the Acai Nutraburst product on a 14 day trial basis conditionally upon enrollment in their home delivery program. By submitting an order for the trial offer, respondents agree to pay the non-refundable shipping & handling charge of $4.95 for the free trial bottle. If you cancel before the end of your 14-day trial period, you will not be charged anything else. Your 14-day trial period begins when you place your order and inc…
Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipt of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Some complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a continuity program. Customers complain after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stopped, but the company continues billing them monthly. In some cases complainants allege that the company sold their information and credit card number to another affiliates who also charged their credit cards for products or services. The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to refunds for returned bottles, or canceling shipments. Many complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. Some complainants dispute that credits or refunds are actually received.
Address: 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Unit 400
Ontario, CA 91764
Tel: (800) 659-3588
» See more photos on TrustLink
Web Site: http://www.acaiburn.com

Contact: Mark Adamson – Contact

Business Start Date: 1/19/2009

Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses:
The following shows the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:
25 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
5 Making a partial refund
123 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
177 Refusing to make an adjustment
109 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
0 Unanswered
0 Unassigned
439 Total

N  11th of Aug, 2009 by 
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This is not true. You do not refund people or even give them a cancellation number. I cancelled my order on June 19, just one hour after I placed it. I received the product 17 days after that and returned it right away to China, as requested. I sent lots of messages and always received weird answers. It has been 51 days now and no refund or cancellation # yet!

Office de Protection du Consomateur (OPC), a Quebec government organism, is working on the problem. They found out that Acai Berry products are sold on the Internet with false representation. First of all, Terms and conditions are not CLEARLY displayed. They do not comply with Quebec laws for lots of reasons. If those people want to do business in Quebec, they'll have to follow the rules.

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