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This is a total scam.

The 'pay only shipping for a free trial' is bogus. What they do is charge $74.00 for membership and $5.95 shipping for a small bottle of pills. You then see $79.95 on your bank statement, but you had better be quick because you only have 14 days to cancel your subscription.

Yes.. Subscription, otherwise, they continue to charge you $74 per month for the next 30 day supply. Unless you closely monitor your account, you'll see this charge hit a second time before you cancel.

Now, canceling is a story in itself. To cancel, they tell you to send an Email. But there is no proof that you actually got canceled. They have absolutely no intention of answering an Email let alone giving you the difference when you cancel. I had to cancel the credit card that the order was made on.

I am in the process of going VERY public with this information. One last thing. It looks like Acai Berry has bought up some interesting domain variations, so be aware of all the variants.


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  • Fx
      Dec 19, 2008

    this is a hoax, they have been told to stop sending me the product, and i have been charged again this month and never received the product in November, now i have a change in December and there is no product, each time the price has gone up. i will go to Better Business Bureau...with this complaint. I think you would like to resolve this immediately. I made a call to them in November to cancel, they stated that they would take care of it and never did.

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  • De
      Jan 04, 2009

    I am a victim of the same scam!! What can we do to stop this?


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  • Be
      Jan 21, 2009

    They have done the same to me. When I try to call the number that charged my card I get a recording that says: "Our office is closed, please try back during normal business hours, Goodbye." I have contacted my bank to dispute the charge. To prevent them deducting any more charges, they have cancelled my card and issued a new one.


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  • Ma
      Jan 21, 2009

    I just noticed a charge of 85.90 on my statement as well today. The number listed above has been disconnected... I contacted the bank, and had them cancel my card. That's the only way to stop them from continuing once they get your number... Once the charge goes through, you can dispute, and the bank will refund. It will take a couple of weeks. My bank (B of Am) said they are aware of this scam, as more and more people are contacting them about the unauthorized charges. What a pain! Thanks Marcus for the information!!
    Mark, Atlanta

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  • Mi
      Jan 22, 2009

    I have experienced the same problem as report by others - this started with Colotox offering a free trial product and then offering this Acai Berry Maxx - both companies end up charging and you cannot get ahold of them unless you are willing to stay on hold for well over an hour - but then don'gt get any satisfaction. Then they also placed a charge on Fit Factory - that one they did respond and immediately canceled. These crooks need to be charged in Federal Court for violating interstate commerce laws - and there needs to be a class action law suit. The new variations of the web sites - strong evidence that they are as crroked as the day is long and are trying to be elusive.

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  • Ti
      Jan 23, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I bought the free trial because it seemed to be endorsed by Rachel Ray, Oprah and Dr. Oz. I have sent an email to the Rachel Ray show and the Oprah show to make them aware of the scam. Thank you so much for sharing information about what you have to do to stop the charges from going on your card. It is online "companies" like this that give all the good ones a bad name!

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  • Br
      Jan 27, 2009

    I am a victim of the same scam!! What can we do to stop this? and the colotox scam. I am out about $300.

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  • Em
      Feb 05, 2009

    Noticed two charges on my bank statement one was NEWACAISUPREME in which I did order and now canceled, and the other MAXACAIBERRY. Both charged $5.95, I did a research on both of these companies and they are both located at the same location.

    I spoke to customer service about this, and they claim they do not know who MAXACAIBERRY is which I find odd since they are both located at the same place. Needless to say they are a fraudulent company steeling from people.

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  • Rn
      Feb 05, 2009

    additionally to the unauthorized payments, on a usage related comment, this product has actually caused me to be constipated and causes very uncomfortable (ie, moderate) abdominal pain.

    RN in CA

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  • Ls
      Feb 10, 2009

    This has also happened to me and because I've been unable to contact them regarding issuing a credit of the original charge which I did NOT agree to I am in the process of disputing this with my credit card company as a fraudulent, unauthorized charge.

    I did 'luck' out in getting one email through via their website explaining the matter in which they completely ignored my demand for a credit of the $84 unauthorized charge but agreed to 'cancel' any further charges. However, the email is one to which you can't reply - I get the MailerDemon notice and since my first attempt to contact them they have now removed their direct email address from the website. Only an 'order form' can be sent through.

