Acai Berry Maxcredit card scam

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Total fruad. Never got confirmation email...product never shipped until trial period was address for cancellation was" [protected]" also totally fradulent...This company exists for just one rip off the public...they should be closed down.

from the number of complaints I have seen, someone should start a class action lawsuit against them


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  • Ca
      Dec 04, 2008

    i tried to call the company and no answer they charged my c.c. before i even got the product they're a fraudlent company and the police should check them out and get them off the internet before other people get charged.

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  • Am
      Dec 04, 2008

    I ordered ther product which reached after the trial period with no invoice and no confirmation email
    when tried to call the company and send them email no response at all
    they just charged my card and will keep on doing so forever and I don't know what to do

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  • Cl
      Dec 17, 2008

    I also ordered the product, when I received it the bottle didn't look anything like what was on the website. They charged the membership fee AFTER I CLEARLY AND INEQUIVOCABLY sent them emails canceling before my trial period date. I called the company right away and a lady named Rhonda said my money would be credited back to my account in a 24 to 72 hour period...I still don't have the credit. Now when I call the company, I get a busy signal or when it's answered the call is immediately disconnected...FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD...NEVER AGAIN!

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  • Sh
      Jan 02, 2009

    I ordered acai berry powder for $1.00 plus shipping and handling for $3.95, however they charged my account $85.90 when I called they denied charging my account they stated they only charged the $3.95. They stated their web site is and not They are both and the same, so be aware do not order anything from them; it's a total scam to get your money. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor, first she stated their wasn't one there, then she stated they were in a meeting and I could call back in 3 hours. The number I dialed was [protected] if you want to try the number. I am so frustrated with them right now, for denying they've taken the money. I think they should be sued.

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  • Lo
      Jan 02, 2009

    I have had the same experience as everyone else...I ordered and was charged for the trial shipment...then when the product didn't work for me, I tried to cancel via their gethelp website link; however I did not have an order number at all so was unable to submit my complaint.

    I also tried to call them at [protected] and was was told there was a 30 minute wait time (due to the "popularity of their product" ?!?) and I never got through at all after waiting for 45 minutes...I am now going to try to cancel the new $80 charges they made against my credit card via my bank, and my next step will be to contact Oprah and direct her to this complaint board. I definitely can't afford this type of fraud as I am unemployed! This company need to be shut down immediately!

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  • Pa
      Jan 02, 2009

    I also ordered the free sample for Acaii Berry Maax which I did receive. They then charged me 79.95 for product I did not receive. (Plus the product did not work for me.) I am unable to cancel the product as all their contact information is bogus. I wonder if Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray and Oprah know they are using their names to promote this fraud. My credit card company did agree to do a fraud investigation. Say it will take 6-8 weeks. I urge everyone to take this step. If anyone has any other ideas let me know. Patti

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  • Ma
      Feb 04, 2009

    These companies (not sure that it's only one) are completely fraudulent. They charged my credit card last month and shipped a bottle of Acaiberry to me even after I sent a cancellation email back on 12/23/08 that stipulated my desire to no longer receive their product. I contacted the company and had to hold for 30 minutes before a recording came on that asked me to leave a message because all agents were busy. I called right back and eventually spoke with a rep who was courteous and worked hard to assist me (poor girl, but with the way the economy is, I guess some job is better than no job at all). She gave me an RMA# and told me to write it on the package and send it back to them. Well I did just that and my mail carrier left it right in my mailbox three days in a row. Also, if you notice you cannot cancel your order by just writing "Return to Sender" on the package (Clue #1). After some searching the rep found my original email, stating that it must have been overlooked. She told me that I should see the money back in my account within 48 hours. Well more more than 448 hours have passed and the money is still not in my account. I'm going to call the BBB and my bank to dispute the charge.

    This is LUDICROUS!!!

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  • Ph
      Feb 25, 2009

    You guys should just wait because in about a month they will send you a second bottle and charge your account a second time. When i first decide to purchase the product i was not told that in 14 days i would be charged the full amount until after i gave my card info. They said i should cancel my order if i do not want to do this. So i called the company and i got an answering machine that asked if i had any problems. I said that this company was horse ### and i want my order canceled. I recieved no call back so i called again a left the same message. Once again no call back. So i called them again and the answering machine said to send an email to [protected]@cancelorder... so i sent them and email and Once again know information. 2 weeks later i finally recieved my order and it took the 14 days to recieve it. but the truth of it is i feel like ahuge idiot for giving my info away and know im screwed.

    the best thing about this hole thing is that we are sending one hell of a message to our country... hey every one to help our economy grow you should not be afraid to spend money b/c there is companies out is hundreds of companies out there try to steal your credit card info and take your money.. dont you people love rich people... glad you guys keep gettin richer ...

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  • St
      Mar 06, 2009

    People can report these scams to the FTC here:

    Also complain to the ad network that runs ads for this dodgy company:

    358 South 700 East, Suite B147
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

    800.689.1260 or Ralph Ruckman [protected]
    Heres proof that they run these ads:

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