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Helix6 Garcinia Complaints 8

8:55 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Helix6 Garcinia garcinia & forskolin

I have been taking these pills for awhile lost No Weight😡I just Received Two new Bottles Do Not Want ! Where to I send them Back ?!?!? I Hate that First I Did Not Ask for More, Second why Should I Have to pay S& H ?😡 Do have to just send to Return Address on Envelope? Do Not Please send me Any more😡T.[protected] TXI Do snot like Companies that just keep sending things, when u- Did Not Ask for Them😡The pills Did Not Work For Me !

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10:24 pm EDT

Helix6 Garcinia garcinia cambogia.

I did not sign up for this product to be delivered to me. I signed for a free trial. How dare that you take it upon yourself to steal money from good people. Your company will put the funds they illegally took from me back onto my card. I did not authorize any more purchases. Your company is stealing from people
i want you to place my money back and cancel any future withdraws that your company plans on stealing from me. I will blast your company all over facebook and run you sleezy people into the ground. There are enough people that you stoled from to do just that. Now i will call tomorrow. June 11th 2017. And cancel whatever made up club or whatever you have going on. Put my money back you thieves and bottom suckers.

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1:22 am EDT

Helix6 Garcinia unauthorized payment

I ordered this product and never tried it. After the trial period, I was billed for the full price and I thought that was it. I did a trial through this company because it said that there was no commitment. I have been now charged 79.95 twice and not once used anything. I would like my money back and to stop being charged for this product. This company should be put out of business for the way it scam poor people out of their hard earned money. In addition to the one product I ordered it shipped another one with it that I did not ask for yet they billed me for it. I called and spoke with a customer service representative who assured me that it would be taken off. Low and behold I was lied to because it came with the other product. Needless to say, I have been double billed for this product as well. I can't afford this. Something should be done about the way this company is able to use two different names to go into your account and steal your money. Not only am I furious so is my husband who is on a fix income. Shame on you guys!

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Is Helix6 Garcinia Legit?

Helix6 Garcinia earns a trustworthiness rating of 31%

Be careful. Check reviews and watch out for issues before dealing with Helix6 Garcinia.

Our conclusion: ComplaintsBoard has concerns about Helix6 Garcinia's legitimacy, so we recommend caution. Be sure to check complaints and reviews to understand Helix6 Garcinia's practices before engaging with them. If you've had a negative experience, please let ComplaintsBoard know by filing a complaint.

Helix6 Garcinia's website has revealed that it is not properly optimized for search engines. This could be a red flag indicating that the company is attempting to hide its activities from the public.

We detected that is missing an SSL certificate, which is a cause for concern. Without an SSL certificate, the website may not be taking adequate steps to protect users' sensitive information. This can increase the risk of intercepted data being used for malicious purposes.

Helix6 Garcinia protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.

The website belonging to Helix6 Garcinia has a low number of visitors, which could be a red flag for users. However, it's important to conduct additional research to fully evaluate the website's legitimacy and trustworthiness.

3:01 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Helix6 Garcinia Helix6

I received packages I do not remember ordering. I have no emails from this company. It took me a month to figure out where these bottles came from. There is no shipping letter or order form in the packages. They are still unopened and I want to return them and get my money back. Why is your company such a scam?! Why do you not accept the return of your own product? Is it because you know they are a crock too?!?!

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The company offered to refund my money if I removed my complaint. This board doesn't allow removal, just editing or resolution.

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10:21 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Helix6 Garcinia Helix6

I order a free trial of Helix 6 at the end of January and then they charged me for two new bottles without my consent. They sent it to me on Feb 25th. Just now found a number to contact them with because all they send is the packing slip with the address and what product they sent you. They sent me Garcinia and the Forskolin and charged my bank account for almost 150 bucks for both bottles.

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8:14 pm EST

Helix6 Garcinia Garcinia/forskolin

Ordered product from Facebook website on 01/19/2017 at 11 am. Called at 1:30 pm to cancel order told not a customer told it takes 24 hours for orders to show up, was told can not cancel what does not show up. Called back on 01/21/2017 told again not a customer. Order arrived on 02/02/2017 called right then to cancel told again no way did we have product was not a customer. Told the operator how did I get the product then. Told her to cancel it again. Got credit card statement today. Called now I am a customer that they (you) have been paid $69.97 and $79.95. Was told I was lying about canceling order no records of calling in. Well the numbers I called are [protected] and [protected]. Talked with a Shanta, Michelle and several others. I feel this is how you scam all. Did not receive confirmation text or E-mail on order. Was only offered a 50% refund when I was a customer after the trial period had ended. I asked about returning products was told no. I asked to speak to a supervisor told none there was told again I was lying about canceling order I demanded to speak to a manager. I spoke with Michelle 364 she to told me that their system did not show me canceling product. She to offered me the 50% off deal. I asked her about returning products was given the RA # s to return items for refund. I do hope you honor the refund and this is not an on going scam.

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1:44 pm EST

Helix6 Garcinia TryHelix6Forskolin scam to pull money w/o authorization

I submitted a request for the Forskolin dietary supplement and paid the shipping as requested. I have been billed for a second bottle that I did not authorize the order or shipment. Today, 02/15/2017, I received a second bottle I did not order. That's when I checked my account at my bank and saw the payment for the unauthorized order. I do not want to get anymore of the products offered by this company. This is robbery from the get go. They get your account numbers and think you're in for the long haul. That was not my intent. I wanted to try it and then decide. This is not good business.

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4:37 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Helix6 Garcinia Garcinia cambodia

There was an advertisement on the internet to try this weight loss product of Helix 6. There was a free month trial offer if the consumer paid shipping, which I did. I received the product but never tried it and thought that the was the end of it. Today, 12/03/2016, I received a second bottle of the pills, which I did not request, and was charged $79.95 to my credit card, which was never authorized as far as I was aware. There was no indication that I would continue to receive the product or be charged. If there had been, I would never had ordered the stuff. I figured I would try it when I got around to it. I am not happy because I can ill afford a $79.95 for something as silly as weight loss pills. I am on a fixed income of Social Security and do not have enough money to cover my bills as it is. I am ready to apply for assistance. I want this charge taken off my credit card. I was stupid and will never do anything such as this again. It should be illegal to draw people into things this way.

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Colleen Miller
, US
Apr 23, 2017 3:25 pm EDT

This company is a bunch of thieves not to mention unprofessional, rude, ill mannered & discourteous! Amazing how some companies, especially this one, gets away with what they do

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Helix6 Garcinia reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 3, 2016. The latest review garcinia & forskolin was posted on Aug 12, 2017. The latest complaint Helix6 was resolved on Apr 07, 2017. Helix6 Garcinia has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 8 reviews. Helix6 Garcinia has resolved 1 complaints.
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    +1 (888) 296-7890
    +1 (888) 296-7890
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    37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112, United States
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    May 24, 2024
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