    I have a screen shot of my original request for the 'free trial' for which I did pay in full the only charges stated - the shipping and handling - and nowhere did they advise this was an indication of a membership or that additional charges would be posted unless a cancellation was sent. They have since changed the websites as well.

    This is absolute fraud and should warrant a class action lawsuit.

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  • Yes, I agree!

    Here's some information that someone posted on this site:

    If nothing else, WE NEED TO PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS! I filed complaints with the BBB and the Florida Attorney General. BBB is still checking it out, but the attorney general's office recommended contacting the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service, Division of Consumer Services, 2005 Apalachee Parkway, Talahassee 32399. Web sit is They also suggested contacting the Internet Crime Complaint Center at 800/251-7581 or In addition, they provided this Web site, www.ftc/bep/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre28.shtm (Federal Trade Commission "Billed For Merchandise You Never Received?" And more . . . Federal Trade Commission at and the Broward County Consumer Protection Office at My bank is still working on it as well. Liars and cheaters shouldn't be allowed to get away with this kind of activity. LET'S PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!

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  • Your best bet is to cut up that Credit Card. They will continue to charge it until they suck it dry! Especially without your consent.

    Do file some kind of charge with your bank and a few of these other Agencies.

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  • Gi
      Feb 18, 2009


    First of all EVERYONE here that thinks this is a scam didn't take the time to read the information given on the website. The TRIAL was only $5.95 but if you had read the terms and conditions prior to your purchase you would have noticed that the trial turns into a monthly subscription.

    Second, the membership/subscription you signed up for is a LEGAL binding agreement. If wanted to they could send your name to a collections agency and be perfectly within their rights to do so. Cutting up your credit card is a way to stop the loss of the monthly subscription but that does not take away your liability as a buyer of the product. For example, if you buy a car and have a monthly payment due, discontinuing the bank account that your monthly payment comes from does NOT mean you don't owe money for a car anymore right?

    Third, IT IS SO EASY TO CANCEL THIS SUBSCRIPTION! When you look at your bank statement what does it say right after the name ACAI BERRY MAX? It's a PHONE NUMBER!!! Here is the phone number to call if you wish to cancel the subscription:


    You may have to wait for about 15 minutes before an operator comes on, but once they answer the cancellation process takes less than 2 minutes! You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a confirmation number notifying you of the cancellation. EASY!

    No, I do NOT work for Acai Berry Max, in fact I ordered this product just like all of you. Do I think this form of getting monthly subscriptions is shady? OF COURSE I DO. But I wont put blame on them for my ignorance. "Caveat Emptor" people.

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  • Bu
      Feb 19, 2009

    I hate to admit it but I too have been scammed by this fake company.

    I received a junk email offer about Acai Berry Max on November 17, 2008. Aside from all the wonderful benefits the advertisement said you would gain from taking the product, the website stated you could try the product on a trial basis for $5.95, which covers shipping and handling. I figured I'd give it a one time shot.

    I received the first shipment in early December. Tried the product, but saw no results. So I was done with it, so I thought! I received another shipment of this product, unexpected around mid-January 2009. Checked my account and there was a withdrawal on 1/17/09 of $85.90 from Acai Berry Max.

    I immediately started trying to find contact information on the company, but to no avail. Two days ago, 2/16/09, I had another withdrawal on my account from Acai Berry Max for another $85.90.

    I went back and checked my email and found the original junk email message. That is where I saw their email address, [protected] Sent an email today explaining my situation and requesting a refund. I also checked for the website and found another company's name listed, not Acai Berry Max or Smart Reach Media.

    This is totally frustrating and I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring the person or people being this scam to justice.

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  • Ca
      Feb 19, 2009

    The same exact thing happened to me! We need to bring this person to justice.

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  • Tr
      Feb 20, 2009

    It is amazing to me that a company like this still exists! I was and am very aware of what I signed up for but when I became pregnant right after my first shipment I tried to call immediately to cancel. When I couldn't get though, I sent an email and assumed I was covered. Then the next shipment showed up... So I tried to call again, no answer, another e mail. same routine. Now another shipment showed up! I am about to cancel my card to have this stopped. I've filed a complaint through my bank (HSBC) and am in the process of sending the product back after 2 e mail and many phone attempts to try and cancel. Still keeps showing up!!!

