Acai Berry / DetoxBeware of the overcharge when you are only paying S&H.

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I was searching some diet stuff and found a blog site from a young lady named Jess, (
On here site she gives credit to the Aciberry Detox pills. She also links you to the free trial offer of this detox that claims to be only $0.99 (S&H only)
BUT when you do place your order, BEWARE! YOu get charged the full amount. Well actually based on the invoice after you place your order, they make it look like you are only paying $0.99, and that the orginal price of the product is $87.13, but they show a line item discount of that amount, so truely your total price should be $0.99.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hollywood, FLWELL I then log on to my online banking, and low and behold there is a charge from this company for the $0.99 PLUS a seperate charge of $83.31. (looks like they gave me a discount! how nice of them)
BUT this is crap! I was only suppose to be charged $0.99
I called the 866# that they provide, and have been on the phone with them for 20 minutes ON HOLD!
DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from these sites! They are not honest.
Not even fine print to make you aware of what you are going to be charged.
When I finally got someone on the line, they tell me that they do not see the charge of $83.31 (which is crap) So the rep wants me to fax her a copy of my bank statement! This whole process was so annoying!
I called my bank and put a complaint in.

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  • Ji
      Jun 20, 2009

    Stay away from these companies. They will hide behind other names and products. Be very, very careful. These companies are scams and cheats.

    FWM Laboratories
    2040 NE 163rd, Suite 305
    North Miami Beach, FL 33162

    Acai Berry Detox (Same as FWM Labs)
    3007 Greene Street
    Hollywood, Fl. 33020

    Real Technology Labs
    970 W. Broadway, Suite 83
    Jackson, WY 83001

    Acai Berry
    127 NW 13th Sreet, Suite #4
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Advanced Acai
    5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Unit 400,
    Ontario, CA 91764

    Berry Max Products
    1435 East Venice Ave. # 257
    Venice, FL 34292

    Max Colon Products
    10088 6th St. Suite G
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    Pure Nutrients
    3280 Suntree Blvd
    Suite 101
    Melbourne, FL 32940

    Other numbers:


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  • Cg
      Jul 14, 2009

    I too placed an order for Acai Berry Deotx on July 8, 2009 and a S&H charge of $3.95. Today is July 14 and not only have I notg received my product but I have 4 charges on my bank account. There are $1.95, $2.00 and 2 mysterious charges for $.06. Not a big Deal but they are running up extra chares on my account for no reason. The costumer service person I spoke was extremely rude and said that since she did not see the charge over on her end there was nothing she or the superviser could do for me. I told her to put them on and I would wait. After 32 minutes on hold, I spoke to a supervisor who finally gave me a fax number of which to fax over my bank statement. He said it would be taken care of in 1-2 business days. BUT WAIT...Thats not the end of it.

    When you place your oder for the free trial, in the FINE PRINT BELOW it states that on the 14th day following your order date you credit card will charged the full $83.31 for the next nomths supply. SO WHERE IS MY FREE TRIAL???????????? I still have not rec'd my 1st bottle and the 14 days are up on July 22. The customer service rep said that my order had not yet been shipped and could not give me a delivery date. What kinda #$%2 is that??????????
    The superviser then told me it HAD been shipped out on July 10th and it took 3-5 business days to arrive. He then extended my free trial time and added another 10 days to August 1, 2009.

    An ABSOLUTE headache. I am glad my daughter was still napping at the time because I was definitely about to jump off my rocker (in so many words). DO NOT RECOMMEND this to anyone. MAJOR HASSEL :(

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  • Pa
      Jan 04, 2010

    I just got stiffed with the same .99 offer. I received the order and due to health reasons and Christmas I didn't open the box nor read the fine print about being billed after 14 day trial period. Imagine my surprise when I received another box in the mail! I was able to get thru Customer Service and was told it was too late to get a refund for the first order but they would give me an RMA number to send back the second order. I hadn't received my Visa bill so I didn't know that I was charged $79.62 for my "trial" order. I did receive an email stating they were going to credit my Visa for $79.62 for the second order. When I called Customer Service to complain about the charges on my Visa bill, I was told that the website states that after 14 days you get charged for $79.62 and $3.95 shipping for each order. They would only credit me $79.62 and refused to take back the second order and now I'm stuck paying $79.62 + $3.95 shipping for my "trial" order that I thought I was paying $.99.

    Stay away from this company or you will learn the hard way by paying way too much for a "trial" offer. When I threaten to stop payment on my Visa I was told they have it posted on the website so I would lose and owe the money. ;-(

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  • Ro
      Aug 23, 2016
    Acai Berry / Detox - account fraud
    smw laboroties
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    i had order a free trial of their product and like so many other complaint's i am now going through the same visicious cycle of getting nowhere with this company. they charge my account twice for a product i did not authorised. causing my account too be overdrawn. i have tried too comunicate with their so called none engish speaking customer reps but got nowhere their supervisor( if that what u want to call her could not explain too me why there company charge me twice. she would not even give me a pyshicle address of there company or where they where located i am sitting here with my bank statements showing proof of there ripp off scam that got going on, and all she would say is we deposit the money they in fact withdrew the money they have no higher up's in this company too talk too can any one please give info on the owner

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  • Ge
      Aug 23, 2016
    Acai Berry / Detox - refund on return product
    United States

    I placed an order I did not cancel my order til after the 30 days . I was sent another order then I relized I was being charged several charges plus a 87 $ fee I called and cancelled my order they still shipped another order out and took payment from my account, I had to argue to get a rma # to ship back the product. which I shipped back both unopened bottles plus the used bottle. I was told that i would get 1 refund because it was shipped in one item w/ one rma # . I just asked about the refund for the other product. I was given the 30 day agreement cancellation term . which is fine. I still cancelled my order and return all of thier product I would like refund for both bottles not just for one bottle.if you could help me in this problem I would greatly apprieciate it. any other item I have recieved would send you your money back for any unused portion. thank you, Georgeann
    you may contact me at [protected]

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  • Lb
      Aug 23, 2016
    Acai Berry / Detox - cancel subsription/payments
    LB EnvisionNet Worldwide Ltd.

    I couldn't get through anybody for me to try cancellation of the products named above and even tried their phone number which is just a fake...what a scam I got my seldf so now what I would like to know is I did into and would love to get out what I would like to know is I did phone Total Planet Ltd. and they did cancel everything for me and I would like to know how accurate is Total Planet Ltd. are they for real that they will cancel my subscription to Acai Berry etc...
    they even gave reference numbers for both article ordered...did anybody else went through Total Planet.Ltd...
    asking to make sure it is not also a scam and yet why a Toronto address when we placed our order it was in the Ukraine a scam really want to make sure it is for real that they unsubscribed and that they will reimburse me.
    CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME TO RE_ASSURE ME THAT everything will go as I was told my Total Planet.Ltd.


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