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  • Li
      Feb 21, 2009

    It happened to me too! Colotox and Fit Factory and Acai Berries are a rip off. I too had to change my credit card. I recieved one bottle of Acai Berries and three charges of $85.90 for product I never got! Colotox the same and I didn't even know what fit factory was when it appeared on my credit card. I am currently disputing their charges. Its true, companies like these give reputable internet sales a bad "rap". Buyer beware!

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  • Sc
      Feb 24, 2009

    It happen to me too! I got the free trail then they change my bank. I try calling the number that is listed but it does not work.
    It says the office is closed call back when we are open. The number is [protected] don't work.

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  • Ph
      Feb 25, 2009

    You guys should just wait because in about a month they will send you a second bottle and charge your account a second time. When i first decide to purchase the product i was not told that in 14 days i would be charged the full amount until after i gave my card info. They said i should cancel my order if i do not want to do this. So i called the company and i got an answering machine that asked if i had any problems. I said that this company was horse ### and i want my order canceled. I recieved no call back so i called again a left the same message. Once again no call back. So i called them again and the answering machine said to send an email to [protected]@cancelorder... so i sent them and email and Once again know information. 2 weeks later i finally recieved my order and it took the 14 days to recieve it. but the truth of it is i feel like ahuge idiot for giving my info away and know im screwed.

    the best thing about this hole thing is that we are sending one hell of a message to our country... hey every one to help our economy grow you should not be afraid to spend money b/c there is companies out is hundreds of companies out there try to steal your credit card info and take your money.. dont you people love rich people... glad you guys keep gettin richer ...

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  • St
      Mar 06, 2009

    People can report these scams to the FTC here:

    Also complain to the ad network that runs ads for this dodgy company:

    358 South 700 East, Suite B147
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

    800.689.1260 or Ralph Ruckman [protected]
    Heres proof that they run these ads:

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  • Ci
      Mar 12, 2009

    I was on the Racheal Ray web site and there was a promotion for Acai Berry (a weight loss supplement). Racheal Ray, CBS, Fox News and some others had positive comments on the product. I thought I would give it a try. A one week free sample would be sent to me for only $3.95 shipping & handling charge. I received my bank statement and had surprising charges on my account. I was charged the $3.95 from the Diet offer store, $29.95 from Fit factory and $89.31 from the Diet offer store. I looked up each of the Business on-line and found a contact number. I was able to get a credit from Fit Factory who told me they got my information from Acai Berry (AKA - Diet offer store). I called Acai Berry and told them of the charges they told me that I would be receiving the product in a week and I do not receive it then I should call back to receive my refund. I originally called in the middle of November of 2008. It is now March 6, 2009 I have not received the product and they refuse to give me my money back. I have talked to Joseph, Barbie, Chris (Jr. Manager) and some lady named Princess? They all have given me a different story about my account. If you look up the Acai Berry web site it clearly states 100% guarantee satisfaction. I don't have any satisfaction dealing with this company. I have opened a claim with my States Attorney General and I don't think they are having any luck with them.

    Please do your research about a business before doing business with them on line. They may just be fraudulent as Acai Berry.

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  • Ec
      Jul 24, 2009

    Yes, I too have been scammed. They billed me for a product I didn't receive!! The second shipment came after I told them not to ship without my authorization. I had my bank call them, I emailed them to cancel, I wrote them with an RMA for product return and money back. I have been told by ACAIBerrymaxx that the check is in the mail now for the last 6 months. Thank you f or putting up this comment site. I will join in the fight for my money back!!

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  • Yu
      Jul 30, 2009

    In response to the comment that overcharges were due to ignorance on the part of the consumer, I disagree. I did agree to the 5.95 trial offer, I did not recieve the product until 12 days after my original order, at which time I immediately cancelled, because according to the terms, the 14 day trial begins the day you place the order, not from the time of reciept. This in itself is unfair, because there was not enough time to try the product to make a decision. on the 14th day I was charged for an additional 74.99, I called again to get the charges reversed, then on the following month there was a charge for $94, and 2 bottles of a different kind of product. I called again, was told to return the product, and again no refund. Now, I am out almost $200 for a 5.95 trial offer, which is not so easy to cancel, and to this day, I am still trying to dispute to get the charges reversed. I did my part, followed the guidelines, and was still cheated!!

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  • Ju
      Aug 25, 2009

    I agree with the complaint, from
    ushi2009 you do not have enough time to cancel within the window they allow you.
    I too, signed up for a trial through both Life Cleanse which turns out to be in Britain and I called Britain to cancel, I have been given a cancellation number but so far no action and no proof that I am not going to continue to receive the product. I was already charged for the trial product at 20% off the regular monthly cost of GET THIS 99.95 GBP that is about $176.95 Canadian, for two small bottles of capsules!!!

    With this site, no where on the landing page does it say that you are contracting to receive continued shipments, nor does it mention any of this on the order page, and on the online invoice page there was no order number or more importantly no date on either of these pages, this makes it an invalid and illegal contract.

    No Matter what is said under terms and conditions, for these are on another page which you have to know to click the very tiny type at the bottom of the page, their terms and conditions have no force under law as your order, thus your contract page and their online receipt of your order...their contract, do not have a date
    and do not stipulate what is being contracted for other than a free trial sample and that you are covering the shipping and handling and authorizing them to deduct only this amount from your card.

    To the best of my knowledge, under Canadian contract law, (and British) this is a non legal agreement/contract, they tried to tell me that there wasn't a contract, if no contract as they insisted, hmm wonder why the insistence...perhaps they do know contract law... then charging to my card is fraud
    HELLO we are talking illegal, if it was us we'd go to jail. They should be charged!!! It is that simple.

    Also got caught with Acai Burn on this same scam under Nutritional Supplement on my charge card, again same scenario as above... they charged me for the shipping and handling, and then a charge on Aug 10th and again on Aug 19th for 58.71 USD. I have received neither shipment to date.
    Called and discussed this with them told them to cancel and that I expected a refund on charges on Aug 10 and 19th and that the trial bottle and both shipments would be returned to them, they said to follow return instructions on email that I would receive, waiting to see this email

    I also informed them that they should check with their lawyers as under contract law they are committing fraud. Yes caveat emptor is often toted however for anyone to use your charge card there needs to be a valid contract in place and your permission and agreement to terms which must be stipulated on the same page on which you authorize or commit to the agreement.

    Talked to credit card company they are backing me, I am to go for cancellation which I have, and if I do not receive my refunds they will go to bat for me with the company.


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  • Ju
      Aug 25, 2009

    I address GIDEON 28...
    YOU SAID, the membership/subscription you signed up for is a LEGAL binding agreement. If wanted to they could send your name to a collections agency and be perfectly within their rights to do so. Cutting up your credit card is a way to stop the loss of the monthly subscription but that does not take away your liability as a buyer of the product. For example, if you buy a car and have a monthly payment due, discontinuing the bank account that your monthly payment comes from does NOT mean you don't owe money for a car anymore right?...

    Actually not the same Gideon you already have the car and therefore possession under law, thus responsible for paying for it, not the same as receiveing something you didn't want or mean to order, and where your order form does not clearly state what you are ordering, this must be on actual page that authorizes the oder and payment by you.

    Under contract law
    there is no legal binding agreement, or contract, if the page that you authorize on, (ie sign) does not have a date, and does not say exactly what you are authorizing, right on that very page, (in other words above your signature so to speak) the fact that the information is buried on the site, that you must look for and find a terms and conditions click link usually in small type at the bottom of the landing page, which also does not have one word about a contract or agreement for other than a trial, all these under contract law denote an invalid with no "force in law" agreement or contract.

    So the company is committing fraud by charging your credit card without authority.


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  • Ja
      Sep 07, 2009

    they got me for $1.95 so far i reported my card lost or stolen. i just ordered it tonight and came accross this page after ward. so i contacted them and this is what they said

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Rachel'
    Rachel: Thank you for chatting with AcaiSlim. May I know with whom I am chatting with?
    you: jamey ******
    Rachel: Hi, are you here to place an order?
    you: i am here to cancel an order
    you: i just placed for free trial
    Rachel: In order to pull up your account, could you please provide me the email address and phone number you used
    to order our product?
    you: *********** ###-###-####
    Rachel: One moment please while I locate your account Information.
    Rachel: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As
    per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of
    $79.91 for the first shipment of the amazing AcaiSlim product after the completion of the trial period.
    Rachel: Your cancellation # is
    Rachel: 429375
    you: what
    you: i am beging chared for?
    Rachel: When you started with a 14 day trial with just a basic fee of $4.95, this includes the cost of the month supply
    pills and shipping.
    Rachel: You will be charged $79.95 (a 25% discount) as you complete the trial period frame.
    you: i never recieved anything
    Rachel: Your package is in transit which you will be receiving shortly.
    you: i dont want it
    you: this is fraud
    Rachel: Certainly not.
    you: yes this is freetrial is just that free
    Rachel: Please review the Terms and Conditions which you had indicated that you had read and agreed to before
    placing your order:
    you: If you choose to keep your trial, your active credit card will be billed the low member price of only $79.95 for your
    you: i dont choose to keep it
    Rachel: Then youhave to return it back to us.
    you: where do i mail it
    Rachel: We are unable to process return requests via live chat because of privacy and security reasons.
    Rachel: Please contact our member support staff at our toll - free number for all return information:
    Rachel: The number to call is [protected]. They are available 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MST) Monday to Friday. On
    Saturdays, they are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MST). They are closed on Sundays.

    as if they couldnt hit a button and stop it from being sent, i mean i'm talking about mins not hours.

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  • I2
      Sep 08, 2009

    Actually, I did call the number listed on my statement and spoke with not ONE, but TWO, of the so-called representatives; the actual CSM and his supervisor. As I am in the Customer-Service field myself, I know how much it sucks to have customers take out their frustrations with your company's product(s) on you. However, I also know that when someone asks you a direct question and you tell them everything else BUT the answer to the question you were asked that it makes them that much more frustrated with you. I explained to both the CSM and his supervisor that the site I purchased the product through was not the product homepage but one I was directed to after clicking on a "true testimonial" advertising banner (by a woman named Maria Lopez) on the CBS website. I further explained that this new site that I was redirected to mentioned NOTHING about this being a SUBSCRIPTION - repeating charge. It only mentioned that this was a trial offer for $5.95 S&H and was limited to a 30-day supply. Naturally, being overweight and looking for a more efficient/easier way to shed the pounds, I jumped at the chance. this was back the end of July.

    Because the first shipment didn't arrive until the middle of last month, it's taken me a bit of time to react. The reason I didn't use the product at all is because what I was sent was not the advertised product but another product. The site advertises something called MAX ACAI BOOST. What I received was a product called ACAI BERRY DETOX. The lovely pamphlet that came with it advertises a completely different product called ACAI BERRY X3. The product names are different, the labels are different, and the company reps were less than helpful.

    That coupled with the two charges of $86.42 within two weeks of each other, prompted me to double check my statement and call the first number listed. After a bit of verbal tousling I was informed that refunding my money would take approximately two weeks. However, as I have no intention of waiting on them to be honest and follow through on this I have already contacted my financial institution.

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  • Fi
      Sep 17, 2009

    Thanks for all the comments on how the billing works with this company. I have a solution to avoid all the reoccurring charges ect. what I did was go to any major check cashing place like Ace Check cashing, there you can get a prepaid visa card for free, it will have your name and account # just like your bank card. Put $10 on it get the product trial work it for 14days from the day you receive. If it works put more $$ on card and get your next month's subscription your good to go. If it does not work send an email on the 14th day canceling your order and forget about it.. They can try to take unauthorized payment all day long and guess what .. no harm done. If you need another product get another card remember its free... Sorry to all you people who had to get ripped off. But hopefully this will help the next person...

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  • Ch
      Oct 21, 2009

    these people are thieves.the same ### happen to me and i swear i willr sue them. i will evn call any magazine company to report them.they're messing with my money well i will [censored]them up.i will also find out who can i contact and what's the process to close them out.this is a complete fraud.

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  • Br
      Mar 15, 2010

    I just ripped off by them, but hoping to get the money back through my bank by disputing their transaction, IF they don't give my money back by the end of this week.

    I went for the free 15 day trial (this one being called AcaiBerry Detox), sent an email to cancel subscription after 12 days, only to find them cancelling it 6 days after my request to do so, thus charging me a ridiculous subscription fee.

    Clicked on a facebook advert in the first instance, ultimately goes to for payment.

    Yeah, there's a lot of different things they try to get you to subscribe to through different adverts, and they treat everyone the same way, it seems. Take ages to reply, and when it is to cancel something, they decide it's better to go by their reply date, so they can take your money, instead of going by the date you try to cancel.

    Personally wouldn't trust them with anything.

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